[UPDATE] Will Solo Ads Work With Affiliate Marketing? Journey to $10k Ep. 4

Hey hey what's going on YouTube Sebastian here and I hope you guys are having an awesome day today anyways like I said I would update you guys with my solo ads results I also have something really cool that I want to share with you guys but first before I jump into the video please make sure to subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you guys will be notified when I release the next video anyways let's go ahead and jump into this video okay so I just finished two rounds of solo ads both rounds I bought premium tier one clicks which are the best clicks that you can get they're just the best quality and the ones that you should be buying if you're doing solo ads anyways both rounds of clicks cost me sixty-five dollars each so I ended up spending a hundred and thirty dollars total so the first round went like this I got a hundred and eight clicks they over delivered a little bit really really love that Marcus is the guy who I got my solo ad clicks from so if you guys do want to run solo ads just send me a message and I can hook you up with Marcus anyways I'm out of the hundred clicks I did manage to get about sixty opt-ins to my email list I still haven't gotten any sales for click funnels and the clickfunnels affiliate but I do have a 20-day email sequence which all the leaves are going through so hopefully they get warmed up they get a little bit acquainted with the offer and they will end up a percentage hopefully will end up buying click funnels and trying it out I do also offer some bonuses to give them a little bit more incentive and the second round of solo clicks I still bought a hundred just like I said for sixty-five dollars but this time I ended up getting forty opt-ins to my email list this one didn't do as well but still 40% opt-in rate which is really really good and I did get two trials to sign up for click funnels which is you know it's awesome if these people stay that's already $80 a month which is really really cool and I do expect for maybe another two to three to sign up the click funnels after they go through the email sequence some people would look at this as a fail or a loss spending one hundred and thirty dollars and getting two trials and maybe they won't stick but the thing you have to realize is that now I have 100 emails of people who are interested in click funnels they're interested in internet marketing affiliate marketing and all that stuff and I can do so many things with that I can go ahead and retarget all those people on Facebook I can spend 5 bucks a day and reach everybody I can be like hey I noticed you guys were interested in click funnels or hey you didn't get you free funnel that I was gonna give you um you know if you still want it please come back and I'll give it to you for free there's so many things you can do you can create and look-alike audiences I can go ahead and put those people and I have an email list so I can download it as a CSV file upload it to Facebook and Facebook will basically find everybody that looks just like them which is super super powerful and you know I might run out a couple more times just to get more people on my email list before I do create the look like audience on Facebook just so facebook has a little bit more to go off of but right now I could start running ads and start getting leads for under $2 probably for affiliate marketing since I already have those email lists and not the email list the emails to go ahead and give Facebook so yeah that was definitely a win building your email list is probably the number one thing you should be doing when you're doing affiliate marketing just because um I don't know if you guys have heard this but for every email that's on your list that's basically worth a dollar to you per month on average you know if you're not spamming your list too much if you're just providing value if you're giving the right offers so imagine if you had a list of 5,000 people or 10,000 people you know if you build the right way you should be making 5 to 10 thousand dollars per month if you grow your email list the correct way I'm also doing something really really cool right now I'm promoting another affiliate product and I have made five sales so far at one hundred and fifty dollars each so I spent about two hours of work creating this video putting it out there reaching people and I've already made five sales from it which is seven hundred and fifty bucks which is insane to me like I didn't know that I could literally put up a video on YouTube or Facebook and share it with the right people and start making sales it's just something that's never really happened before in my internet marketing past you know when I was like learning like this is what I would dream of doing and now it's actually happening so it's really really cool and I'm super super excited I hope to make at least one sale a day from this which would equal about forty five hundred dollars a month just from this one affiliate marketing source and all it took me was one video to upload and that took me about an hour and a half to two hours to do knocked that out super quick and yeah I just can't keep I can't wait to keep on making more videos and helping you guys out and showing you guys how I do everything and you know hopefully we'll win together anyways I think it's time for me to sign off today I hope you guys enjoyed this little update if you did make sure to like and comment and let me know on my and yeah so got a little messed up there little confused I just heard something guy I've had the attention span of squirrels you guys haven't realized but anyways um peace out guys I will talk to you soon yeah let's go make some money!

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