How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (Secret BONUS)

what's up you guys in this video I'm gonna be showing you how you can make $100 a day on Clickbank for free stay tuned if you want more videos like this where I show you how to make money online and be an entrepreneur and create their life for freedom smash that subscribers button alright now let's get into the video so the first step which is the first thing we're gonna create and so the first step is creating a Clickbank account you just go in there press create an account you fill fill out all the information that it asked you and then what there's a part where it starts asking you questions about your experience and P a lot of people are having trouble trouble with that and you just put answered the questions as if you have experience just put that yes I have experience on everything and you're gonna get approved and once you get approved you're gonna go into the back office and go into the marketplace so the step number two is number two is finding a finding and offer so you're gonna find an offer that you want to promote and it's going to be based on your niche so in today's video we're gonna talk about weight loss so in their weight loss niche a lot of people want to lose weight and you're gonna go to the marketplace go to health and fitness and you're gonna sort the results by gravity what that's going to do is bring the search where to where all the products that have been people have selling the most it's gonna put it at the top and you're gonna pick one of those because that's actually converting don't go to the bottom and I'm like 30 gravity or not actually that's not bad but like don't go under 30 you want to be 30 to like 70 that's that's the best range to be in so step number three is gonna be traffic now this is the most important because if you have a converting offer but you don't have any traffic well then it's gonna it's gonna be like a deserted island it's gonna be there but no one knows about it like a megan island there's a lot of islands that people haven't discovered so how are you gonna know about it if no one is going to that and actually telling other people about it so what your offer is is like a deserted island so you want to get people to that deserted island so they can see and maybe even purchase your product so what traffic source you're gonna use is you to now YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world number one mean Google YouTube it's all videos and people in this age like Manila Minnelli us Millennials don't like reading like like myself and like most of you guys so you're gonna start making videos now you don't have to put your face in it if you don't want to you can pictures and like voiceover it and what you're gonna do is go to a weight loss channel or a page that has a lot of views and subscribers and you're gonna go to their most popular video about weight loss and you're gonna watch that video and take as much information as you can from it and then repurpose that content and make your own so you're gonna make your own video you're gonna make your own video similar to the video that you just watched that has a lot of views and you're gonna put the same tags and almost the same title and everything and what YouTube is going to do is find similar videos like that video you just repurposed and it's gonna recommend them in the sidebar when you get into the sidebar if you have a like a clickbait title and a interesting thumbnail people are gonna be drawn to it so they're gonna click your video and they're gonna see some value in it if you're when you're giving value and what you're gonna do is in the description you're gonna say like I recommend this product if you want to take a shortcut and start seeing results like maybe next week or next month and that's free traffic all you do is like minimal work you just cop and you don't copy don't copy this plagiarizing all you do is tape them for me from someone else and then and then just reuse that information and put your twist on it and make your own video and oh you did that like I don't know how many videos it's gonna take but you just keep doing that and YouTube's gonna send more views to your videos and your videos are gonna have your product under the description and some people and you're gonna tell people that in the link below there's gonna be my recommended product if you want to see some results and get a faster get results faster so people are gonna see that some of them are gonna click and for theirs this is a bonus that if you want those views and those people that are clicking your Prada in your description if you want them to last longer as a customer you're gonna get their email address which is gonna which you're gonna create a capture page which is gonna get their email address and you're gonna give something away to them for free so they actually put it put in their email address so once they put your email that was once you get their an email address you're gonna start sending them offer value offer value offer value and some of them are gonna click on your emails and check it out if they haven't bought the first time they might buy the second time or the fourth time or that may be like the 50th time doesn't matter if they're still gonna buy it if they want it so that's my bonus for you and if you guys want more videos like this smash that subscribe button so I can keep making more videos like this and teaching you guys how you can make money online if you want to take a short to your success click the link in the description or it's going to take you to a page that's gonna show you how you can start your own online business and you're gonna learn a lot from that and by seeing this you guys in the next video

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