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they say content is king and they're right but content videos are better they rank quicker they stick they drive free targeted traffic to your websites to your offers or directly to your affiliate links and they work in any niche how do we know because we've been using content videos since 2015 look at this three years at the very top of Google and this 10,000 plus views on one content video for just a couple of minutes work and that's just the start these tiny little content videos pull in thousands and thousands of views on autopilot they rank and they drive free traffic without any maintenance so let me ask you do you need free targeted traffic traffic you can use in any niche if you said yes then let me show you how this works it starts with link to vid link to vid is a unique web-based app that turns any link or keyword into a fully formatted content video in seconds that's right I did say link or keyword you don't need anything else and it's as easy as 1 2 3 4 when you follow these steps step 1 enter a page link or keyword into the software you can turn any content based page into a video you can repurpose blog posts articles you name it just drop in the link and link to bid builds you a video or what about building a fully formatted content video from nothing more than a keyword link to videos that – simply enter a keyword and link to vid will extract the content from our huge database and deliver your new video in minutes step 2 this bid is optional but if you want to you can edit your video decide what goes where add one of our animated background templates there are dozens to choose from you can include images background music voiceovers and a whole lot more step 3 view your video using our in browser preview feature and then upload it directly to YouTube link to vid integrates with YouTube which makes the process fast and simple plus you can also download the video as an mp4 step four then SEO your content video with link to vid and just a few clicks of your mouse so your content videos rank fast and you start getting free targeted traffic sounds easy right well that's because it is this isn't rocket science but it works and it continues to work as you will see on the page below this video all you need is a link or a keyword and then link to Vedas the rest you can use linked of it to create upload share and SEO fully formatted content videos you can use linked of it to target and dominate any neesh you like you can start driving from targeted traffic today and it all takes literally minutes make sure you watch the demo video below to see just how easy and fast this app really is but there's more making and ranking content videos and minutes from links and keywords is pretty amazing all by itself but we have a few more tricks to share if you get access to link to vid today will also give you our own content video success formula remember we've been doing this since 2015 so we know what works if you want the kind of results you see below all you need to do is use link to vid with our formula so do you want to turn links and keywords into content videos and seconds do you want to see those videos ranked at the top of Google and stay there do you want our content video formula yes great then here's what you need to do now one read the rest of this page to check out the results 3 watch the software demonstration so you can see exactly how easy link to vid is to use then click the Buy button at the bottom of this page if you buy now you'll pay just once so no monthly payments plus when you get link to vid today you'll also get our personal content video formula the same formula we use to get the results you see on this page so you'll know exactly how to do what we do straight away start now before the price rises again you you

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