INSANE New ActiveCampaign/Clickfunnels New Affiliate Automation….

Hey guys Jose here with Fortune by funnels in this video We're going to be covering some Automations that we use on active campaign to send out emails to some of our customers from click funnels So recently We discovered that an awesome plugin by spencer Meachem

We're members of his Facebook group and the extensions called the bullet printer CF affiliate grabber Basically what it does is it helps you to sync all of your contacts? into active campaign by using zapier so We download the extension and then we come over here to zapier and we make a zap So if we scroll here we can see that whatever in you Row is added to our spreadsheet we create or update a contact into the active campaign so we move over here to the active campaign and we can see some of our automations and the way that a New customer would actually get pushed into these automations is by the product that they purchase So let's take a look at the CF follow-up Pro start this is our main Automation because it's really where the customer comes in first and we were to determine into what automation they could go into so I think this is really neat because It saves a lot of time and you don't have to manually go and tag the customer yourself Because clickfunnels does all the work for you They're already tagged whenever they make a purchase be it Funnel hacks or click start or they're still in their product trial so the first step is they come in here and They're labeled Into what automation they should be put into so if they were for instance they purchased photo hack So to go into the funnel Herricks automation if they were into the click funnels trial They would go into this click funnel strong automation Now, we have several automation options here for the different products that are offered by click funnels and This is actually developed by a computer engineer by name of James Hirsch the real smart guy much much smarter than I I couldn't Really think about how he designed this But you could actually make this a little bit deeper if you wanted to but it's already pretty complex as it is so if we clicking on automations, we can see it's not have the additional ones that we have here for instance the Start applying our Edison suite is where they would go if they're labeled for the Edison Suites or if they've purchased Edison suite They would come into this first automation then follow up here to the second automation and receive an email and As you can see this is like a super neat tool because it just saves you so much time unlike other Autoresponders This so many things that you can do here You can mix and match the if-else statements and you can see like he can delay and then say they open the email you can send them another email or if not You can go back and send them the same email and there's just an infinite amount of things that you can do with Software and these automations are really great because they're gonna save you a lot of time So if you're interested in learning more about the automations and supporting the developers i'm going to leave two links down below One with the extension and one where you can actually check out the automations for yourself and if you like our channel Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment down below Thanks

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