YouTube vs Websites For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I want to be talking to you about whether you should start your own website or your own YouTube channel for your affiliate marketing now guys I've been getting this question quite a lot because there are so many people online who actually want to start a YouTube channel but a lot of them are actually a little bit uh a little bit afraid to show their face on camera there's not comfortable with it and guys it's completely fine so their theories instead of actually starting each your channel they should I start a blog or their own niche Authority website so guys I'm gonna talk about exactly which one is gonna be better for you in the long term for your affiliate marketing that way you guys can make the most money and get the most return on your time because the course guys doing a website or your own YouTube channel is gonna be a huge time commitment one way or another so you know make sure they're actually spending your time wisely and getting the most return for it with that being said guys we're gonna start this video off in just a minute by diving into my computer but before we do that guys if you're brand new to the channel it's the first time you're watching one of my videos I encourage you right now and go down below and please subscribe for brand new videos just like this one every single day and with that being said guys we're gonna dive into my computer right now so we can start this video off alright guys we are now my computer as you can see on my whiteboard web site versus YouTube for a flight marketing a course can be a little self explanatory I got YouTube on the left I got website on the right I have two pros and cons lists for each I'm gonna go through them both and explain a little bit in detail with that being so the guys I'm not gonna waste any more time I'm just gonna pull the box out for YouTube of course I'm gonna start with all the pros guys for YouTube which are gonna be first one of course guys no startup cost of course you guys to make a YouTube channel and to upload videos to upload as many videos as you want pretty much it is completely for you to do YouTube of course is gonna be a free service – like YouTube read and stuff but majority of YouTube is gonna be completely free to upload and to actually make your own channel with that being said though guys you're also going to be able to use free traffic of course guys again you choose a free platform it's free to upload videos and of course it's free to watch videos so of course guys gonna be building up an audience and building up a ton of traffic from completely free methods right here guys because with my next point guys there are millions of people on YouTube every single day watching literally hours and hours of video so with that said guys you can make videos on pretty much anything on pretty much any topic or niche and you're gonna be able to find people gonna be interested in it assuming it's not like extremely weird what's extremely out there majority of the things really making videos on are gonna be things that people are gonna be very interested in especially when it comes to affiliate marketing and you're gonna be doing anything in like the big effect marketing niches being like make money online online dating or like health and fitness I just say health and finish for example if you guys make an entire channel and make videos just on healthy eating dieting working out going to the gym all this other stuff you're gonna be able to build up a big audience of people that are also gonna be interested in those same exact things and once you guys have that initial following and that initial audience built up there of course gonna be plenty of ways to monetize guys I'm not gonna go into that too much but guys once you have a big following of people on YouTube or pretty much any social media platform a bunch of ways you can monetize them fairly easily with that being said there guys another Pro of YouTube it's gonna be that YouTube videos will rank higher than blog posts and articles especially in google videos remind very very well in the Google search results rankings are usually ranked on the first page and they're gonna be like 2 or 3 videos on every single Google search result page just because Google likes to actually promote YouTube of course Google owns YouTube so that means are definitely promote their own service plus they know that video converts a lot higher as well people spend a lot more time watching video and once somebody ends up on YouTube there's a good chance they watch another video and another video and another video and they just end up staying on the platform for a very very long time now guys one more Pro of YouTube is that there isn't gonna be a lot of hard SEO or ranking work to be done of course when you have your own website you have your own blog site there's gonna be a lot of SEO you need to do a lot of back linking a bunch of great technical things if you don't know anything about SEO they can be very difficult to actually to learn and to understand it might take you guys a little bit a little bit of time of course with a website you're gonna have to do all that SEO and ranking stuff but with YouTube there really isn't that much SEO or anything you really need to do of course there is a little bit of YouTube SEO that goes into making videos but majority of it to me pretty easy you know just put your keywords in your title put them in the description and the tags and just talk about them in the video and that's basically a lot of your YouTube SEO done right there whereas like I said before with websites there's any back linking gonna be linking out to other sites there's gonna be a lot more SEO work involved and if you don't really know what you're doing with SEO it can be a little difficult I'll actually pay somebody else to do it and then is outsource it that way so you can go ahead and outsource your SEO stuff somebody else but of course that means gonna have to pay them that will eat and cheer eventual profits which of course you don't really want so with that said guys those are pretty much all the pros for YouTube I'm gonna pull the cons away now so you had some of the cons of doing YouTube or starting a YouTube channel and uploading videos alright guys so with YouTube there's gonna be a lot of saturation in some niches now guys isn't gonna be in all niches but guys in certain niches for example makeup is a big one where they're just tons and tons of people involved and there are so many channels of course they're gonna be the huge channel that everybody knows but there are a lot of other small youtubers with other guys there are hundreds if not thousands of makeup channels just because it's a very popular topic and it gets a lot of views and a lot of people know how to do it a lot of people end up making entire channels just based around makeup and in that makeup niche there's a lot of competition on YouTube isn't very good in some niches just because it makes it very competitive and it makes it very difficult to be found to be recognized or for a lot of people just to find your channel when there were just so many others all around your same level of growth on your same niche no guys another con of YouTube is that it's gonna be a long-term game and it's gonna take a lot of time to build up a significant audience of course you guys all these big youtubers with millions of saw was hundreds of thousands of subs all these people took months if not years a lot of them took well over like five six years just a bowl of that audience just a bit about a huge following that they now have that's what I mean guys YouTube is gonna be a very long-term game certain things with a fight marketing you can gotta speed up and make them go a little bit faster for example you can use Facebook Ads to scale up your business a little quicker but when it comes to actually growing a youtube channel that's kind of an organic thing of course you can run YouTube ads but guys with YouTube a lot of people don't even like that that's just because YouTube is a very organic platform people are kind of found organically people's videos blow up completely organically so people like to find the content that they watch in the organic way they normally want content to be pushed upon them so with that said guys because YouTube's such an organic platform in that way it might take a few months if not a few years to build up a following that you guys really want but the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make a lot of money with very very small and YouTube channels yeah you don't even need a thousand subscribers to make money with a flame marketing on YouTube which is one of the fantastic things about it that should that should there's been another problem that I forgot to put but guys that said one of the last cons I have for YouTube is that YouTube doesn't like affiliate links or links that go off of YouTube the guys of course I kind of measure in the video but Google and YouTube's main objective is to keep you on YouTube for as long as possible that's their whole model as being a social media platform is to get you on YouTube and keep you watching videos for as long as possible because of course the longer you watch the more ads they can play the more money they'll make so as a business that's what they want to do with that said guys if you're a channel of you have all your videos are just constantly linking off of YouTube YouTube isn't gonna reward that and it's actually to hurt you in the search results and in getting your videos Justin more so with that said it can definitely hurt you to have a lot of affiliate links or a bunch of links going off of YouTube in your description in your videos and stuff like that so if you're really looking to grow your YouTube channel I would say to keep the links to a minimum don't have your entire description filled with links now of course you guys are gonna see these absolutely huge channels I have like 20 links in the description but at the same time guys you have to understand that their audience is already built up they might already have like 400,000 subscribers they're not really that worried about their search result when kings or their suggested review rankings or things like that guys it's because they already have such a massive audience they can afford to put a bunch of links in the description and ever video still get a ton of views and groaner a bunch of attention but unfortunately with the smaller channels we can't necessarily do that so with that said I'd keep the links to a minimum just because you to kind of punishes videos and channels I have a ton of links in them with that said though guys I pretty much covers the YouTube side of this video now I'm gonna go we're going to talk about the website side so um pull the box down there just show you guys the pros right now so it has the pros for having your own website and building your website and growing one for your affiliate marketing that way is gonna be the number one thing is gonna be you own the traffic so of course guys YouTube you're just kind of leveraging the social media platform for their free traffic but when people are on your website and you own the traffic they're on your website you can send them Trevor you want you can put as many links as you want because like I just mentioned guys YouTube punishes people for having a bunch of links in their videos but if you have your own website you can put as many links a bunch or a float off bridge pretty much whatever you want on the website because guys it's yours you own it and you're the one who kind of decides what kind of content is allowed on there and what's not allowed on there so you don't only have to worry about being punished by YouTube when you own your own site next thing guys is there a bunch of more ways to monetize like I just mentioned you control the content you control what goes on there you can put as many affiliate offers as you want as many links a bunch of flavor programs you can make whatever you want on your website and it will fly just because you own the website you own the content you can do whatever you want and you can monetize and pretty much any single way you want because you guys on YouTube there are only like one or two main ways to really monetize and to make money and of course the first one is gonna be actually add revenue or you know the ads that play before your videos or during them you can make money that way but guys it's very hard to get partnered with YouTube's new partnering program and policies and on top of that guys even once you are partnered the ad revenue really isn't that great I mean it might end up being like a few hundred dollars a month in forgetting a lot of views with that said look guys the second way it's actually getting put affiliate links to our fluid offers in your videos or descriptions so guys with that said there aren't that many more ways to make money on YouTube of course unless you're like a big youtuber you can get brand deals and sponsorships and paid promotion of course that's way different but for the majority of us with smaller channels and then once we're just kind of starting out on YouTube you're not really gonna be able to go out there and get those brand deals with those big sponsorships guys with that said the last pro for building your website is gonna be that is gonna be great for brand building now of course guys having more upsetting me fantastic for brand building because guys again you own it and you can brand it as much you want your logo will be on there and again guys your entire website can be can be brandable you can change everything and anything about it so it can be really easy it's actually brand your own website because of course guys you can have things like your logo you can have your picture on there you can have a certain color scheme you'd have a certain font and there's a bunch of things on your website that make them brandable to you and that's fantastic for actually building a relationship with potential leads and potential customers because guys they're gonna get used to seeing your logo your face your picture your brand's coloring whatever it is guys doing it used to seeing that and the more and more they see that no more trust is gonna build the more authority your website's in built and the more authority your brand is gonna build just because guys just because so many people keep seeing your brand and your logo over and over and over again with that being said though guys those are kind of the pros for actually having your website now I'm gonna go over and pull out the cons and for the cons were actually only website let me get the box all the way over there alright guys so the first con is there's gonna be a startup cost and then some monthly cost with having your own website of course because guys if you want to have your own website you're gonna need to buy your own domain name you're need to pay for them some sort of hosting whether it's WordPress hosting we're just overall website hosting yeah it's paying for that and it's also gonna be a monthly cost I mean it won't be that expensive it can be like 10 15 dollars a month depending on how much traffic you get to your site but the cost is gonna be there so you at least a little bit of money when you want to start this up I guys are after that having your website is definitely gonna be more of a long-term game and probably even longer than YouTube just because guys building up an audience on your own website is gonna be very difficult just because you have to drive all the traffic there yourself a course guide when using YouTube you're pretty much as leveraging again the free traffic they can bring you in as YouTube recommends videos pretty much just for you it does all the work for you it brings people over to your videos without any problems well with your website guys you're gonna be driving the traffic yourself so again you might not really spending money on advertising just to bring some people over in the beginning just stop bold without initial audience guys it's gonna be a lot more difficult so because you're gonna have to be driving all over your on traffic yourself it's gonna be very difficult to build that initial audience it's gonna be a lot harder guys that's why I personally recommend you guys just go Shaffer a YouTube channel okay guys you don't even have to show your face in the video if you don't want to if you're not comfortable doing it that is not a problem but guys there are just so many reasons and points that I have we're making a website and building a website it is gonna be a lot harder it's gonna take a lot more time and I might even be a lot more costly than just starting your own YouTube channel uploading videos that way now of course guys were the website there are gonna be free sites you guys can actually use but they aren't that great so I don't really recommend doing them I mean if you're just a beginner and you just want to try it out try your website then you can go for the free sites but they're not that professional-looking and they're a little bit hard to use sometimes with that being so the guys my last con four websites are gonna be that video is pretty much killing the written word I mean in 2018 we see it already guys video is really just the king right now that's why YouTube is so that's where YouTube is where it is right now just because so many people watch the video video converts so much better and people just enjoy video way more than they actually enjoy our reading newspapers magazines or blog articles nowadays and that's honestly it's the truth guys that's why social media and the Internet's kind of taking over and blogging and each works I'll take that are kind of dying off a little bit now guys web sites can still be very profitable if you know what you're doing but if you're a little bit more of a beginner in the flight marketing world building your own website starting from scratch can definitely be a long journey and can be very difficult and it might even be a little costly guys so if you're a beginner in affiliate marketing I recommend you guys go share for a YouTube channel I think it's gonna be a lot easier for you guys to do it's a lot more user friendly anything guys you're gonna be able to use and leverage free traffic methods of course you to me a completely free platform to use it think it'll go a lot better for you guys and I think you'll see that many more results not much quicker with that being so the guys I pretty much wraps up this video so if you guys enjoyed definitely drop a like down below on it and if you guys really enjoyed definitely make sure to subscribe for brand new videos just like this one every single day with that said look guys my name is Anthony villa I'm out peace

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