WHAT PAYMENT PLATFORM TO USE? We'll see that together in this new video Here, Maxence Rigottier

So, just before we see all this in detail in this video, I invite you to click on the "Subscribe" button just below, it will allow you to join several thousand web-entrepreneurs subscribed to the YouTube channel If today you're selling on the internet, you've probably heard about it Braintree, Clickbank, Cuneo, Paypal, 2Checkout or Stripe There is a frequently asked question: What platform should I use? So, I will not go through four ways For me, there is one and only one is excellent and must be used is Stripe You do not have to think than that, because it's the best payment platform

You may be to say to you: Thank you Maxence, but you have actions on Stripe The answer is no, I will give you the different benefits 1- Have a low commission rate If you use Clickbank or other platforms, you have commission rates that are very important For example, if you sell for € 10,000 all of your products and services, you will stay maybe 8,000, 9,500 € or a little more Stripe, it's only platforms where the commission rate is very low

That is the first point 2- Decrease of basket abandonment Why ? Quite stupid, because people who buy with Stripe have just need to put their CB number If they are not wrong in marking their card or if there is money on the bank card, obviously it will work So you have almost no cart abandonment 3- Recover the different erroneous payments You have people, when they order, you have on your Stripe dashboard payments that are marked "Fail"

That is, people who have tried to buy but it did not work You are aware, so you can recontact to enable them to finalize their order 100% be 100% sure so that they can get your product and service If they are recurring payments, recontact them so that these people change their card bank or hand over money to their credit card for payment to pass Really, that's what's good, it's that it allows to be able to recover the different erroneous payments 4- Possibility of making additional sales in one click You can set up the Order BOM, it's a small square on the order form

I use Clickfunnels You can also use LearnyBox How are you to be able to use additional sales, or in one click, make sales additional That's exactly what Ryanair, the airline, is doing, what Amazon does or the MacDo if you're in a MacDo Basically, additional sales, what is it? You just bought shoes, we will you offer: Do you want socks? Do you want to shoe polish for your shoes? This is called additional sales, products that are complementary to your product that you sold to your customer

So, that will allow you to blow up your turnover Me that allowed me to double my sales or increase the average customer basket 5- Obtaining the money after 5 to 7 days This is the last point that is for me as certainly the most important of Stripe If for example you have already made launches with Paypal or other platforms, as soon as you earn tens or hundreds thousands of euros, somehow you're considered a thief, a scammer, we'll cut your money sometimes for six months or more, or you have to beg for money While Stripe, whatever happens, that you make 10 €, 1 000 €, 100 000 € or 1 million €, the money is blocked usually between 5 and 7 days, it will score "Pending balance"; then, after 5 or 7 days, it's credited and you can transfer it to your account banking

It's really very important, these five points to put in place and especially why I advise you Stripe Maybe you'll tell me, and this is for me the only The disadvantage of Stripe is that today it is available in only 25 countries If you live in Mauritius, if you live in a country where it is not accessible, I understand that you use Clickbank, Paypal, Cuneo or whatever you want But if you live in one of the 25 countries where your company is located – my company is in Hong Kong -, Stripe is licensed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan So the, it's 100% good

Use Stripe, you will increase your sales, you will achieve a turnover exceptional If today you are already making money on the internet, you are going really thank me Set up Stripe as quickly as possible If you liked the video or if you had questions about the platform of payment, I invite you to click on the Like button just below, and to share the video Thank you again, thank you in advance, it will allow me to have your feedback

Just before you leave, I invite you to download your welcome gift There is a link inside the YouTube video Click on this link, how are you? redirect to another page where you just have to indicate your first name and your e-mail address, and you will receive all this directly in your e-mail box If you're watching this video from YouTube or a smartphone, there's the I as info or everything is in the description just below See you soon for the bonus video

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