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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today guys I want to offer you guys the exclusive opportunity to get mentored by me one-on-one so what that means guys I'm gonna be hopping in Google Hangouts Skype calls phone calls whatever you guys want whatever you guys need in order for me to help you the best that I can on top of that guys I'm also gonna be giving you private access to a private email address that I set up just for you guys what that means is that there's gonna be no other email sent to that email unless it is from you guys so what that means is you're always gonna have a 24/7 direct line of one-on-one contacting me because I'm gonna check that email a morning day and night every single day so I'm always gonna be replying within 12 to 24 hours every single day to that email address you guys any questions comments concerns even if you guys need the slightest bit of help you guys can go ahead and shoot me an email with that being said guys I'm also gonna share with you my personal strategies and things that work for me things helped me make money online and guys I'm not gonna charge you anything for this guys this this mentoring is gonna be completely completely free the only thing that you guys are gonna need to do to be eligible for my mentorship is one thing guys and that's gonna be to join my team by signing up for the Builder all business plan under me guys if you go ahead and do that you will then be eligible for my one-on-one mentorship so if you guys have never heard of bills rolling before bills roll is essentially a funnel building platform tool they allow you to build funnels landing pages websites blogs pretty much everything guys they have a ton of cool features and they have it at a very affordable price so guys you guys know click funnels and other softwares like that easy to go for a hundred dollars a month if not more bills are all guys their digital marketing plan is just $30 a month for all the digital marketing tools and features they have to offer but if you guys actually want to go ahead and sign up for the Builder all business plan that's gonna be $50 a month but that will give you exclusive access to their very lucrative affiliate program so essentially you're gonna be able to start your own business with that plan and if you guys sign up for that builder all business plan underneath me you guys are gonna have my personal help my one-on-one mentoring access to my private email I'm gonna share with you guys my trainings my courses my strategy's I'm really giving you guys everything that you'll need to help but use exceed and help you make money online and on top of the one-on-one mentoring and private access to my private email I'm also gonna be giving you guys a 7-day email swipes egrants us can download copy paste directly into your email autoresponder that way you guys can get a really big boost and start your email marketing as soon as possible just by downloading copy and pasting the exact emails that I use in the I send in my own affiliate marketing campaigns and on top of all that stuff guys I also plan on starting up a private Facebook group that's gonna be exclusive to the members on my team for the people that sign underneath me that way you guys can all network communicate and we can all help each other out help each other and grow make some sales make some commissions because guys that's ultimately the goal here on the channel is for me to help you guys out help me make some money online help you guys with your own affiliate marketing businesses with that being said guys if you want to sign up for the build rail business plan and actually get mentored by me one on one there will be a link in the description to sign up for the build rail business plan in the description guys you guys are gonna see two different links the first link is anybody for a 7-day free trial of builder all in case you guys just want to try it out first you guys only want commits anything yet I completely understand there's gonna be a 7-day free trial link at the top and then underneath that one guys that's gonna be the important one guys that's the build your business link sign up so if you guys want to be mentored by me and work one-on-one with me on your brand new a flight marketing business that's the link that you're gonna need to click you guys are gonna need to sign up for the $5000 a month builds are all business plan as soon as you guys do that I will see it I'll seen in my back office and I'm gonna send you guys an email with all the bonuses all the resources and exactly how to contact me for that one or my mentorship so that's the plan you guys are gonna need to sign up for if you wanna get mentioned by me and work with me one-on-one you guys can go ahead and do the seven day free trial if you just want to test it out first but if you guys want to start your own flame marketing business right away and start working with me you're gonna need to sign up for the bull trout business plan with that being simpler guys if you're not really sure yet I definitely recommend you guys go ahead and try the seven day free trial to test out bull draw a little bit explore the software explore all the cool features they have and I guarantee you guys are definitely gonna be impressed with it because like I said before guys they just offer so many cool features and so much stuff so much value if you're pretty much half the price of click models and guys on top of that they're a play a program is way better than click files or any other filipe rogram out there that i've seen right now with that so i guess i'm gonna do an entire another video just kind of breaking down the build rule or a program but guys if you actually worked me one-on-one that's the affiliate program you're actually using if you guys actually decide to sign up underneath me working me one-on-one that's the plan that we're gonna be using that's the affiliate program we're going to be leveraging to make all of our money online because it's such a lucrative affiliate program so with that said guys that pretty much wraps up this video I know this wasn't a very value packed informational video I apologize for that this video was just for me to give you guys the exclusive opportunity to work with me one-on-one dimension by me and like I said guys the way to do that is to sign up under me for the Builder or business plan as soon as you do that guys I'm gonna see it I'm gonna shoot you guys an email even you guys all the bonuses and all the resources you're gonna need to get started working with me one-on-one and with all that stuff beings they got I hope you sign up I hope to work with some of you very very soon with that said guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one and I am out peace

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