I Finally Reveal How To Make Money On Clickbank

hey there how's it going Aaron Chen here welcome to this video if you're here right right now then you're looking for a way on how to make money on Clickbank okay and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that so you know I've been online for nine years now eight of those nine years though failed really really miserably in my business okay I did a lot of affiliate marketing tried many different business models didn't really know how to be successful but over the last year have had some tremendous success doing a lot of affiliate marketing and I'm gonna show you the strategies that I actually used some of which was actually on Clickbank to actually generate over a thousand sales in my business okay so I'm gonna give you an idea of what Clickbank is how you can navigate it and what you have to do if you want to be successful using the Internet and you know using affiliate marketing alright so if you look at my screen right now this is actually the Clickbank website it's pretty simple you just head to Clickbank calm right you probably already know that Clickbank is the biggest affiliate network in the world lots of different products that you can market right so first thing I would do is come here to a fillip marketplace okay and when you come to a fillip marketplace you will see that Clickbank actually has a lot of different I'm just gonna zoom in here right a lot of different categories that you can actually market stuff with right so you can you know sell betting systems you can do you know products on computers and internet cooking food and wine this is kind of the space that I work in a business emarketing that's you know internet marketing products make money from home that kind of thing education fiction games you know weight loss is a big one right weight loss getting a six-pack losing you know six inches around the waist for women whatever it is right getting a firmer stomach home-and-garden lots of different stuff self-help as well okay so let's go into I like I like to do weight loss this is a very kind of a popular market you might you know be wanting to do this as well so I've clicked inside and now there is actually a range of products right so I'm just going to kind of open it up right and basically hold on so that you can actually see this properly here so I'm gonna open this up and maybe you can see that right there and look the first product here is organifi and the next product is you know lean belly breakthrough okay so why don't we go through the lean belly breaker I think this this would be pretty interesting so these are all different products the first one here actually talks about well it's a new conversion machine with 61 dollars from a best-selling author Bruce kaan two-minute ritual proven to eliminate one pound per day of dangerous belly fat okay and then there's a little promote button here it says 37 dollars per sale that means that if you sell the product upright it costs 37 dollars that so you will probably generate I don't know what how to make money on clickbank the Commission's are on here but but this is the price of the product it's probably a 50% Commission okay so if you sell lean belly break through you'll get probably 50% of the 37 dollars up front right now the average sale is 92% that means that it's converting really really well okay average rebill is zero which means that there is no monthly rebuild right which is not so good because you want to have a product where you have a monthly rebuild because if you're gonna be making so much effort selling people and getting new customers into the product you may as well try to make some money from monthly recurring sales right so the gravity means gravity is 109 all that means is that the higher the gravity the better the product generally sells okay so you want to focus on products that have a gravity of I would say 50 and above but it's not that important to be honest what's more important is how well you market the actual product okay so let's take a look at it so I'm gonna click on promote and when you hit promote it will basically ask you to create an account name right so I'm gonna put my account name which is basically Erin Chen one right so you'll have your own account name once you create your own free account on Clickbank very very easy to do that right and as soon as I do that they give me basically a Hopf link okay now what I want to do is I want to highlight this hop link I'm gonna press command C on my Mac if you're on a PC it might be you know control-c or whatever I'm gonna open up a new tab and I'm gonna paste it ctrl V and I'm gonna hit enter and this is basically the sales page of lean belly breakthrough okay and you'll see it and so it's basically I'm gonna let it load for a minute so you can hear it okay so now I'm gonna pause it now right so all sales pages generally look like this there's some sort of title this one says do do this simple two-minute ritual to lose one pound of belly fat every 72 hours right and then it's got some sort of sales page or sales video that's probably gonna run for about five to ten maybe fifteen minutes and what it does is it's designed to sell the product okay to people that are interested in losing weight now when I scroll down here there's no Buy button but what will probably happen after the video finishes is a Buy button will pop up and your prospects can click on it and then they can buy okay that's as simple as that now when they buy you generate a commission it's probably you know about fifty sixty percent commission so that might be fifteen to twenty dollars and that's how you make money on Clickbank it's really really simple okay so I'm gonna go back here oh see so there's a little pop-up that says you know don't go that kind of thing I'm gonna exit out I'm gonna go back here let's check out another one just to give you a different example right so this is another one it's called the two week diet plan by brian flatt and this one has a sales price of twenty four dollars isn't Eva but there is a rebill okay that means there is a there is a possibility for you to generate recurring income every single month that's what you want okay now the recurring income is twelve dollars it's actually very cheap you know these products so let's do the same thing I'm gonna go in here I'm gonna promote it I'm gonna get my hoplink you already know how to do this ctrl C so I'm gonna just kind of go through this quickly I'm gonna press control V drop my hop link in here press enter and let's have a look at what what this looks like so this is basically what this one looks like same thing there's a bit of a you know there's a title on top and then the video starts okay so that's kind of how it works right now some of them have like you know more of a sales letter and you can see these are testimonials of people there's you know before-and-after shots you know these generally work quite well there's some features and benefits of what you get with the product more before and after shots which are pretty nice right and then it tells you what you get you get the diet handbook you get an activity handbook a motivational handbook more before-and-after shots you know a bit about about the author brian flatt and then you know the people that are joining it then the 60-day money-back guarantee right and then here it is okay so this is how people can buy now I'm gonna click on it just to show you what it looks like and when you go inside this will be the click funnel sorry the click Clickbank checkout right and there is a risk back money-back guarantee and then basically they can fill it in and they can pay here now it's as simple as that right and again when you buy then you make a small commission okay so I'm gonna go back here again so that's kind of how Clickbank works okay now here's the problem though with Clickbank it's actually really really simple to do this and but the problem is is that a lot of people don't make money with Clickbank because they don't understand that is not just about driving traffic to your hoplink okay it's it's not as simple as that so I'm gonna kind of kind of draw it out for you right so this is what most people will do okay I'm gonna call this amateur because people don't really know how to to get results with Clickbank this is what a lot of people do they they drive traffic directly to their hoplink okay and and what happens here is this will generally convert at maybe half a percent okay now why is it so low well it's because you know the Internet has been around now for quite a long time right and because it's been around for such a long time people have seen offers left front and center every single day okay so when you drive traffic and how to make money on clickbank traffic could be you know anything from it could be solo ads it could be you know it could be SEO it could be Facebook you know it could be so many different strategies this could be YouTube right so lots of different ways actually generating you know traffic to your hop link right to your clickbank link but the problem is is when people see it because the game getting bombarded so much by different offers and opportunities every single day if they've get you know very they get very used to offers now like if this was 15 years ago when you know the internet was first starting getting big then maybe people would have bought but this is a very very bad way of actually you know generating sales in Clickbank it doesn't work I mean think about it if you are getting half a percent of a sale that means you sent a hundred people to your website only half a person would buy that's why people are going broke okay that's why a lot of people are not making money on Clickbank because they don't really understand how to do this properly okay now people started to get a little bit smart and then they started using the okay so I'm gonna change this a little bit okay this is actually the newbie I would say this is the newbie people have no freaking idea how to do it at all right then it's the amateur I would say sorry I'm just gonna get the right color here and gee you are okay so amateur version this is how people do it they drive traffic same thing from solo ads SEO facebook youtube linkedin whatever it is and now they capture it on in a capture page okay so let's see capture page right and then they drive it to the hop link okay now what is a capture page now a capture page is basically a website that you own it's a little like a square box that has some sort of value in the front and it asks your prospects for an email in exchange for something for free so maybe you're giving them a free report so for example in this in this example we're talking about weight loss right so maybe on your capture page you might have something that says hey if you want to learn how to lose 30 pounds around your waist I'm gonna give you a free report all you have to do is enter your email address in here and I'm gonna send that free report to your email okay and then people do that they enter the email address and then they see the hop link basically the weight loss offer this offer right here straightaway that's kind of how it works okay they see the diet plan for example right okay I'm gonna pause it there so that's kind of how this system works right now a lot of people are doing this I would say the vast majority of people online are doing this now this converts at 1% okay so if you're doing it this way you're not really making that much money at all in fact you're you're probably gonna be struggling big-time okay again same thing it's a little bit better than driving traffic straight to the hoplink but not that much better okay because what people tend to do here is they actually collect the email right they send them to the hoplink directly but then they bombard them every single day with the same sales message they just keep saying the same thing hey want to learn to lose weight do it here hey when I learn to lose weight do it here hey when I learn to lose weight do it here and of course that kind of messaging it gets old right and people don't want to buy from you okay so what you need to do instead is you need to add you need to add a lot of value and and and how you do that is you actually do this okay so I call this a pro method right so I'm gonna show you how to do this right now so you drive traffic okay directly to the capture page so it's the same thing right in the beginning okay I'm gonna call this CP all right so you want to be capturing leads all the time anyway okay and then from the capture page what you want to do then is you want to actually lead them to something called the value series now I call this a value series okay this is something that I learned from someone else but I've coined this term because this is the way that I do it and this is a slight tweak that I have on the process right so I'm gonna actually I'm gonna hold on one second value series and then that leads to the hop link okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna make this blue because this is very very important and I'll talk about exactly what this is and you won't believe how much this converts by okay if you do this right this can convert a 20% or more okay it's it's in it's an insane strategy all right so what is a value series okay so this is how it works right first of all what you're doing is you're driving traffic it's exactly the same to your capture page that you own you give your prospect something for free in exchange for the email address in the niche market that you're trying to that you're trying to build so let's just say it's weight loss so maybe you offer them a free report right and then instead of them seeing the Clickbank offers straightaway you build something in the middle called the value series now what is the value series all the value series is is a series of maybe three or four videos that you create okay on the topic that people are opting in for so for example if they're opting in for weight loss what you want to do is you want to learn maybe three or four main things that you can give advice on to your prospects coming into your into your website right so the value series all it is is it's a video or three videos and in each video maybe the first video you talked about the three different foods that they can eat every single day that will help them to lose weight and then in the second video you talked about the three body weight exercises that they can do right now they can do it from home they don't even have to go to the gym that will help them lose weight okay and then the third thing and then the fourth thing right very very simple now at the end of each video you basically leave your Clickbank link so that they can check it out if they want to learn more information so imagine this they come they go from the traffic to your landing page they come to the value series the first video you're there on on-camera you know you just take a quick little youtube video with your Samsung on your iPhone or your or your video camera or whatever it is you give them advice it you know maybe three or five minutes make a quick little video you're giving them advice and then at the end of the video you say something like hey if you like that advice I want to show you where I learned that information and you can click on the link right below this video and your get more information on that product right and then you leave your hop link there and then they click on it and then they go to it and a lot of people will buy right now they might not buy the first time as your value series moves on from the first video to the second video to the third wheel to the fourth video what what's happening is you're giving them so much value so they're getting to know like and trust you right and eventually they're going to buy right and if you do this properly you're going to convert at way way higher than any other Clickbank market out there okay and that's actually how it's done can you see how this way would work a lot better than the amateur and the newbie way right and the cool thing is is that because you have the email address anyway what you can do is even if the value series doesn't convert them you can follow up with them every few days every two or three days do a broadcast to your email list and you can instead of sending them straight back to the hoplink you can add lots of value okay so you can do a broadcast broadcast so broad cast right and you can send them value-based emails okay every two to three days all right and by doing that what you're doing again is you're teaching them something really interesting and new about you know weight loss or whatever niche market you're in and then you lead them back to the hop Ling and that's how it works okay now if you do this properly I promise you that you're gonna get some amazing conversions in your business okay let me know what you thought in the comments below you know have you actually tried this because I think that if you try this you're gonna get some amazing results inside of your business okay let me know in the comments below what you think and hey here's the thing okay if this is interesting to you if you've got some aha moments going right if you want to learn a little bit more about how to do this properly I want to show you how to do that okay so if you want to learn in depth how to build a value series if you want to see how I was able to take you know my affiliate marketing business that I've been growing over the last nine years from failure to success I want to show you how to do that okay all you have to do to get access to that information to learn how to build a value series is click on the link right below this video you see a little link there when you click on it it's going to lead you to my website go ahead and enter your best email address in there and check your emails because I'm gonna share with you some free training it's gonna be over the next three to four days on how to build a very powerful affiliate marketing business with Clickbank or with something else whatever you want and it's gonna show you how to be profitable and build a really powerful value series okay so I hope you enjoyed this information today make sure you go out and use it because I promise you if you do it's gonna help you build a very profitable business online this is Erin Chen I hope you enjoyed this training today and I'll speak to you very soon take care

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