How To Make Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing (No Experience Needed)

hey what's going on YouTube so in today's video I want to talk about how to make your first hundred dollars with affiliate marketing now this is exactly what I did to make my first 100 my first thousand two thousand even three thousand dollars per month with affiliate marketing so I'm gonna be going over a couple different things in this video this is how most people do it on how I did it and just some tips for when you're getting started so this is how most people think they need to do it so they try to advertise right from the get-go they create ads and in-depth sales funnels to send people through now most of the time they end up breaking even or losing money they end up breaking even if they're lucky honestly because they don't really know a lot of the things that go into play into their niche so trying to advertise and spend a lot of money on ads from the beginning can cause you to lose money or break even now this usually happens for two reasons and that's because you know it's a take-take-take mentality if you're just getting started you want to make your first affiliate Commission you want to make your first hundred dollars and usually just thinking about take take take and it kind of causes a disconnect when you're trying to make your affiliate Commission but if instead you go give give give and go with that mentality you'll most likely be able to make your first Commission a lot of this is a mental game and it's something that a lot of people don't really talk about but yeah just try to switch from take take take to give give give and you'll probably start seeing a little bit more coming in and you probably see your first Commission start coming in your first hundred and probably even your first thousand or two thousand dollars now the second reason this happens is because people don't usually understand their niche and the markets needs desires fears and goals and this is big because you know when you're writing your ads you're able to craft an ad for your target audience for your target person and you know them better than they know themselves and if you're just getting started in the niche and you haven't really talked to anybody in there or you haven't really done your research it's a little bit harder to understand the person and understand their needs and desires and their fears and goals so it'll be harder to create an ad for those people and actually have it convert on the front end and on the back end alright so here's how I did it and here how I would recommend you do it if you're just getting started with the Philly marketing so first is to go ahead and create a niche YouTube channel now it doesn't matter what the niche is as long as it falls under one of the big three which are health wealth and relationships people are constantly moving in and out of these niches which means that they'll always be evergreen and there will always be space for you to make some money especially some affiliate commissions within these niches now up next you want to post content about your niche you want to make sure to not really hold back on your videos and your content now this goes back to the give give give mentality rather than take take take of the rest bra you're basically just using the reciprocity bias here and if people see that you're constantly giving constantly giving you're giving away free stuff or there'd be a really cool lead magnet or a really cool video that teaches them how to do something don't most likely do something back and return for you whether that be like your video or comment on your video so it shows up even higher in YouTube search and other people will find that and hopefully you'll make some money off of that or they might even go ahead and purchase from your affiliate link so it's a win-win if you're doing a give give give rather than just take take take now you also want to make some of the content either a review or a how-to about two to three products that your audience would buy you know just do some research in your niche and see what the top selling products are will there be physical products or info products and just do a review or a how to use them it doesn't matter if it's a blog or if it's a video or if you want to do both most of the time people on videos will go ahead and click on some sort of guide or follow along blog post and within the blog post you can then even have your own affiliate links to the products now once people start watching and engaging with your videos don't naturally click on the links and this is how all the big channels do it especially how the tech channels do it if you go on any tech channel don't always have an affiliate link off to Amazon or some other platform which hosts the products that they used for the channel and what they're reviewing on their channel currently whether it be a camera or a software that they used to record their videos or just anything else that they're reviewing in video and if you say consistent with this and you post even two to three times per week I guarantee that you will make your first hundred dollars probably within the first two months and then from there just keeps on snowballing and snowballing and getting bigger and bigger until you start making a couple thousand dollars or even five figures per month with affiliate marketing now if you're just getting started and you're starting a YouTube channel there's two ways that you can go so the first way that you can go is have a personal brand just go full-out garyvee just document document just create a whole bunch of content and just keep on posting content and putting it out there and have it be your face on camera or you can also go just screen share video route and not have to show your face on camera now obviously both of these work and when I just when I was getting started my you screen share videos because I didn't really want to show my face on camera but if I were to recommend a way to go so that you can focus on this long term and now just try to make some money short term I would recommend going personal brand and showing your face on camera just so that you can grow your channel and you can you can start doing affiliate marketing at first but after a couple of months or after even a year you can start selling your own products and you can leverage your brand for other things and make you know you can even make a little bit more money rather than just having to focus on affiliate marketing if you were doing screen share videos because if you were doing screen share videos that's pretty much all you'd be limited to but you know I've seen some people do screen short videos only not show their face and they're still doing extremely well they're probably doing mid five figures per month with their affiliate marketing business so just to know that you can take this either way and still be successful with both but if I were to recommend a way to go it will definitely be starting your own personal brand and having your face on camera now here's some tips when getting started with affiliate marketing and creating a YouTube channel so first office to pick a high ticket or a recurring affiliate offer the reason is that you don't have to get as much traffic and as much people clicking on your link and buying your product in order to make the same amount of money so if you can find the product that gives you a hundred or 200 or even $500 per affiliate commission that's what I would definitely recommend start getting started with or you know if you can't find any high ticket offers in your niche I'd recommend looking for a recurring affiliate offer so if you do get some person to sign up for you know a month and then they go to two months in three months you'll be making more off that customer off the long term rather than always having to keep on consistently finding new customers and new people in order to purchase your product and your affiliate product in order to be making a Commission then up next you also want to offer an insane bonus or a bonus package you just want to make them an offer that they can't refuse just take a page out of the Godfather here and just create an insane bonus package so if they do see your affiliate offer and they do see that you know they can purchase the products from you they're definitely going to get it from you because they can't get the bonuses that you're offering literally anywhere else then you know you want to get good at and master how to drive free traffic and this will make it a lot easier for you when you start with paid traffic if you can master free traffic at sending that over to your videos and start making Commission's with that you get to understand your customer better you become a better marketer and when it's time to start with paid traffic you waste less money than if you were just getting started with paid traffic right from the get-go because you already know what converts and you already know your niche in and out better than they know themselves so you can write insane ad copy and get those conversions sky-high and instead of breaking even or losing money on your affiliate offers on the front end you'll actually be making money so that you can grow your business exponentially in the months to come and you also want to stay consistent with it this is a problem that I've had in the past but the more consistent I stay with what I'm doing the more I end up making if I fall off the path that I'm currently going on then I could see my income start going down and you know just everything just starts going down with it so just make sure to stay consistent with it even if you're only posting two videos a week make sure that you're posting those two videos a week on let's say Monday and Thursday or if you want to go every day just make sure to stay consistent that to see what's realistic for you and realistic for your schedule and try to stick with it and then you also want to create similar content to what the big players in your market are posting and also focus on current events and big news headlines because those will drive more traffic over to your channel and over to your videos and give you more of a chance to make money with your affiliate products and with your affiliate commissions and just everything else anyways guys I'm gonna cut the video off here that's it for today's video I hope that you guys enjoyed it and if you did go ahead and leave a like and if you have yet make sure to subscribe and if you have any questions or comments at all feel free to leave them down below in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible anyways guys I'll see you in the next video

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