How to promote clickbank products using bing ads (edited for 2018)

Hello, welcome to this video, my name is KC I'm both a clickbank affiliate and also an online Instructor to teach people how to promote clickbank products

So in this lesson, I want to share with you some tips on how you can use bing ads to promote clickbank products without a website Ok, yes, you hear me correctly, bing ads still work perfectly well promoting clickbank products by using direct linking techniques but you need to make sure you follow some of the criteria that I am going to mention in this video So number 1, just want to share with you what is direct linking Direct linking is when people go to bing ads and search for something, then they will see an advertisement so when they click on the advertisement, they will be directed straight to the clickbank product via your affiliate link so the advantage is you don't need to have a website, it is very fast to setup, the disadvantage is that there is no leads capturing Ok, so let me do a demo

So right now I am at bing ads so if I search for learn yoga You can see that there are advertisement appearing over here one two three four, four advertisements So what we are going to do is that we can advertise here about clickbank product so when people click on this link they will straight away redirected to the clickbank product So that is how it works, the advantage of using bing ads is because it is affiliate friendly and it also acquired yahoo search marketing so if you advertise in bing, your advertisement will also show in yahoo and the cost per click is very very much cheaper as compared to google adword Ok, so now let me share with you the first criteria which is gravity, you need to select a product of gravity between 1 to 60 and cannot be too popular

Ok you see, the most common mistake that most people make is they go and select the most popular product and promote that The thing is, the more popular is this product, the more competitive is when you advertise on bing ads Let me show you an example, so right now I am on cbengine where you can find a list of clickbank products to promote I have already sort this table according to gravity so if you take a look at this list you can see the top product under the health niche is 215, which in my opinion is too high for you to select this product to promote via bing ads and lets take a look at this product – eat stop eat, it has a gravity of 91, so the higher the gravity the more popular that a lot of affiliates are promoting I don't encourage these products because they are above 60 and it is very competitive and I want to show you how competitive it is

If you go to bing, you type in 'eat stop eat' it is a program on clickbank You can see that there is so many affiliates advertising this product Take a look, one two three four five six The first page alone there are six affiliates advertising this product! So I strongly discourage you to select anything that is above 60 and I have very good results selecting very low gravity product you just need to make sure that the landing page can capture the attention of the visitors Ok, so after gravity, criteria number 2 is to avoid video-only sales page

Ok it is very common nowadays that you see a sales page that make up of only a video Let me show you an example This is one of the clickbank product and if you go to the sales page which is this one, there is only a video and nothing else on this page So I highly discourage you from advertising this kind of sales page on bing ads because when people click on advertisement, they may not be expecting to view a long video, they may just want to read the information that they want and decide to buy of leave the website So unless they have a video and also at the end they have a chunk of text describing their product then you may go ahead to promote

But if it just a video, I would suggest you move on to select another product Ok, so that's criteria number two, criteria number three is bing ads doesn't allow you to promote any sales page with exit popup so means when you try to close the browser, it popup a window and ask you to stay or leave this kind of technique is strictly discourage by bing ads so if you promote such sales page, bing ads will ban your campaign and eventually ban your account if you do this too often Ok, to show you what I mean this is a sales page from clickbank promoting one of the diabetes product so when I try to close this window, you can see that it popup asking do you want to leave this website So I will click leave or stay So things like this is not allowed in bing ads if you found a product that has this kind of exit popup, I would suggest that you either select another product or go to the affiliate resources page to find if there is any pay-per-click friendly version of the sales page

Most products, if they are getting sales, they would have an alternate sales page that is ppc friendly, you can also contact the vendor if you want to find out if there are other versions available So this is a tip for you Ok, so number four criteria is solve an urgent problem, you want to promote a product that solve an urgent problem and not to just solve a problem that people can wait The reason because when people goes to search engine and type in their problem, they are actually looking for a solution to solve their painful problem, so things like get rid of my headache, shoulder pain, back pain these kind of urgent problem would give you a better results if you are promoting these kind of product So when you are promoting or selecting a product to promote, think of is this an urgent problem, so when people comes to this sales page, they would want to buy it now? If not, I would suggest that you look at products that solve a more urgent problem

Ok, the last criteria that I want to share with you in this video is try to promote product with less than $50 Based on my experience, products with more than $50, people tend to think longer so that's why they don't just click buy there and then So if you are using direct linking strategy, your main income comes from when people click your advertisement and buy then! Ok, so if they leave the web page, then that's it! What you have spent will not be returned, so I would suggest that you start by promoting products with less than $50 to improve conversion rate, cos one of the costly mistake that people make when they promote clickbank products is that they go for high end product that would make them hundreds of dollars in commission but the thing is this kind of product is not suitable to be promoted via direct linking because people may not be expecting to spend so much when they first click on an advertisement Ok, so understanding from the searchers' point of view when they land on your sales page that you are promoting is very very important! Ok, so I believe that you have learnt a lot in this video and if you want to learn to promote clickbank products without a website, I have a complete course over at the following I will put down a link in my description and I will offer you some discount after you clicked the link and if you have questions about this video, you can just post in the comments below

I wish you all the best in your clickbank affiliate marketing Thank you!

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