What is Clickbank And How To Make The Most Of It?

hello Tommy Wilson hey so what is Clickbank well Clickbank is sort of a huge market online where windows are selling different affiliate products and where you as soon what is products can say it sign up for free let's say for instance if you have a niche blog and looking for great products to promote the Clickbank great source to Lucas brother to promote now it is easy to setup a free affiliate account you so what is clickbank just click on create account here and fill out the information in three different step but now I thought I should share the inside and tell you more about how to promote Clickbank products so let's get inside so what is clickbank here's the back-office of my Clickbank account there's no statistics we should here because I just created this account to show you a bit about just Clickbank but when you wanna find products to promote you simply click on Marketplace up here so here you see plenty of categories niches to choose from and let's say we wanna promote a product about business and investing and we click on that so let's say we want to promote this of crypto coin sniper blank page as you can see the link for here but you can also grab your Clickbank and generate the click trampoline directly by clicking this button that says promote so we're clicking that now it's opens so if air what is clickbankis regenerate your hope link for clickbank affiliate link your there is my user ID Clickbank and here you can add a tracking ID so that you know where where you traffic come from and what resources that you have used that works but I'm just gonna click create to show you what is clickbank how the hope length looked like now this is a clickable HTML link that you for instance can put in a blog post or something like that but here the basic and here is the Clickbank hop link as it looks now when you're using this link you should even though you can get tracking step through the Clickbank option I just showed you I would really suggest that you also use a tracking software like clickmagick or something to get more so that is this about so you know more about what a promotion that works and what the promotions does not and maybe you wanna tweak them some or remove some resources that you use but anyway we're gonna close this now when we're going to go to them offers affiliate pledge page by clicking here so here is that a late for this off cryptic owned sniper and first of all here here they have where you put in your Clickbank user ID where their exes are so here you should have the dot left here but here where is X you put your username for click man and some offers have a feed what you put in your Clickbank username and then click about them to submit it and it will be automatically added to image swipes that I have so you just have to copy and paste it but in this offer you have to copy sorry pasting you have to paste in your clickbank username in the email swipe so here let's see now here here you see the XS again so don't just copy this and send it out because then you will not earn anything because you need to put in your oakley Frank user ID where X is over here so now product creation can be a great income source will you know how to do it and instead of just promoting other people's products you can make a whole lot more money or adding at least adding our income source by creating your products so if you want to learn how to create products and add them on size such as Clickbank and start making money from the first product within 24 hours then I highly suggest that you click the link below this video thanks so much for watching my name is tommy olsson make it or someday bah bah

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