Tanner J Fox Affiliate Marketing Course Review

Hey, what's going on guys? Good morning Before I actually go full, full in depth as far as Who I am? Where I come from? What I'm about? And just giving you a full background on this whole Tanner & Ryan Hildreth Affiliate Marketing course I just want to tell you guys, Man, I thank you, truly, for actually stopping by

This is a new YouTube channel but it will be a lot of great content being involved inside this channel I'll be giving you guys my updates on the course from Also giving you guys just tips that I tend to give to my business consulting clients daily as far as You know, skilling up their own personal businesses or even you know tips on starting new business that I'm actually currently involved in So you guys do me a favor, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the channel This is something you guys would not want to miss

It's not going to be all that fluff and video and animation anything It's going to be straight content here and straight to the point man So, with that been said guys, let's get into this first video Talk to you soon Just want to, before I even start talking, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my current results using Ryan Hildreth and Tanner Fox Affiliate Marketing course

One second, now we're in my Max Browning account We had a total for $5625 in Max Browning and we also had $29858 inside of Clickbank Just want to actually go ahead and show you guys that first

Before I even introduce myself My name is Randall Randall Guyton, to be exact from Miami, Florida First time affiliate marketer is not something that I have experience with far as same as you guys if you are new to this business I actually honestly, didn't really know too much anything about affiliate marketing besides using a few of my own personal businesses actually bringing affiliates for that, but, other than that as far us actually doing it as a living and making money from it, I don't know anything about that I actually found Ryan Hildreth and Tanner course online watching YouTube and I just wanted to give you guys a quick up

hold on Niko, what's up? Say what's up to the camera, man You goin to say what's up? Ah, that's my wife's dog Nico, he doesn't want to speak

Butjust to get back to it man and I know this is probably come off a little rough and shaky as far as this video man because honestly, I'm nervous and I am completely new to this

I just want to give you guys some motivation and just give you a full understanding and my full review on the current course What I can honestly say about this course, it's very beneficial, most definitely beneficial for a first-timer like myself just coming into the business and not really, you know knowing much about affiliate marketing I mean of course after this actual course that I took I still took further action for skilling up and you know getting connected with the right individuals and the right mentor, just to, I guess, you know, tweak up things that was not said within the course But this course has extremely laid the ground zero foundation as far as just a complete understanding on the business and how it actually goes about I actually been, I would say fully commiting myself to affiliate marketing for about, what, close to two weeks I would say now

And those are my current results We're looking forward to the monthly result and I will make sure to keep you guys updated Far as just explaining about my YouTube channel What my ultimate goal is as far as this new channel is just to really inspire you guys to want to do more Want to be more

Skill up You know just taking advantage, taking action and just, you know showing you guys that regardless that it's something we're new at It's still possible I mean again, I'm not an affiliate marketer Nor do I claim myself to be an expert in this field, but I will say, in due time I will be an expert and that's just me just having full confidence and understanding in myself and understanding what action taken and applying yourself can really do for you

Now, far as what we're speaking on business This is not my, I would say first venture into just independent businesses I mean, I have a very big background in personal and business funding, as well as real estate as well as personal credit and business credit and so on I'm also a published author and um, yeah I mean I mean, I just say, I do have an understanding in a great big background as far as when it's concerning business Those are other tips that I actually will be promoting in this actual

in this YouTube channel just you know, updating you guys on my tips and my daily stuff that I used to be independent and to be free To actually generate income and be able to provide for my family and hopefully that they can actually be used for you guys as well and that can be from anything from you know, I may eventually drop tips on how to go about actually obtaining your first four-unit property you know Taking the money that you're making from an affiliate or maybe from their previous course, Amazon and actually parking that money somewhere where it can actually be stable and you can actually make a percentage off of that income

And I'm not speaking on single-family homes, I'm speaking off four-plex or greater But a four-plex is also still considered a single-family home but just have four units I'll also be discussing on tips of how to actually leverage personal credit to actually create a LLC to actually get funding so if you guys really don't have access to the capital to actually invest in these guys courses or more If you want to get inside of Amazon or any other business venture for that matter and you need the capital, I can actually assist and I'll be dropping tips so you guys can actually understand how to do that Uh, what else would I be doing? I mean just, just a lot of great information man My ultimate goal is really to just, you know show you guys how to actually be successful and you know, I mean hopefully the tips and that I give and the stuff that I actually took that was great for my life and beneficial for my life as well as my family life, that it can actually be beneficial to you guys So far again and speaking on these guys course, I think it's a great course I think it's a great opportunity to take advantage of

I think it's very beneficial to increasing your income and just you know, growing your income and just skilling up and doing more and just creating that different stream I really think it's a great investment and also it's really not that expensive and I mean, how things been going so far? I'm on a road to actually make, I should have for sure made the full investment back before the month is out for certain And I'll make sure to continue update you guys and really show stats and not just saying what I'm doing but actually showing you guys the numbers because I understand completely how you could be on YouTube and a person could be sitting here telling you all this success and what they're doing and so on, and you know they're really not doing it So[phone rings] I'm sorry that's my phone, but I just want to inform you guys on that before I head to the gym I'm actually about to grab my things now You know, matter fact you know what again I'm still new to this YouTube so I'll keep the camera rolling, you know You know just grab my things and head out to go get this workout on and just you know, keep you guys inspired on what ah you know, what a full day of just being independent and you know taking action can actually do for you It can allow you to, you know be sitting here videoing myself talking to you guys instead of actually reporting to a job

Sit Niko reporting to a job and so on and being able to, you know play with your cute little dog while he relaxing, watches the video like "oh, what is daddy doing?" One second, hold on one second guys You got to go okay buddy, go back – Sit! Thank you Stay Daddy has to go to the gym

I'll be right back Stay Alright guys I apologize for that We'll be back at it Just locking up the house

before we head out to the gym Again, it's a beautiful day out here in Miami, Florida I'm just trying to keep you guys inspired One tip also that I want to give you guys as far as if we're speaking on affiliate marketing or something that I learned that has been great, greatly beneficial You guys must understand completely about your narrow searches

You must understand that That is very very very important and that's really what actually play a very big key as far as getting your actual ad in front of the right people Oh I need a car wash for sure Yeahback to it But yeah that's, that plays a very great part getting your ad in front of the right people and just really, what else can I give far as my understanding? Narrow searches I would say that has been a great deal of success for me I'm sorry it's hard for me to multitask Ah, what else I would say? Knowing how to target the right people

Knowing where to place my ad Actually knowing how to create the ad Which ads convert better? Getting your tracking systems and everything set up in place so you can know where your actual leads are coming from so you can get, again, retarget on that situation and um, yeah man just just constantly retargeting and retesting man That's the, that's one of the biggest tips that I can give that has really been working for me And another tip that I can actually give that's really been working for me – understanding what audience convert, you know

and that can be from you know desktop ads I'm sorry, desktop ads to mobile only ads and so on That's another big key and another thing that I will say that actually, you know work extremely well for me[music] I'm so sorry, I've got to turn down my music Another thing that I can say that has worked completely well for me isknowing, how can I explain this? knowing which niche to actually pick and go into and I, and I believe that knowing that and knowing what the general public wants plays in a very amazing part in your success as far as in affiliate marketing Again that's to me I won't sit here and say at all that I'm currently an expert because I'm not

But like I told you guys before in due time, I will be and that's for certain and um, I'm just giving you guys just the tips that I actually use that worked well for me and I, I would say one of the first biggest mistakes that I actually made was, picking niches that was solely something that I found attractive, you know like for example, I might, I might find BMWs to be attractive, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the rest of the world would do so So I made target ads solely for that and I might be limiting myself to actually obtaining a major success So again, I say with me, will work well for me, is just really targeting the audience that's finding out what the people want Okay, that, that's how we gonna put it Right there

Finding out what the people want and putting yourself in place to provide the need of what the people want That's been my ultimate success and that's really havewhat's really worked for me

Okay with that being said man, I mean again I know y'all, you guys lookin like "oh my gosh, this guy sounds nervous as hell" I can't, I'm new to YouTube Man this is my first time just trying to run with it

You know, and just provide pure content man, just pure information the best of my ability but um, this here I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on this whole affiliate marketing course with Turner and Ryan and again I would say, so far so good man So if you guys got it, invest in it Man, if you don't got it, contact me email me, I'll show you how to get it I mean again I can assist someone easily on getting five to ten thousand dollars with ease Especially if you have decent credit So, again man I wish you guys nothing but blessings and success for us for you and your family

I'm about to focus on this road so I don't wreck my car out And you know, and just focus on this gym and um I wish you guys again, blesses man and much success and you'll be hearing from me again soon God bless

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