Top 4 Most Asked Affiliate Marketing Questions For Beginners

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back so yet another video here on the channel where I say guys I'm gonna be answering the four most asked questions I get about affiliate marketing now guys I get questions every single day whether it's through YouTube comments emails messages whatever it is I got a ton of questions every single day with about a flate marketing online business and making money online you guys I'm gonna answer in this video the four top questions I get asked the most when it comes to affiliate marketing I know they don't like the top-tier four questions I think everybody kind of needs to know when they're thinking about starting a flight marketing as a beginner I'm gonna answer all those questions in just a minute by going into my computer but before we do that guys if you're brand new to the channel it's the first time you're watching one of my videos and please subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we're gonna dive into my computer right now so I can answer these questions alright guys we're not in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard or most ass affiliate marketing questions I haven't numbered one to four on the left as you can see and like I said guys I've answered these top four questions I pretty much get all the time these are the questions I feel like I get the most I figure I put them all into one video and it's time for you guys just to help you guys out a little bit with that being said I'm not gonna waste any more time let's dive straight in I'm gonna probably number one first a question and the answer I'm gonna talk about it a little bit in detail I can give you guys the most help brush question I get is probably obviously the most general and basic one or what is affiliate marketing of course for those who do not know yeah I'm gonna pull a box away and this is just kind of like my general answer of course I can go into a lot more detail with this but this is gonna give a general overview of what if the marketing is you're essentially going to be selling somebody else's products or services in exchange for a commission let's say for example Joe Schmo made a course he made a product any song that product about a hundred dollars and then he comes over to you and says hey I have this product it comes to a hundred dollars I'll give you fifty percent commission of that sale to however you sell to you can sell it's like ten people hundred people doesn't make as many sales as you possibly can and for every single sale that you make I'll give you fifty percent commission based on that hundred dollar product purchase sale but then of course when you would go out and do is then start promoting the products are selling to other people every time you make a sale Joe Schmo would give you $50 of that $100 purchase then you just made of course that's pretty much what affiliate marketing is you're selling products and services brush somebody else you're doing the marketing for them and essentially what it is guys and gang guys that's like a very general overview kind of brief answer of course that I can go to a lot more detail but for the sake of time and for the video that's pretty much exactly what a clear marketing is actually up the guys I'm gonna pull them Doc's down a little more real the second question which I get again all the time how much do I need to start of course everyone wants to know I want to start affiliate marketing but I'm a beginner I've never like done it before I don't know how much should I really need to start my flip marketing business guys the antrum pull a box away you guys can start with zero dollars a hundred dollars are pretty much as much as you have or however much you actually want to put into your flight marketing business of course guys you can start doing affiliate marketing completely for free with zero dollars and that won't be a problem at all or you can start with a hundred dollars or maybe you guys you guys can start with less maybe even more you guys see if you have five hundred dollars they're definitely ways you can go about starting your affiliate marketing business with pretty much any amount of money you have a course guys if you want to start for free it can be a little bit more difficult and it can be a little bit more of a slower building process only because you don't have the money to invest in tools services advertising influencers pretty much anything so it's gonna be a little bit harder to build up that business initially you're gonna be building everything from scratch and investing absolutely nothing is it possible 110 percent guys it is definitely possible to start affiliate marketing for free I mean an entire video on how to do it you guys can go ahead and check that out if you want but like I said before guys you guys can start with $100 if you have just $100 to start your affiliate marketing business with I'd recommend checking out my other video how to invest $100 into affiliate marketing what if you don't wanna watch that just want to stay on this video I'd say with $100 I definitely invested in some tools and services things like an email autoresponder a landing page creator and then you guys can definitely spend some money on advertisements maybe pay an influencer or two that's exactly how much you need to start playing your marketing guys you're asking to start for free with $100 a thigh – large with whatever my you want you guys can definitely start at any point like I said if you start free it can be a little bit more of a slow building process just because you have to put in a little bit more work and effort actually get the same results as somebody who's spending $100 or $500 in advertising with that being said though guys I know I'm covering these questions a little bit fast I'm just trying to give you guys like a general brief overview if you guys have any more questions feel free to drop them in the comments Engel comment I get on this video I'll ensure and help you guys out as much as I possibly can if you guys have any other questions about this video or is questions about I played marketing in general feel more than free to drop a comment and I'll definitely answer that with that being said I'm gonna pull a box not a little bit more and the next question I get a lot of times is how do I actually promote or sell these offers of course is another one of the big questions I get mostly from beginners again people who are just starting out playing marketing when they just get started they don't really know how to promote or sell offers they understand the general concept of what affiliate marketing is but they know how to go about and how to get started go guys we pull the Box down away a little bit more I really answer talk about it a little more because there were a ton of ways to promote different offers and sell different products and the way that I would go about it and these are kind of like the big the big ones I put here just for example say is things like email marketing or sending out emails with the affiliate link or offer in the in the email itself there's also social media marketing we're just pretty much things like Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube pretty much any social media platform actually marketing your products and offers on there building a following on any social media platform these days is a great way actually start your online business your flight marketing business and actually make some sales make some commissions because guys building a big following is definitely a great way to actually be able to monetize them later on and actually make some money online after that the guys like put direct messaging we're just pretty much just like one-on-one talking to people whether that's actually measuring them through like Facebook but that's just on Twitter damning them and Instagram whatever it is your question is pretty much just like one on one conversation there's somebody else and then selling their product or offer to them via that way one on one direct messaging and after that I just put excetera because there are definitely tons of ways to actually sell them to more different offers I have videos on that of course and of course guys like I said before you first have any questions if you want to know even more about how to set up her offers drop a comment in the comment section down below I'll answer it right there in the comments or I might even make another video just talking about that one specific question don't be afraid to ask at all after I blow guys like I said there were tons of ways to promote and sell different offers it really depends on exactly what offer or product and what niche you're in exactly how you're gonna go about promoting that specific thing well that being said leptin which answers that question I'm gonna pull a box on for the last time to rule a fourth and final question for this video which is gonna be is a flame marketing too saturated already now guys this is a big fear I see from a lot of people we're just kind of starting out who were thinking about starting out but they're not really sure exactly what business model they want to do they definitely want to do online business but not sure if they want to go for like the shop try route if they're marketing around or exactly what they want to do so they always ask is affiliate marketing already too saturated because I see hundreds if not thousands of people already doing it with that being said I'll pull a box down pulls all the way away am i anxious guys is yes and no of course that's gonna be a little bit confusing but let me explain because like I just said guys there are literally thousands ten thousands of people online doing affiliate marketing already of course there's definitely gonna be a little bit of saturation in affiliate marketing with that being said guys there are literally hundreds if I have thousands of of niches and sub niches you could go into and that's where my answer really comes from actually marketing is definitely saturated I like the top the top three niches the top three like money making million dollar billion-dollar markets those top three being things like dating enrollments and then things like health and wellness fitness and the last one being online business make money online stuff like that there was top three markets those topic niches are very saturated but just because they literally make billions of dollars every single year we can definitely be a little bit harder to break into those markets especially as a beginner but if you guys want to go ahead and pick a little bit of a smaller niche a something like fishing archery rowing something like that a much smaller niche it can definitely be a lot easier to break into it and actually make a name for yourself in that specific market and be able to make sales make commissions do all that stuff that's why my answer to that question is yes and no some market is definitely saturated but a slight marketing as a whole there's definitely still room for hundreds thousands of people to get in make some money online and start generating it online with their nine-to-five job do all that stuff guys you know I'm talking about with all that being so the guys I pretty much wraps up this video those are my top foremost access plate marketing questions answered you guys have any more questions about a flavor marketing making money online online business whatever feel free to drop a comment in the comment section like I said I'm gonna answer every single comment I get and if you enjoy the video definitely drop a like and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day and with all that stuff out of the way guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one I am out peace

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