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Hey my friend, Jayden Johnson here from smashmediocritycom, and today I'm going to show you how to make your first affiliate sale right now

It's a really really simple method to follow So, watch this and then just copy me straight afterwards with your own product for your own niche Let's go First of, what you want to do is find your product to niche I'm sure you might have heard of Clickbank

If you haven't, it's an affiliate marketplace where you can find a ton of products And you can get an affiliate link so that you can promote each product Now, obviously, you want to choose the ones that are within your niche If you don't know what your niche is, these are some great examples Don't just pick a niche because it's going to make you money

For example, if you're someone who wants to make money online, that doesn't mean choose the make money online niche Because a lot of people do that and they don't have a clue what they're doing They make all of their money from trying to teach which doesn't make sense because you can't teach something until you do it for yourself Find a niche that works For example, if you're someone who watches my channel, you probably saw [inaudible 00:01:00] like self development, personal development

So, you could use education products, you could choose self help Self help is quite big niche A lot comes into it But let's just say we're going to go for self help Then you can search by gravity because these ones are typically selling a lot better

I'm just going to choose which one has a good average sale $107 is pretty good for an average sale Let's have a quick check We're just going to check what the product is Manifestation Miracle, all right, manifestation miracle, it's about law of attraction I'm guessing The manifestation stuff This isn't really my niche, but Oh wait, what is it saying? I can't hear it, okay Well, let's just say for example, this was my niche Say for example, I'm into self help and the law of attraction A lot of people actually have a friend who's into law of attraction niche for his YouTube channel

You could use this product for example Now, what I recommend is, always buy the product yourself first and verify that's a good product before you go becoming an affiliate Don't promote products that are crap because then people are going to buy it once and they'll never listen to your recommendations again So, find a good product, buy it for yourself, and if you want to be really cheeky, buy it and then refund it That way you don't actually have to buy it by it

Buy the product to verify it Obviously, I haven't done that now but, let's say I wanted to promote this product and this one was to be my affiliate product because people make an average commissions of $107 I'm guessing this upsells on this What you'll want to do then is go back to Clickbank, click on promote, and then you'll get a code So, create

Oops did I not promote affiliate nickname? Sorry, one second Oh, I didn't put my name in You obviously have an account

Sorry, just explain what just happened there I hadn't put in my nickname My nickname is my account name, so you have to put in your account name

Obviously, you can't just go to Clickbank and start promoting, you have to have an account Then it will give you an affiliate link that you can use to promote this This top link and this one will be if you want to put it on your website or if you want to embed it But we're just going to use this top link, that's the promotion link You copy and paste that

Now, obviously, you've got to find a way to promote the product You can't just put the link out on your Facebook post and expect people to buy it Good way to do it is a tool that I use called Morning Fame This will help people find your YouTube videos Now, before you go, "Whoa, whoa, I don't make YouTube videos

" All you have to do is give people advice Give people a product review, give people an insight and you can promote a product This is the easiest way to get your first commission because you don't need a list or anything like that You just need to rank a video YouTube is owned by Google who is the world's largest search engine

So, if you put out what people are searching for, they'll find your video, find your value, and find your affiliate link Let's say for example, that product was what, Manifestation Miracle, that was a law of attraction That's about manifestation I could put Now, Morning Fame is a cheap tool that I'm going to show you how to use and then you can get it for free to start off I think there's a free trial of like 14 days Let's say, how to manifest, is the video I wanted to make, how to manifest Now, this tool is really useful because it's going to tell you whether your video will rank or not

I did a tutorial on this yesterday So, I'm not going to go too much in detail you can't find So, basically it's saying that I'm going to really struggle to rank for how to manifest because; one, people aren't searching for it That's what the big X is, and I get Fs in all categories apart from the relevancy score What I want to do is find suggestions on what I can rank for

If I said, how to manifest The Text I do slightly better than that Okay, there you go So, I could make a video on how to manifest a text, or how to manifest a Job how to manifest a Job, that's something more people probably search for I'm guessing

I didn't really check the search goal This tick means people are searching for it That 30 there, that means that's the search score You can see, with this tool, you need to get at least a D on all four metrics So I've got minimum of a D

That means I can rank for this now The way to go about ranking is to then optimize Imagine I wanted to make a video on how to manifest a Job and in the end of this video, I'm going to then promote my affiliate link for this manifestation product I'm going to assume you can use this to manifest a job That's why I said, buy the product first, because I need to know that it does actually do that

So, imagine, I've bought the product, I've tested it, and I go, "Wow, people could use this to manifest a job I could make a video on that" Then, I've gone to Morning Fame, proven that I can also rank for this because I've got a minimum of a D in each category and an A for relevancy, which means that I can get high relevance score Now, I'm not to bore you with the details, because I have got a video on this, on how to rank your videos I made that yesterday, so, you can go check that out

This video at the top only has a 24% relevance score That means that I could beat this video in terms of being more relevant Because if you go to YouTube, people rank for how to manifest a Job People get sorted based on relevance So, the first video that's going to come up is the most relevant videos If you're the most relevant and you get 100% relevancy score, you're going to have more chance of being the first video that shows up More people see you, more people click on your affiliate link

That's how it works A good way to know that your video will actually be worth targeting as well before we go into optimizing it is, there's a keyword tool called Keywords Everywhere If you notice, when I type in things on YouTube, it tells me the search volume Look, 210 searches per month That's not bad

Because if you think if you get 210 views per month, and you get about 10% conversion is pretty good But if you've got 10% conversion on one YouTube video, you're getting about 20 sales per month just on that product So, that's huge That's really good You want to make sure that there's good volume

So, you can use the keyword tool, it's called Keywords Everywhere You can use that as a plug in Once you've done that, you can verify that it's worth making the video I've now found that this has 210 searches per month you can see there, 210 per month, so I know it's worth making

Now, I can optimize it by choosing my video for step four That means that the title is good, it's got 40 of 40% Now, this has zero 20 Put that in there Put the title again in there

It's even more relevant Now, the description has a 20 out of 20 relevancy score All I have to do is improve my tags and then improve the relevancy score using that I could use, how to manifest a Job, and it gives you a lot of suggestions as well; how to manifest a Job fast, how to manifest a Job you want You can see my relevancy score is going up higher and higher

Now it's at 100% I could add these ones as well Then it's slightly over the limit for how many words I can use So, I'll just take some out Obviously, you do this a lot neater than this, but the whole video is not about YouTube ranking, is about getting your first sale

So, I just want to show you This video now is ranking more than the average video and the gateway video Again, the gateway video, I've explained it in another video So, I'm not going to go into that now, this video is about making a sale Once you've done that, you'll make a description

Obviously, your description will be longer than this Your video description is not just going to be, how to manifest a Job You could put, you are now watching how to manifest a Job That way, you still got the title in the description And now you can obviously put more information beneath it still using the keywords that you put in this video

In this video I'm going to show you Then blah blah blah, write your description out You want to make sure that your affiliate link is somewhere people can see it You make the video, give mega value maybe how you've manifested a job, maybe how other people have done it, give some advice, give some tips Then say, a great product I recommend for doing this is Manifestation Miracle

Then that affiliate link that we copied earlier but I don't have now I'll have to find that again because I remember where I've put it There it is Then that affiliate link we have just put it in the description Now, when we come to make the video, we'll just copy all of this to the clipboard so when we're uploading the video, that will be my title, that would be my description, and these will be my tags

That's going to give me a great chance of ranking for this So then more people will find the video, more people will watch the video, more people will get the value, and then more people will be likely to click on the affiliate link and buy my product That is an easy way to get your first sale You can make your first sale on the day you upload, the day after, the same week It's that simple

That really is it It's that simple It's a few steps So, you can go and do that for yourself If you've liked this video, feel free to give it a thumbs up, share it with someone who you think might benefit from it

There's tons of people that want to know how to do affiliate marketing So, feel free to share it Subscribe for daily tips on entrepreneurship, online business and personal development Also, check out the link in the description on how to start an online automated business, because that's going to be really useful for you if you want to become an affiliate or you want to make passive income And I'll see on the next video

Stay awesome my friend, talk soon Thanks for watching If you enjoyed this video, and see yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur, or maybe you want to get into the online space and generate passive income but you don't know where to start Go to the link below this video, I'm giving away free advanced training on how to build your very own automated online business So, click the link below and grab yours now

Talk soon

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