The Ultimate Spy Tool for Affiliate Marketing: ADPLEXITY

– Hey yo, it's your boy Ngo In business, it's important to understand what your competition is doing, because if they're making moves, you want to know about it

Maybe they have some strategic advantage and the sooner you know about it, then the better you can react towards it In any given industry, there's always this competition spying going on Apple has spies inside of Samsung McDonald's has spies inside of Burger King So that takes me back to affiliate marketing where if you're running a campaign, you want to know what your competitors are doing

I remember when I first started, I did a lot of spying and when I did spying it was very inefficient because I would have all these different websites that I would spy on I would have to do it by hand and if I want to spy internationally, I would have to sign up for a VPN, like Strong VPN, and you know, once I get this data I had a spreadsheet So I would have this spreadsheet, here's this affiliate I would track everything down Like, here's his affiliate ID, the affiliate network he's using, the landing page he's using, the offer he's using

So you can imagine how time consuming this entire process is It was very helpful because sometimes I would spy on someone and I would find out something, implement something in my campaign that would make me a lot of money Like maybe this guy has a angle that I'm not using or maybe they're promoting this offer that just came out and I didn't know about it So spying is pretty much an essential part of business and if you are a brand new affiliate marketer, I know you can have a lot of ADD information overload as to what's hot or what should you be running, so one easy way to do that is to do some competition spying where if you spy and you can see that this guy, he's everywhere, he's promoting this offer, well chance are, they're making money, because no one's gonna be promoting something for several weeks at a time if they're not making any money so if you can see what they're doing, you can see their funnel, you can replicate their funnel, then that gives you a better start than starting from scratch One thing I always tell people is imitate, then innovate

So sometimes in my campaigns, I will copy what someone else did, but I will try to improve upon it, because if you're doing the exact same thing as someone else, then what's your competitive advantage over them? So one thing that's been great the past few years is the emergence of different software that automate the process and make this a lot easier There's been a lot of tools over the years, but there's one tool that has really impressed me It impressed me so much that for the first year it came out I didn't want to promote it or talk about it because I thought it would really change affiliate marketing for the worse This tool is AdPlexity I've been talking about them for the past several months

What really impresses me is they keep innovating, they keep adding on features Now there's been a lot of different tools in the past, but their problems is number one, their filtering system is pretty bad I would sign up for a tool Let's say it it cost 200 bucks and, man, there's all these Netflix ads, Amazon ads, and, I mean, I don't really care about that stuff I care about affiliate marketing ads

So they didn't really have a good way to filter things Second thing is a lot of top affiliates actually know how to bypass these spy tools whereas AdPlexity, because they're founded by affiliate themselves, they really know a lot of tricks that affiliates use So I like AdPlexity because not only do they have a great filtering system, but they really capture a lot of what's really working out there and in regards to their filtering system, you can filter by the affiliate networks, you can filter by site placements So you spy on someone, you can actually figure out what site placements their using so rather than starting from scratch and spending all this money on bot traffic, dirty traffic, you just start straight with, hypothetically, what's making money So today, that's what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna talk about AdPlexity We also have a very special guest I have the founder of AdPlexity His name is Ziga He is gonna be joining me in a few minutes in a share-screening session, so we're gonna walk through AdPlexity

We're gonna share what best practise is I'm gonna grill him on his history I'm gonna grill him on some tips that maybe you guys don't know because he knows his software better than anyone else so maybe he has some ideas that you guys don't know about and I'm gonna ask him some questions like how does he feel that this affects the industry? Has it made it worse? Has it made it better? If there are spy tools everywhere, how can affiliates differentiate themselves? And hopefully at the end of it, you guys will know what a spy tool is, how to use one, best practises Stick around, at the end of the video I have a special discount for you guys Spy tools can be a little bit expensive

I think AdPlexity is about 150 bucks a month so we do have a coupon just for you guys So you sign up, then you'll get a discount and you can start using that tool to help you make more money Alright, let's get into it Alright welcome! So today I'm very excited to introduce you guys to a very special guest His name is Ziga

So thanks for coming on and recording a video with me, Ziga – Thank you for inviting me over – So, Ziga, normally whenever I interview people, I'm pretty familiar with them, but this is the first time we've talked and whenever I interview people, I like to Google them to find out some information and there's really not a lot of information about you You don't really do a lot of interviews and stuff so I just want to thank you for coming on, just because it seems like you don't do a lot of interviews – Thank you for inviting me over

– Okay, so here's what we're doing today A lot of my audience, they love spy tools and AdPlexity is one of the top spy tools I recommend out there so I want to get you on to just understand you, you're the founder I wanna know more about your background and then we can go into the tool and give people some information How does that sound? – Yeah, sounds good – Alright, Ziga

So first of all, tell me a little bit about yourself Obviously, you started AdPlexity The first question is, are you just a programmer or were you an affiliate marketer before you started AdPlexity? – So my story goes back to 2010 I was actually introduced to affiliate marketing quite randomly by a random person He was like, "Hey, if you get people "to sign up to that link, "you're going to get paid $1

50 for every sign up" So I started with free traffic My goal was just to put my link to places where many people are going to see it I was 15 at that time and the thing with free traffic, it worked really well I think that my biggest day was five figures, so imagine

– Quite a big profit – Yeah, five figures of profit because the traffic was free – That's good – So it was good profit – Wow

– So imagine a 15 year old boy who was just like a majority of people, you know, like thought, go to school, get good grades, you're going to get a good job after that, so I was– – What country are you from? – I'm from Slovenia – Slovenia? – Yeah – So five figures a month in Slovenia is a lot of money – Well it was five figures a day So that's almost a yearly salary in our country

– Wow – Yeah, so that campaigns at that time they gave me two things The first and the most important was it gave me huge motivation So even when the things got rough, I still had some in my heart to pursue it so I never quit because I saw what is possible with affiliate marketing And the second thing is, it gave me also quite a huge budget to keep on testing things

So after awhile the free traffic link it had quite even more free traffic so eventually I switched to paid traffic and I started pretty basically but eventually I got to know trackers, optimizations and so on So yeah, that's pretty much my story As you mentioned earlier, I was quite guy in the shadows up until recently and reason why I came out publicly is because I found out how valuable networking can be for you and your business when you're networking with like-minded people – Yeah, yeah, I mean if you're behind the scenes, then no one knows you to network with you whereas with me in particular, when I started building a brand I started getting more deal flow, more opportunities, and I started meeting some very interesting people So alright, at this point you're making some money in affiliate marketing

What made you decide to start AdPlexity? Why not just keep writing campaigns? – So the thing was I was doing affiliate marketing just for the money so after I made a certain amount of money instead of blowing it on expensive stuff and so on, I rather ask myself is that really what you want to continue doing? And answer in my case it was no I, to be honest, didn't really like the stuff we were promoting so, yeah, I just responded to our own products, something that other people would love using so I decided I would start something and also, another thing is that AdPlexity was initially done for internal purposes So that's how we started it and then I saw that it's better than majority of the other options on the market so I though, "Okay, let's release it "and let's make some money with it" And, yeah, it's turned out to be much bigger than I expected right now – A lot of great businesses out there started the same way you started, scratching your own itch, where a lot of tools are actually developed internally

So my question is, Ziga, are you a programmer? Did you create this yourself or did you just hire some programmers and you directed them to make it? – I do have technical knowledge, but I didn't create it myself At that point, I had enough money to just hire people that are smarter than me, so that's the way I went – That's very motivational, because I've always wanted to start a SAS tool, but I have some limiting beliefs because I don't know how to programme, I don't know anything, but you are proof that you don't need to know how to programme to create an amazing product You just need the vision and you need a lot of money to hire the right people – Well, my technical knowledge helped me a little

I will admit that, but even without it, I could probably start it as well – Excellent, excellent Okay, so there are a lot of spy tools out there on the market They come and go all the time I remember the first time I saw AdPlexity, the first thing that came to my head was, "Wow, this is so good," and the second thing, "I'm not gonna share it with my blog

"I'm not gonna share it with anybody," because it's so good It just creates more competition because it reveals a lot of things that other spy tools didn't So in your own words, what makes AdPlexity better than other spy tools on the market? – Well, we came up with a bunch of features because, the thing is, AdPlexity was created by things I couldn't do with other tools so it was actually created by affiliate marketers for other affiliate marketers And yeah, at this point, because we are so big we can afford to spend more and to give you guys more data, have proper things in set up, to manage, and so on – Something I like about AdPlexity is, obviously you guys are doing well financially, but what I like is you're re-investing the money to make AdPlexity better and better

It feels like every month there's a new feature added on it, so I really like that about the tool – Yeah, thank you – So, next question is, let's say someone's a newbie Okay, someone's brand new to affiliate marketing and when someone's a newbie, they probably have limited funds and there's a lot of different things that they can invest it They have to invest in traffic, they have to invest in volume, a tracker, maybe they can invest in a private forum, like Stack That Money, and then there's also, I think maybe another 150, 200 bucks for AdPlexity

So do you think AdPlexity is worth it for someone that is brand new to affiliate marketing and why? – Yes, I would say that good tools are even more critical for a newbie The reason is if you don't have a proper spy tool, if you don't have a proper tracker, if you don't sign up to forums where you can learn, you are just going to just burn the whole budget away, because you are not going to know what's working well for others, what's doing well You are a newbie, you don't know anything and my advice to people who don't have a budget big enough is just to increase it, because my approach in life was always to look for ways how to make money not how to save it and it worked really well for me – Yeah, I agree with Ziga I think, there's a quote I really like

"The worst way to learn something is through trial and error" You know, the most expensive way to learn something is through trial and error, so I always tell people, "Imitate then innovate," because if you go on a spy tool and you're trying to do mobile, you can just straight up see what offers, what landing pages, everyone else is using, so you're gonna save a lot of money So just don't think of the tool as you're spending money, think of it as an investment – So, great, great answer So next question is, a lot of the more experienced affiliate marketers don't like your tool

They think you've kind of ruined affiliate marketing because the spy tool, yes there's been spy tools before but there's never been a spy tool that is this detailed and accurate So do you feel that AdPlexity helps or hurts affiliate marketing because some people argue that now affiliate marketers just copy and paste and it has hurt the creativity, so what do you think about that? – Well, the thing is, we as human beings we try to get by with least effort possible so definitely some people just went to AdPlexity and they are ripping campaigns However, that approach is completely wrong You are not going– It's not as easy as just going to AdPlexity, take the campaign, plug it into traffic source, and make five figures a day It's just not going to work

So the right approach is, as you mentioned earlier, is to use it as an inspiration so you can learn from it So, okay, let's say you find a cool landing page You should at least try to run it in other geo, or you could try another offer and so on, because, yeah, if you want to get to the five figure days or even more, you definitely can't be just copying it – Okay great, great answer So my question is this

So a lot of newbies have asked me, and I'm curious what your answer is They say, "Charles, I got AdPlexity "I did a search and I'm using the same landing page "that the top guys are using "Why is it that they're making five figures a day "and I can't even get the same campaign profitable "if I'm using the same traffic source "and the same landing page, "what is separating them from me?" So I have a idea I'm curious what your answer is

– Yeah, we also get that question a lot And yeah, the answer is because the original affiliate has an edge So he knows optimal bits He narrowed down, targeting perfectly He has payout bump or he has access to private offer, which you don't

And also the thing is, a good campaign is not a good campaign forever, so most likely, by the time you found it, it's not fresh – It's like maybe there's a lot of banner blindness or maybe the affiliate, they were on it several weeks ago and they got the exclusive on an offer now or maybe they bought all the good placements so they got it at a discount There's a lot of things, you know– Basic way, yes you may have the same traffic source, you may have the same landing page, but there's a lot of other levers at getting the campaign profitable and just because you have the same traffic source, you know, let's just say everyone's using Facebook Well, obviously there's a big difference in how someone uses Facebook that has been doing it for five years and someone that's been doing it for five days So just because you're using PopCash and the super-affiliate is using PopCash, doesn't mean you can get as profitable as they are because they're doing a lot of things that you may not notice

– Yeah, exactly – Excellent, so I got one more question So, man, I'm getting this question all the time, so I want to ask you it directly A lot of people like Facebook A lot of people are doing e-commerce

A lot of people are doing Facebook and AdPlexity is most known for display, mobile, and native, so a lot of spy tools for Facebook have gone down such as WhichAdWorks So my question is, are there any plans for AdPlexity to get into e-commerce spying or Facebook spying? – Oh, yeah, we also get that request a lot, however we can't do it because of the legal issues so the answer is no However, shortly, soon we are releasing an e-commerce branch which is going to be mainly for people who are doing e-com on Facebook and it's going to be much better than data from Facebook cycles – Wow, okay So to sum it up, there will not be a AdPlexity version of Facebook just because Ziga doesn't want to get sued

There's a lot of legal stuff and Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of money However, he has something in the works for spying on e-commerce, so do you have a estimate of that, when that's gonna be out? – Oh, probably two months – Two months? – Yeah, we are now beta testing it, but we plan to release it in two months – Alright, if you need another beta tester, I'm the man (laughs) Okay, so thanks

I mean, that's a lot of questions I gave you and a lot of those questions were not easy questions, so I want to thank you for being honest and being willing to answer those questions So now for the people that are watching this, they want to see what AdPlexity is, they want some tips on AdPlexity, so I'm gonna switch the screen over to a screen share and just show you guys what AdPlexity is and give you guys some tips I'm going to just kind of walk through AdPlexity and give some tips Obviously, Ziga knows the tool better than me since he's the owner, so if you want to give some any other tips, feel free to jump in So basically this is the mobile version

AdPlexity has three different versions They have display, they have mobile, they have native So one tip I want to give right off the bat is I notice a lot of people that do native will maybe sign up only for spying on native or if you're doing mobile, you'll sign up only for mobile One easy way to get angles is to see what's working on a different traffic source and bring it to your traffic source So here's an example

I do a lot of Facebook and AdPlexity doesn't have a Facebook spy tool, but something I like to do is I like to go into AdPlexity in native, look at some of the offers that are running on AdPlexity in native and then I can bring the angles or some of the images or an inspiration over to Facebook because no one's doing it on Facebook, so that's just one tip I can give you Don't just spy on only your traffic source You can get a lot of different ideas from other traffic sources So next is, Ziga mentioned something about being careful about spying on old campaigns Just because something made a lot of money several months ago, five months ago, doesn't mean you can make money now, because maybe the publisher is not active anymore or maybe the offer is not hot or maybe there's a lot of competition so whenever I spy I like to go here

I like to go to the filter and, you know, maybe the last seven days I think last 30, last seven days is pretty good So now we're spying on mobile Let's see what's hot the last seven days and over here, this is really cool, but if you are on a traffic source that has– Let's just say your affiliate manager says, "Hey, this mobile offer in Spain is really hot" So one great feature is if you go down here, you can click Spain and, boom, you get nothing but Spain and now there's another problem over here

It's like, a lot of other spy tools, why I don't like other spy tools is you get a lot of irrelevant ads I don't care what Netflix is doing I don't care what Amazon is doing So what really sets Ziga's tools apart is if you go down here, you could just search by volume, see, because if affiliates are using volume, they're using Ad Bridge, they're using Thrive Some other thing you can do is if you're focusing on a specific traffic source like Propeller ads, you can click here

So what I did right here is– So I have ads in Spain targeting PopCash and using volume so you guys can see what's working here So right now you can see that vouchers, iPhone sweepstakes as a wheel landing page is doing pretty well So I'm not saying if you copy that, that it's gonna make money, but this landing page, this offer, this vertical, should definitely be in your rotation So another great feature is, let's click here So we actually clicked the landing page

So this is what separates AdPlexity from everyone else They have a lot of deep data So number one is, if you go over here, you can download the landing page itself Don't you have a new feature? So can you tell us more about downloading the landing page, Ziga? – Yeah, it's When you press this button, you're going to get zip archive which has every resource included, so this means images, Java Script, and so on So you can just download it and it's complete You can just upload it, edit it, and that's it Before you had to send the screen shot to the designers, to the coders, so they would have to code it for you, but now you can just download it with a single click

– [Charles] Something else that's pretty cool is I just pressed one button, Show More Ads by This Advertiser, so this advertiser here, not only is he testing this, but you see that he's profitable, he's running ads everywhere You could also see what other offers, what other landing pages, what other countries that they're running So, man, I remember when I first started affiliate marketing nine, ten years ago, whenever I spied, I manually spied, I had a huge Excel spreadsheet and I had to do everything manually, so to have something like this is such a godsend So over here, you can see that they're targeting a lot of Android phones, so maybe when you start the campaign, you don't– You can just skip iPhone You can go straight to Android

Over here, there's a lot of data on their publishers If you're doing PopCash or whatever it is, then you could straight up target the placements so this is gonna save you a lot of money because the problem with a lot of native and mobile traffic sources, they have a lot of low-quality traffic They have a lot of bot traffic, a lot of fake traffic, so you're gonna have to spend a lot of money to beat them out, but what you can do is you can just do a lot of research and compile a list of different placements and start running on them immediately so at least you know that this is not bot traffic if this guy is running there all the time And then over here you can see what other stuff he's doing, so he's focusing on a lot of Propeller ads, but if you see maybe you can start with Propeller ads but then if another advertiser has AdCash or some of these other traffic sources, it's a really easy way for you to scale So can you tell us about the favourites? – It's just if you see a good campaign, you just save it to favourites so you can find it faster later, so you don't have to save the link to that in Notepad or whatever

– [Charles] Okay, I go here and press the star, right? – Yep – [Charles] So I'm gonna press a star Press a star, press a star, go to favourites Pretty cool That way I don't have to remember these actual landing pages

I just press favourite It's like a bookmark, pretty much, bookmark your favourite landing page – Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what it is – [Charles] Excellent Over here, so a lot of people don't actually go here but if you go here, they actually have a really nice blog post that gives you a lot of different tutorials and advice on becoming a more successful affiliate using their spy tool

So is there any other features I didn't mention that you want to share with the audience? Let's just say, what is a feature that is really powerful in AdPlexity that most affiliates are not using? – Well I would say it's our advertiser search You showed it briefly before However, most people use it wrongly Most common scenario is that some affiliate he wants to promote some offer from a certain network and they would get a tracking link to that offer So they would put that traffic link to the By Advertiser search

They will find some results, however, those results are limited So what you should do is that you shouldn't search by tracking link of affiliate network However you should search by offer domain, offer URL, because by doing that, you are also going to get results about the same offer but also from the other affiliate networks – [Charles] Yep, okay, so here's what Ziga's saying Searching by the advertiser means this

If you just search by the affiliate, then you're limited to the affiliate's landing pages, but if you can get the URL of the actual offer you're doing So let's just say everyone's promoting iPhone, right? And let's just go to the top iPhone advertiser Take that URL, stick that URL in here, and it's gonna show every single affiliate that's promoting it – Yeah, exactly – [Charles] And then from there, you can reverse engineer

Not only do you have the landing pages, but what traffic sources, what placement IDs, what day of the week that you want to promote it So if you're brand new to affiliate marketing are you guys starting to see the value of this tool? Because if you just want to start everything from scratch, you can, it's just gonna be very expensive to figure out what's working whereas with this, for whatever the price is, you learn a lot of that data Now, of course, it's not a guarantee, right? You just can't spend it and copy and paste it, you're gonna buy a Lamborghini However, the difference is you invest the money, then you save a lot of money because you don't have to lose all the money trying to figure this stuff out So, awesome, is there any other features my audience should know about? – Oh, I think you covered pretty much everything

I would say that everyone should read the tutorial which you showed because most of the people skip it and then don't use the tool up to its full potential So the first thing you do after you sign up to AdPlexity, read the tutorial, read about the search modes so you can use it to its full potential – Excellent, so make sure you guys read this It's gonna be sign up for AdPlexity, go to their tutorial So one more question

I mentioned earlier that AdPlexity is always improving Every time, every month I log in there's a new feature Can you give us a sneak preview in this year or next year what features are you looking towards adding? So I know you have the e-commerce spying coming out soon, within two months Is there anything else you guys are looking to improve? – Oh, well we are always interested in using technology in order to show more relevant results so we will be adding bunch of new stuff which is going to improve the tool For example, recently we added to the native tool, we added search mode called By Image

So what you can use that, you can visually describe the campaigns which you are interested in So you can say, okay, show me campaigns related to cash So you would type in cash and it would show you the betters, the greaters, which have money on them – Wow, is that completely software or do you have people in the back that tag some of this stuff manually? – No, it's completely automatic – Wow, I didn't know that was possible

I need to learn some technical skills Okay, so, alright, I think that's it for the interview I want to point something out, guys, that I talked to Ziga right before this and if you are interested in AdPlexity, we're going to run a offer for a few days that's going to give you the most discount possible So I don't know what it is off the top of my head, but after this video's over, I'm gonna have a link I'm gonna show you guys where to go

It is time sensitive, so it's gonna have all the details So thanks Ziga for giving this discount to my audience So you guys should just sign up and see what you think, but I don't think you're gonna cancel because this is a very, very powerful thing and I think in affiliate marketing you need a tracker, you need a server, and I think, I can confidently say, on top of that you also need a spy tool to figure out what to actually do You can't just rely on a affiliate manager and ask him what's hot You can't just rely on your affiliate manager

You can't just rely on private forums All those are good, but I'm saying you have to do your research and you need as much information as possible, so you talk to your affiliate manager, you talk to your other friends, you sign up for STM, you sign up for AdPlexity Now, with all four different things, you can start figuring out what to actually do rather than just throw stuff against the wall and hope something makes money, just because it's a very expensive way of trying to figure out what campaigns work So, alright, thanks a lot Ziga I'm glad we did this

Thank you for coming on and thanks for the discount and thanks for the tips for my audience and look forward to seeing what happens with AdPlexity and seeing how this, your tool, evolves – Thank you – Alright, take care, bye-bye

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