How to Make Money with Amazon Associates

hey there it's tyler with tyton media have you ever dreamed about making money while you sleep well with Amazon Associates that is possible Amazon does over a hundred and fifty million dollars in sales every single day if you can just grab point zero zero one percent of that that would be fifteen thousand dollars in Amazon sales or seven hundred fifty dollars in Amazon associate fees so that would equate to twenty two thousand five hundred dollars a month or two hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year in passive income in today's video I'm gonna show you how you can make four figures extra a month with Amazon Associates so what is Amazon Associates well it's pretty much an affiliate program for Amazon they give you a special link and you share that link online or wherever you can and if people buy through that link you will get the commission for that sale now it's also important to remember that if the person adds more stuff to their cart and buys it along with the product that you referred you will also get that commission as well so I would say about 60 percent of our amazon associate sales are from other products that were not actually referring but people happen to add them to their cart and we get a commission for that I know like the other day we had $1,000 order for like some sort of C&C machine so I mean that's $50 right there just super-easy you know we didn't even we weren't even pro in that product but we still you know got that money for that so Amazon associate has a different fee structure for all the different kind of products that they have but it's usually about 4 to 10 percent and now this matters on what you're selling they have a huge list right here we have of all their you know products and what that Commission structure is but we usually see about an average of 5 a lot of our Amazon associate stuff is generalized products and we kind of average them all out and we see about a 5% so that's about what you can expect to receive from Amazon so setting up an Amazon site an amazon associates site is pretty simple it's the work that you do after that is the hard part and the more work you're willing to do the more passive income you're gonna make so I'm gonna show you how you can set up a site and start making money online with amazon associates so first thing you have to do this is usually the first thing for any project is do research so it's really important to figure out what product you are going to you know what products product niche you're going to be selling or you know not actually selling but getting commissioned for and selling for Amazon and it's really important to pick the right niche to do because you know if you pick the niche of fidgets spinners let's say they're super popular and you know you could get a good volume of sales but they're only you know 10 15 bucks so you're gonna get like 50 cents for each one which is it's not worth your time so it's it's important to pick a product that is I would say above 50 dollars 50 to 150 because these have more Commission per product plus you know they're not too expensive where people aren't going to be buying them very much you could try and go after you know thousand dollars things two thousand dollar things you're gonna get a lot less sales but more Commission so you know it's kind of a balance there you know that you need to find with the product to make sure that there's you know it's its price to where most people can buy it but also not too low where you're you're getting screwed on your Commission's so I'm gonna show you some good tools that you can use to do some research really quick all right guys I'm going to show you how to do some real quick and dirty research here to figure out what Amazon product or niche that you want to start you know selling for Amazon so one thing to point out here and you know this is kind of my personal feeling if you you know if you're a good writer you can you know pick anything you want but I like to pick stuff that you know I'm somewhat passionate about because you're gonna be writing and you know doing videos and whatever else you're gonna be doing a lot of it so make sure it's something that you know you don't hate writing about and that it's something that maybe even you would be willing to you know go by and research and and review yourself with from the actual product to get you know an even better review but here we have the the standard program fees so this is important to look at because it has you know huge it has a huge factor in how much money that you're gonna make so you can see here the Commission's structure it's anywhere between zero to ten so you know like wine and video games probably aren't gonna be the best to to do because you're only getting one percent you know or zero percent two percent and that's just not gonna do it you know even though those are more expensive products like you know video games are what 60 bucks so you're only going to get one percent of that which is it's not very much you know so you want to kind of look higher on the scale you know tip there's ten eight seven you know Amazon fashion is ten percent so you know if you're wanting to write about fashion or review fashion stuff you know that's a great niche to pick cuz it's ten percent you just want to make sure that you are not doing just generalize Amazon fashion because there's thousands or millions of sites of people doing the same thing so it's gonna be a lot harder to rank so maybe pick you know a specific niche of clothing or you know type of clothing and you can that way we're gonna kind of look more in the middle here like around 7% so maybe something in this in this product category jewelry can be hard let's just look let's try luggage so let's copy luggage and let's go over here to this tool that you can find online it's sewn our – tool calm and it kind of tells you you know the popularity of a product so let's type in luggage and let's search for that so see you can see here that the search volume is it's based on like one to five on this site and it looks like it's searched for a good amount you know there's luggage luggage scale its locks luggage tags so you know these could be good things to start on maybe reviewing you know luggage locks and then you can kind of move up to just luggage in general and we can start reviewing you know specific kinds of luggage so here's some like products over here on the side click on one of these products over here and let's copy it and we're gonna go to Amazon and type that Aysen in there so okay so this is about seventy eight dollars so that's in our price range it's perfect you know we can almost get five we will get like almost five bucks for for each luggage item that we sell so that's pretty good you know if we can do you know a hundred of those a day that's a good amount of money so I think luggage is a great niche to pick and we can start you know reviewing all the different kinds of brands and there is a ton of different kinds of luggage too so definitely enough content there where we can you know be writing a lot and constantly be adding more content and reviews to the site so I think luggage would be a great niche and I think that's what we're gonna go with for this example so that's kind of how you do research just on a quick and dirty level you just one make sure that the that the market is there for that product and that people are searching for it so you know find a tool like this one or use this one where you can see if people are actually searching for the item that are you in a review and if you can see that there's a market there for that then it's a lot more likely you'll be able to rank for that that term or that product in Google okay so now that we have our our niche that we're going to to make our website about it's time to sign up to Amazon Associates so number two is sign up to Amazon Associates now there's a few things to note when you're signing up if you are signing up as a business you'll need to register a business and get an EIN and all that good stuff I took that talk about that and one of my other videos that you can find probably on the side over here if you're on YouTube or if you're on Facebook or Instagram you can check out my feet I have a video that shows you how to you know generate an LLC get a di N and that way you'll be protected as a business you can also sign up as just a normal sole proprietor it's not recommended for tax purposes if you're going to be making a good amount of money you know if you're gonna be making a couple hundred or more a month I would create a business to to put in here so that you can you can you know do write offs and you can get all those benefits of a business also your taxes will probably be lower for for this income than if you were to do it as a sole proprietor so once you're signed up to Amazon Associates and you're ready to go they give you a special little tag you can write that down or you know it's available on their website whenever you want to get it but just remember that that's your tag and you'll be putting that on anything that you refer to Amazon you want to put that tag on so next we're going to we're gonna go get the website started so we're gonna first we're gonna buy a domain so here's why it's important to do the research first so now we know that our our product that we're going to be starting the site on is luggage so that is important because now we can get that keyword in our domain name and you know that will give us a little extra push as far as good organic traffic and you know branding for the customers they know what the website is about so we're gonna try and we're going to look for a domain name that has luggage in it so you know something a good one would be like great luggage reviews calm or luggage centralcom something like that that includes luggage and it's not too long and you know somewhat easy to remember and when you find that you can buy it it's about ten dollars a year or so super cheap and once you have your domain name now we can set up our website so I'm not going to get super technical with setting the website up and all the domain name servers all that kind of fun stuff but you're going to get hosting there's plenty of good hosting companies out there and you are going to install a wordpress site on it now it's a little advanced for someone who's not you know super technical but it's still pretty simple to do most hosting companies now have like super easy one-click installers or you can install WordPress for you know just one click and it's installed super easy you shouldn't really have a problem here setting up a wordpress site and it's free to all you're gonna have to pay for is the hosting which is you know you can get decent hosting for like ten bucks a month and you want to make sure to stay away from like GoDaddy Bluehost all those they're their shared servers and they're super slow and that's the last thing that you want with website is for it to be slow so now we have our our niche picked out we're gonna so we're gonna review luggage and we have a luggage domain name and now we have the website set up so once we throw a good theme on that website maybe you know make a logo and put that on there we don't have to get super crazy about it people aren't as worried about design as long as it works on mobile and desktop they're not that much worried about design as good content so it's good as you can but just get it out you know it doesn't need to be perfect it's not gonna matter quite yet you still have a lot of work to do before you're gonna start seeing any customers come in or any users come in to your website so make sure that you just get it up and get it out and we can move on to the next thing and that's all the fun stuff it's the reviewing and the blogging so now you have to create really good content so a good example I like to give is to is to Google your your niche so what we're doing luggage so let's let's Google luggage reviews and see what happens and so we can Google of luggage reviews and we can look at the first few results and see what they are you know look at the length of the articles and you know if it's using pictures videos all that kind of good stuff and all you want to do is make a better review than that so the thing with Amazon Associates is to get super super fine-tuned you want to pick every product that there is and you want to review that product by itself so you know when someone's searching for reviews for luggage it's likely that they'll type in you know Samson a carry-on whatever luggage review now these long tail keywords are perfect for for what we're doing here and this is kind of the bread and butter of how you can make some great money with Amazon is getting really specific with each product so make sure you are not just reviewing you know maybe a line of luggage or whatever you're reviewing the actual each product and make sure that it's you know a really in-depth review have the pros cons what people like what they don't like images all kinds of stuff videos and it should be at least a thousand words but the longer that your article is or your review the more likely you're going to be in the first spot or the first page so statistics show that longer articles rank higher so that means that you need to make it as long as possible with being you know a good review now this is pretty much it this part though you know is the most important doing this weekly is the only way that you are going to start seeing some good monthly income with Amazon Associates it's going to take a while to get ranked in Google and you know all that good stuff start moving up Google so just keep working keep writing reviews I say try to do three to five a week and you know if you can just take like an hour three to five times a week and write a review you will start seeing some some really good traffic come in and you know you can refer this luggage to the visitors and you can get the money from that so that is pretty much how you can make some really great money some extra money with Amazon Associates just make sure that you are you know are working hard at it you have to you have to blog three to five times you know three to five times a week to see you know any sort of results in a few months so don't you know get discouraged if you write like a couple articles and no one comes it's gonna take a while to get rent there's also a few other ways that you can you know get traffic to your blog you can try you know social you can post some forums all that kind of stuff can get you some referral traffic but with Amazon Associates the best thing that you can do is get ranked in Google for you know high traffic search product terms because you can just start seeing a lot of volume come in off off that targeted Google traffic and you can make upwards of you know six figures a month if you if you can you know get a high traffic term or high traffic product ranked in Google so that's pretty much it if you have any questions about Amazon Associates please comment below I'll answer any questions that you have gladly and if you like this content be sure to follow me on YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram I'm always posting all kinds of different content on each of those social platforms on how to grow your business online thanks and have a great day

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