How to start and make money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Hi everyone Attan here hope everything is well with you today i'm gonna walk you through step-by-step how to get started and earn some money as an Amazon affiliate now what i really like about Amazon is that they have thousands of products to promote

They have everything under the sun actually, all from that toothbrush to coffee machine they lawnmower gardening tools books of course , there are really a lot of products to promote and the cool thing also is i don't have to hassle with shipping or have them in stock or anything like that because amazon will take care of that so a m i think it's time to get behind the scenes and then i'm going to walk you through as i said before step-by-step how to get started okay so here i am at Amazon's main site you have to scroll down to the bottom where it says uhbecome an affiliate now if you haven't already registered for an account you should do so and you have to wait to get approved i think it's uh around twenty four hours of something like that and after that you get approved you come here i have already logged in and that there is a lot of options now how you can start to find products to promote, you could go directly let's see we could pick a book get things done and you click here to get the link if you want to you could browse for a product through the categories here but my favorite option is i go actually back to amazon and you see i click this little sidebar that comes here and you see there is a link to this page so i'm let's say we go here from the main site here's the cool thing you could actually go and promote uh the main site also if you want to so everyone that goes thru your link to the main site and bye anything here you get a commission you see that i have a link to this page here so all you have to do is you grab that code and you paste it where you want to promote the amazon site but uh

let's be more specifically here to show you some options we go for get things done Now i could promote all these books and send anyone here to this site

but we go for this book because i'm going to insert it in my web site so you click link to this page there you have it and uh you see there is some options here there is text and image, there's text only and image only I go for text and image here to see some options i could hide the border or show the border use larger or smaller image show all prices i could actually tweak the background-color here if i want to

this looks cool so you highlight the html and all you have to do is you copy the code let's go to our site we go for the appearance widgets go to the primary sidebar i pick a text widget here and i paste that code that i took from Amazon i click save let's visit the site

There you have it Now when everyone who comes to to these site and sees this banner and goeshere to bye this book

you will get the commission it's pretty simple and there are a lot of other options here that you could search for your book and there is even some widgets they have the carousel that is spinning around and a lot of stuff here but i think this is uh one of the better versions if you have a blog you just go ahead and

paste this link here so every time someone comes to the site and wants to buy the book, they go here as i showed you befroe there is my affiliate link and they buy the book and you will the commission

Alright pretty cool huh so now all you have to do is to create your amazon associate account and decide which product you want to promote get that affiliate link and drive traffic to that affiliate link Okay if you liked the video just go ahead and click the like button below or share it with a friend of yours and if you haven't already subscribed to my newsletter make sure you do so You'll find the link below so go ahead now and talk to you soon

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