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hey hey how's it going Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably online doing some how to make money on clickbank for beginners research about how to make some money on Clickbank okay now I'm gonna teach you two strategies over the next few minutes that a lot of people don't talk about okay you can implement this in your business straight away but before I do that I just want to explain to you how I actually even came about this information I've been online for nine years okay building businesses lots of different types of businesses but for the first eight years I really struggled you know I made a sale here I made a sale there but I couldn't really figure out how to create a consistent income online and that's probably one of the most difficult things to do okay but about a 2016 I met somebody who taught me certain things how to do certain things in a certain way and since then I've generated hundreds of sales through affiliate marketing and my business is finally in profit every single month okay now I want to teach you what was the mistake that I made and how you can get over that and start to sell products through Clickbank and not just Clickbank a lot of other ways as well okay so the strategy that I'm gonna teach you right now is not just about Clickbank it's about marketing any type of affiliate marketing product online okay because that's exactly what Clickbank is Clickbank is just a finit marketing marketplace okay there are other marketplaces like jvzoo CB affiliate there's a bunch of different ones if you guys want to find out all you have to do is just Google you know what are the top affiliate market places and you'll find an entire list okay now let me explain first of all what you should not be doing okay a lot of people think that all you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate offer okay so I get a lot of emails from a lot of my subscribers saying that Aaron you know I've been generating lots of leads on YouTube and Facebook and Google and Bing and I'm sending them to my website and my website has a whole bunch of different affiliate offers on there okay what you need to understand first of all is that people don't buy from faceless websites how to make money on clickbank for beginners anymore alright so gone on the days where you can just drive traffic and eyeballs to a website and all of a sudden people are gonna see like a weight loss program and they're you know they're overweight and they want to lose weight and then they buy it right there's a that way okay and the reason why it doesn't work that way is because we're in a time right now where so many people are getting so many promotions right if this was back in 2008 2009 you could have done that it may have worked but now right now 2018 2019 2020 and onwards right this is never gonna work anymore okay the internet marketing game is now a relationship based game all right you gotta get involved it's a contact sport it's not a hide behind the keyboard and send emails kind of sport it's not like that anymore all right so if you're thinking that you can you know get someone to buy stuff just by sending a lot of traffic it doesn't work that way man all right so traffic is just one element one single element of the entire picture okay so first of all if you're doing that stop doing that okay stop driving traffic directly to your Clickbank or jvzoo or CB affiliate link don't do that anymore because it's not gonna work okay same thing don't drive traffic directly to a sales page all right it doesn't work right he can't do that this is what you have to do instead okay first of all you drive traffic now traffic can come from anywhere cut it could come from solo ads that can come from Facebook YouTube Bing influence a traffic SEO lots of different ways banner traffic right programmatic there's so many different ways that you can drive traffic right the first thing that you need to drive traffic to is something called a capture page okay now the capture page is a website that you own you must own this capture page do not use a company replicated capture page all right that's a big big mistake I did that for the first like six or seven years and basically what happens is that if you how to make money on clickbank for beginners use a company replicated capture page you're not the only market are using that page think about it right there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands depending on how popular the program is of other marketers using the same page now what do you think happens when you buy traffic online and everyone is using the same page while everybody looks the same right it's like going to McDonald's the same McDonald's right and everybody sees they know it's McDonald's so they're not gonna go in okay if they're not interested in buying a burger right they're not gonna enter because they know it's McDonald's and they're just not gonna go in right so you can't use replicated landing pages you must use your own stuff okay so first of all you got to get comfortable with creating your own landing page okay now once you've created your own landing page which is basically a page that asks your prospects for an email address okay now you need to give them something in return for giving you their email address they're not just gonna enter the email address for for nothing right so you've got it give them something like give them a free report or give them some sort of value series like maybe you're gonna send them a series of training videos that's gonna teach them how to solve the problem that they're actually opting in for okay so let's just take weight loss as an example right now it doesn't have to be weight-loss it could be anything it could be make money online it could be internet marketing it could be how to jump higher it could be how to run faster it could be how to lose weight how to improve your golf swing whatever there's so many different niche markets out there okay but let's just look at weight loss as an example let's just say you drive traffic people that are overweight that want to lose weight okay so your traffic has to be congruent to your offer that's the main thing if you're sending sporting traffic to a weight loss offer well they're not gonna convert because the spotter you the spotty guys they're not lose it then then they're not looking to lose weight okay so it's everything's gonna be congruent it's got to make sense right so you drive weight loss traffic to your landing page and on your landing page that might say something like hey listen if you want to learn how to lose thirty pounds in the next 60 days I've got a free report that I'm gonna send to your email address all you have to do is enter your email here and I'll deliver it directly to your inbox as simple as that something like that okay now what they do then is they enter the email address and your landing page needs to be connected to your autoresponder okay now that an autoresponder if you don't know is it's an email software that manages all your emails it's like an email database storage but it can also send automated emails and broadcast email to your list of subscribers okay to your database of emails so once they Internet email send that it goes on to the autoresponder okay now the page that they see after that should not be your sales page okay a lot of people do that they have a landing page and then they put the Clickbank sales page or the offer page or the affiliate sales page or the jvzoo sales page right there don't do that okay because everyone is doing that everyone online looks the same and this is the biggest problem you got to stand out okay what you're gonna do instead is you have to like basically get on top of a mountain and you got to scream at the top of your lungs saying hey you know my name is Bob Smith and I'm different from all the millions of internet marketers out there who are doing the same thing because they just want to sell you I want to add value to your life okay so it's very very different mindset alright and so the page that you send them to so traffic your landing page this page here is is where the magic happens okay this page is something that I call the value series okay it's a series of pages is one two three maybe four pages okay of a very short video of yourself all right giving your prospects value and information about the topic that they opted in for so for example if we're talking about weight loss right the video that they will see pick one specific topic on weight loss and add some value to your prospect okay so in this case you might create a video that that talks about the three foods that they can eat every single day that will help them to lose more weight so in maybe a five-minute video create a five-minute video or a 10-minute video or 15-minute video post it on YouTube attach it to your page and talk about the three top foods that will teach them how to lose weight okay so you might say hey thanks for coming to my page on this video today I'm gonna teach you the three top foods that's gonna help you to lose weight those three top foods are green tea blueberries and red radish I don't know I'm just making this stuff up okay but I know that that green tea actually helps you to to burn calories it's very interesting right so again it depends on you market right and after you give them that value at the end of you of your video you say something like this so listen I hope you enjoyed this video today if you'd like to find out a little bit more and you want to go deep and you really want to learn how to lose 30 pounds over the next 60 days I want to introduce you to the program that taught me how to do that all you have to do is click on the link right below this video and it's gonna lead you to that program and you can check it out if you want so that's all you're doing all you're doing is you're educating them and then you're telling them where you got the information from and then they click on the button right below you've got to create a button right below that video okay they'll click on it and that will lead them to your affiliate offer and that the Phillip offer should be an offer that is about weight loss okay about you know losing weight losing 30 exactly the thing that you promised them it must be that okay if you lead them to a completely different offer they're not gonna buy because there's no congruency right it's all about congruency right that's the first page the second day you send a second email it leads them to the second page and you want to create another video about exactly the same thing but a slightly different angle on weight loss so maybe now you teach them on the different exercises that they can do every day from home that would teach them how to lose weight without even having to go to the gym okay so you might say something like listen in today's video I'm gonna teach you two exercises that you can do from home you don't even need any weights you don't need a gym you can do it in 10 minutes a day and this is how you do it and you literally teach them how to do it in the video maybe it's like high interval training or whatever okay now once you do the training you do the same thing you do the same call-to-action thanks for watching this video today I hope you enjoyed it now if you want to learn how to do this stuff in great detail I want to show you the program that taught me how to do it you can check it out if you want by clicking the link below thanks very much and I'll speak to you tomorrow that's it very very simple now the value series is actually the thing that converts them okay and I hope you can see why it works because first of all you're not asking for the sale okay so you're not being a greasy salesperson all you're doing is you're capturing them a lead okay now they're in your autoresponder you're there on your list which is basically your asset and then you need to cultivate that asset you need to cultivate that list okay you got to get people to know like and trust you now how do you get people to know like and trust you well you you add value to their lives right if you're teaching them stuff for free then they're gonna be thinking oh this you know this Jain person this Bob person is pretty cool you know they're not selling me straight away they're not being a greasy salesperson and they're actually teaching me stuff that I can implement right now in my life to help me to lose weight right but if they want to learn more then it's a very very soft sell okay kids you're still leading them to your finit offer you're just not shoving it down their throat does that make sense right so this is the strategy then you can use not only to make money on Clickbank but all the other finit offer marketplaces that that are out there okay so that's the secret guys right so if you've been struggling if you've been trying to make sales online you know people have been telling you to drive traffic directly to your affiliate offers this is why you're not making money because actually it's a lot more complex than just sending traffic straight to an offer okay it doesn't work that way okay so try this out let me know how it goes for you okay and I bet you if you do this right if you do this properly it will work okay let me know in the comments below what you think all right if this is makes sense give me some comments and listen I would really really appreciate it if you can give me some thumbs up if you got some value from this video today and hey listen very very important okay if you want to learn this stuff so you know obviously we've spent like 10 minutes on this video right now but that's not really enough time for me to show you how to do this stuff really really in a lot of detail but if you want to spend a bit more time with me if you want to see how I run my business how I you know turn eight years of failure into one to two years of really really huge success I want to teach you how to do that okay now you can get access to my free training course by just clicking on the link right below this video you'll see a little link right there go ahead and click on that on the next page enter your best email address and I'm gonna send you a four day training program a video training program that's gonna go into this stuff that we spoke about today but in a lot more detail okay and then you can take action on it and you can get on my team if that's what you want to do completely up to you as well all right so this is Erin Chen thanks for hanging out today I hope this helps you and good luck in your business all right take care and have an awesome day

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