How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step (The Guru’s Won’t Teach You This!)

going on everybody Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably doing some research online about how to make money using Clickbank step-by-step okay so over the next few minutes I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that all right and I'm gonna take you through the process what to do what not to do and then I'm gonna make a recommendation at the end if you really want to learn this stuff properly okay so first of all I'm on a Clickbank right now right so Clickbank calm Clickbank is obviously the biggest affiliate market place in the world the cool thing about it is all you need to do is go to a fillip marketplace and you can literally just find a whole bunch of different niche markets that you can market in how to make money with clickbank step by step right so cooking ebusiness fiction games green products weight-loss products anything you want pretty much okay so let's look at the weight loss niche okay and let's see how this actually works so if I come to the weight loss niche these products here I'm gonna try and zoom in a little bit how do we do this oh I can't do this okay all right well let's just work with what we have this one is about lean belly breakthrough this one is about truth about ketogenic diet which is really really popular right now right and this is sorted by popularity okay if you want you can sort it by gravity and all gravity is is that the higher the gravity the higher the more sales the product is actually doing okay that doesn't necessarily mean that the product is good it just means that they're doing well in sales and the sales funnel is probably pretty decent okay but it doesn't make it doesn't mean that the product is good it just means that they're doing a good job of selling the product it's really really popular okay now let's look at lean belly breakthrough for example if I wanted to promote this I would just click on promote literally just like that okay I would put in my account nickname so you would have to set up a free fake Clickbank account I'm not gonna show you how to do that it's very very easy okay and then up here there is something called a hot link and all you have to do is promote this hot link now how it works is if somebody sees this hop link right so I'm gonna show you what this looks like right now this is the sales page of lean belly breakthrough it's gonna look like this okay so I'm gonna let it load and I'm gonna let you watch it for like two seconds and you'll see how this works look at me anymore don't you find me attractive okay so this is the sales page of this particular product right now you would only choose this product if you're in the weight loss niche for example and you want to resell this product now what happens is usually a lot of these programs will have a video and then at the bottom maybe after five or ten minutes when the video is done there will be a Buy button and when somebody buys that Buy button then you make a sale and you make a commission okay now depending on the product every single product okay will have a how to make money with clickbank step by step different amount of commission sometimes it's 50 percent sometimes the 60 percent of this is 70 percent it depends on the program alright and it's as simple as that that's all Clickbank is okay that's all affiliate marketing is now I'm going to show you something that will really shock you and this is the reason why a lot of people aren't making any money on a Clickbank okay so this is the reason why people okay I'm gonna change this why people don't make money with Clickbank or affiliate marketing because it's basically the same thing if you're marketing on a Clickbank you are basically doing affiliate marketing that's all it is okay so this is what people do right now first of all you generate traffic okay now traffic can be generated from lots of different methods you can use you know SEO you can do blogging you can do YouTube videos you can use social media right so you can use your Facebook account for example to promote different articles or different stories different links right you can join groups and do that you can do banner advertising right you can do solo ads you can do pay-per-click marketing like Google Adwords you know Bing what else bid vert Iser I mean there's so there's so many ways to generate traffic right in social media influences right so people like Instagram who else Instagram snapchat and the Facebook YouTube for example okay these are lots of different strategies now this is the problem this is what people do they send all their traffic okay usually directly to and then people a little bit smarter these days they use a landing page which is fine okay but then they send them straight to the clickbank offer in this case right now it doesn't necessarily have to be the clickbank offer so this is your hop link right the website that little link that you saw earlier this is basically your specific hop link right they send traffic to a landing page the landing page collects the email so you're collecting the emails here right and you're you're collecting them in your what is called an autoresponder okay that's a piece of software that collects email addresses and you can follow up with people on a regular basis your building basically your email database pool which is great that's what you want to do right but then people make the mistake of sending their their traffic there leads directly to their Clickbank offer or their affiliate link affiliate offer whatever it is it doesn't matter Clickbank jvzoo CJ affiliate their own affiliate products it doesn't matter right now this is the reason why people aren't making any money online okay it's because everyone is doing this so imagine if they're how to make money with clickbank step by step millions of internet marketers online doing this exact thing that you see right here okay this is why people aren't making money on Clickbank the way that you have to do it instead is this okay so it's fine if you want you you can send traffic directly to your landing page collect your email and then you can send them to the Clickbank offer but realize that most people aren't gonna buy the Clickbank offer out right okay because people are seeing so many promotions online day in and day out day in and day out that what will happen is that they get desensitized and when you get desensitized you basically just don't buy anything right so if you send the right amount of traffic you might generate you know one or two sales here and there but you'll never get in profit okay because people just don't buy that way instead what you need to do is you could do it that way but in what you need to do after that okay this is what most people will do okay as soon as people get onto their autoresponder okay Auto responder let's just say people don't buy your stuff right they get onto your autoresponder and you email them automatically for the next few days right this is what people will do they will send them directly back to the clickbank hop link that's it that's all they do so as soon as someone lands on the landing page they opt-in they see the offer and then they get an email from you every single day sending them back to the same clickbank offer can you imagine that imagine if you're getting emails every day and it's sending you back to this exact page do you think you'd buy definitely not right because you're seeing the same crap over and over and over again just because somebody sees this more often doesn't mean that they're gonna buy it that makes sense right I mean this is pretty obvious stuff but unfortunately this is not very obvious to most people so they don't do this okay so and they just keep slamming and slamming and slamming and slamming and slamming that list and so what happens is this okay this is what happens so let's just say you've got a list now of let's just say you collected you spend lots of money on your traffic you collected emails which are leads right so emails equals leads okay and so your leads is basically your list right the same thing let's just say you've got on your list or the leads that you have let's call it leads okay that you have on your database let's say you get 1000 leads okay now if you're emailing these 1000 leads every single day but you're sending them back to the same sales page you're sending them back to this exact sales page what do you think is gonna happen to people that are how to make money with clickbank step by step opening your emails well this is what's gonna happen the open rate okay of your emails well we'll probably start at about I would say you would probably start at it's probably be pretty high I'll probably start at maybe eight percent initially and then your second email will quickly drop to five percent and then your next email will drop to three percent and then it would just hover at about two percent to one percent for the rest of time okay so imagine this right you've got a thousand leads that you spend good money on a good time on and only two percent of them actually open up your emails that means one two three I've got my calculator here right one thousand times two percent it means that only twenty people you see that twenty people every time you send an email are actually opening your emails and out of those twenty people the conversion rate is actually one percent okay so 20 times one percent 02 0

2 people so that's one-fifth of a human being will actually buy your stuff if you have a thousand leaves that is dire that is just dire okay now there are a lot of things that are going on here okay first of all your open rate should not be that low your open rate needs to be at least 15 to 20 percent or more now you can get there by adding lots of values so instead of sending people directly to this a fillip offer over and over and over again what you want to do is you want to do this okay you want to broadcast emails with value that's it that's the secret sauce okay value that means you teach them something valuable about weight loss if that's what your marketing if your marketing internet marketing then you teach them about internet marketing if you're you know in the dating niche make sure you give them tips on dating whatever it is okay you broadcast email to get them emails to give them a lot of value all right and the easiest way to do that is to create videos something like this like the video you're watching right now it could be your face it could be a PowerPoint it could be you know a big notepad where you're making notes it doesn't really matter okay but value is the way you're gonna get first of all your open rates up open rates up okay to 20% or more which means more people opening your emails and also will increase your sales closing rate to between I would say again five to five to fifteen percent okay sales conversion rate sales oops sales conversion rate okay if you can close five to fifteen percent of all people that are coming through your sales funnel you're gonna be in profit all right if you're only closing one percent which is industry average or less than one percent zero point two like we would like you saw earlier then you're gonna be in big big trouble okay so I hope that this kind of explains a little bit about how to actually make money through affiliate marketing through Clickbank and through any sort of selling products on the internet any sort of digital products online okay now you might be asking yourself well Erin where did you learn this stuff right well the thing is I've been online for a long time I've been online for nine years okay the first eight years I failed miserably right but over the last year or two I've generated hundreds of sales I've made tens of thousands of dollars inside of my business inside of my affiliate marketing business and a lot of it was through Clickbank okay now how did I learn that stuff well you got to learn this okay it's not something that you just pick up on on a YouTube video or something like that I mean this takes time and effort to learn I can't teach you this stuff in ten minutes on YouTube right you have to really go deep okay and if you're serious about learning how to do this properly then you have to invest okay you gotta invest time you have to invest money and you have to invest action into building this skill set alright because the only way that you're gonna get really good at this stuff is if you improve these things okay you need to improve your knowledge you need to know what tools to use you need to understand how to present okay and it doesn't matter it could be video format PowerPoint format you just have to understand the concept of presentation okay you have to understand marketing okay which is basically traffic right and you have to understand conversions okay so there's a lot of things that go into being being into being very successful with making money online affiliate marketing and selling on Clickbank okay and the one product that I've used to generate a lot of these profits okay I want to recommend it to you if that's what you want to check out okay completely up to you of course but if you want to see where I learnt this and how I was able to generate tens of thousands of dollars okay on the internet using Clickbank right you can click on the link right below this video right below this video there's a link right there it's gonna lead you to my website okay it's gonna ask for an email just make sure you enter an accurate email because I'm gonna be sending you the information and if the email is not right then you're gonna not gonna be able to see it okay and then on the next page you're gonna actually see the program that I'm using to actually have generated tens of thousands of dollars online alright and it's gonna teach you how to become really good at marketing Clickbank affiliate marketing products pretty much whatever you want alright and it's gonna cover all of these things right here okay this is the only way that you're gonna be able to do this if you think you can do this for free and you're just gonna surf YouTube all day maybe for the rest of your life but if I'm really sorry to be the one that to tell you this but it's it's just it just doesn't work that way alright you're not gonna be able to be successful that way you need a program to teach you how to do this stuff and go deep ok so if you're interested then you can click on the link below I hope you enjoyed this video today my name is Erin Chen I'll speak to you very very soon in another video take care

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