How To Make Money On Pinterest! ($100 Per Day)

and today's video guys I'm going to teach you how to make money on pinterest online using affiliate marketing and you don't need your own products this is gonna be a nice quick video and actually use this method myself when I first started my youtube channel that now has 70,000 sob scribers there's no you need to understand something about Pinterest so let's just move on to my screen here um well actually you need to understand something about the internet to make money you need two things you need traffic which in this case is going to be Pinterest Pinterest is going to be our traffic source and what we do is we get this traffic that we create from Pinterest and we send that to what we call offers which could be maybe a blog post a youtube channel or whether you want to send their traffic or it can be an affiliate offer and we can go out there and make commissions from these affiliate offers okay so that's what I'm gonna be showing you in this video today how to do that really simple it's nice and easy and the good thing about this method is once it's a bit slow at the start but once it gets the ball rolling it's a snowball effect and it just keeps accumulating accumulating and accumulating traffic over time and you can really build out this big Pinterest profile and start to make big commissions and you can easily hit a hundred dollars a day with this in due time once you start to get the ball rolling and I'm going to show you an example of what we've been using this for recently to build up a YouTube channel so guys first of all I used this method to actually grow my own Pinterest to 6,000 followers and right now it's getting 1k monthly unique visitors which is really really low when I was doing this all sent in thousands and thousands I haven't posted on this Pinterest for a while well 13 weeks ago but I haven't tried to grow this for a super long time but I use this exact same method to grow my channel to a massive amount of subscribers and they actually make money from all of these particular videos got an affiliate offer here I make money from this and I'll show you how we do this and then second my partner is actually using this method right now to grow her own YouTube channel which she started three weeks ago and she already has a hundred hundred subscribers and she's getting 5,000 monthly unique viewers on her Pinterest and then she links to her YouTube and as you can see she has it videos and stuff but you don't have to have your own content guys and you don't have to have your own products just show you an example of how we're using Pinterest traffic to send traffic to different areas of the internet to build either social profiles or make money okay um so that's her channel there that we're going to 100 subscribers in three weeks and we're actually getting a lot of these views guys from Pinterest you can check that inside the YouTube analytics now to see how powerful this is guys this is also another profile using the same method and they get 28 million unique visits a month and this lady makes a lot of money over forty thousand dollars per month in affiliate commissions from her website okay so guys you need one thing first you need an offer now with Pinterest living my keyboard here with Pinterest you know one of the main topics is cooking it's huge and don't worry we can use some of these cooking cooking things we're going to use some of these cooking pens and our strategy so cooking's massive so guys you can go to a website called a Clickbank and there's actually a cooking niche and there's you know fitness and stuff you can use and there's all of these products you can go out and promote okay and you can get a commission so what I've done is I've actually found a product here so this is Clickbank calm a lot of you guys probably already know about this platform and this is a product here that I'm going to use for an example okay I actually promote this on it from our website metabolic cooking so we're gonna use this for an example okay just a quick example inside this training and I actually have the link right here now how do you get the traffic guys this is the secret we're going to be talking about this in a second and I just want to kind of share this product as well so this is another product that you could probably promote this is from Clickbank as well Clickbank has a lot of products and different niches but I highly recommend on Pinterest you stick to fitness or cooking and you go and start Pinterest account based around cooking and stuff like that so guys this is how you get the traffic this is a secret and it creates a snowball effect no joke um my partner are we don't have a recount up now but I literally I will actually add her account my partner this is all automatic she doesn't do anything she spends one day per week setting this up and it does all the work for here okay so let's jump in I'll show you how to get the traffic I'll show you how to get the sales with your link so guys what we use is a program called tailwind and there's a small monthly cost for this but trust me it's totally worth it I'm gonna be–start I'm gonna start using this again for my our Pinterest to build up more traffic to my blog my YouTube channel and other social media platforms so this is called tailwind you want to get yourself a an account here which is really easy to do they might have a free trial year so they've got a free trial you can try if you like now this is inside tailwind guys and this week alone we've already got 61 followers we've got lots of repens and that's what we want we want repens so what we do guys I'm going to show you what what we do here we we schedule a bunch of stuff let me just find the schedule here we should have schedule here so schedule pins what we do is we go and schedule pins from other people and then we add our own which I'll show you how to create a couple of a couple of your own and as you can see my partner has a lot of random pins in here then she also links you know a couple of times to her YouTube videos every single day so two or three times and that's how she gets the traffic to a youtube but she doesn't want to spam the YouTube videos all the time she wants to mix it up with other content which gets traffic and followers to her account but you can also get traffic directly so when she um post these when they're bot post this stuff she gets traffic directly to this as well because you can put a link in the image which then those people go to her youtube channel and she gets a lot of traffic from this this thing that we're doing so what we'll do is I'll show you how to actually pin this up and get this working but what you need is you can't really just take other people's images and then spam your clip linked in it you need to actually have your own a couple of your own images just to mix in with this method so you can use a website called canva comm go to the templates section find templates and put in Pinterest and there's lots of templates you can create which is really simple so for this one we might do 10 metabolic cooking tips or something like that and then we'll direct people to this particular page and you can you only need to do one image you can put it in the bot as many times as you like okay so you just go here guys and you will create a template it's very easy I've actually just downloaded one for this specific example I downloaded this one and you can just edit this and play around with it and stuff like that right this is free to use this is free for you to do so that's where you get your images from now when you get tailwind you want to install their extension up on the right here tailwind publisher you want to go back to Pinterest guys and you want to go to cooking and you just want to stack up a whole bunch of people's stuff this is going to create traffic for you and I'll show you what I mean so let me just get this working here make sure this is working okay guys so I got that working you want to click the little tailwind logo here and you want to when it pops up you want to go to save for later so click save for later and you want to do quite a lot of these and they reckon in between 10 to 20 or 10 to 50 a day but I would recommend doing 10 to 30 per day and then I'm going to do another one here this is how easier this guy's gonna do another one and there is save for later and I'm going to do one more for you and I'll show you how to schedule them and add in your own one as well to get your Commission's and then I'm going to click this one as well and I'm going to also add this and go save why should I go to schedule now okay so now I'm gonna go to schedule now and oh sorry sorry it's ours I only go save for later and I'm going to go back to tailwind and I'm going to go to I think we need to go to drafts let me just do a refresh here yes so go to drafts up here and this is where your pins will be that we just created okay my girlfriend doesn't haven't done it for a while so it's a little bit hard for me to kind of figure out okay so you want to just pretty much leave these ones and you just want to select a board to go on so you want to make sure you have a Pinterest make sure you have a Pinterest board created for this stuff which is quite easy to do you shouldn't know how to do that and then just pick pick a board okay so I'm just gonna put it in she's not gonna like this but oh well well I actually will put food with food I love food I love and then I'm going to get rid of that one ok to confirm now I'm going to schedule all of these drafts guys okay the this is just for traffic to our profile and to get the scheduling out this is now this is how you get the Commission's okay I'll show you how you get the Commission's so as you can see down here we have just scheduled the food stuff but what we want to do is just go to add new pen and upload image and I'm going to upload the image that I downloaded from canva now this is where you put in your link but I don't I did remember I just forgot that you can't actually use a bitly link you have to use your full affiliate link without it being shortened so the the only problem is if you decided to just go and spam Pinterest with a Clickbank link you might get in trouble or you might get your pins taken down if you just do like maybe one or two you know one or two images a day or maybe just three or four a week then you probably could just go and use the Clickbank affiliate link I'm just going to use this link for an example just pretend this is an affiliate link or whatever link you have but what I would recommend guys if you are taking to take this seriously is you can start a free wordpress website at wordpress

com you click get started it's completely free if you can't find that you don't land on the free page just go to google and put an create wordpress for free and you can create a free work and you can write an article about the particular product then you can use WordPress as a bridge page and then you wouldn't get in trouble with Pinterest because it will be your website and then inside that you would then have a link to this particular product you would do a review about this ok so that's a way around it but you should be fine as long as you don't just go and put like a hundred images out and one week with your Clickbank lling it Lincoln it you should be ok if you want to know how to build out one of these sites like that just go and put Clickbank and YouTube and I will show up at the top one of my videos is going viral right now and I show you how to make one of those from scratch ok so let's go back to here here sorry and I've uploaded my image all you've got to do guys is take your affiliate link and put it down and so first of all you pick your book you brought your board name so I love food and then you edit it's actually a good idea to add a description guys because these images can be SEO optimized there can be optimized to rank in search engines and they do a lot of the times so would be a good idea to put some keywords in and optimize your description for search engine purposes but are we going to do guys has put your link in here and then go add to queue now do that so it you know do that so I'm we had our you're sorry oppa needs a description add to queue do this a few times a day just add in at least we do it about three times a day maybe just start off one or two times a day with you have to just do the same image over and over again as long as you created it you can't go and spam your links and someone else's image this is very very rude so you would just do it yourself and you probably can see right here there is the image now all I got to do is go to shuffle queue and yes shuffle queue little shuffle it and mix everything cut so now what's going to happen guys is this particular program is going to post all of this stuff automatically for me it's going to post all the other stuff that I'm repenting so that creates engagement to my stuff that gives me followers but most importantly it is eventually going to start posting my affiliate link on Pinterest as well and people are gonna see that and click through and what I would recommend doing as having a link to your website or your affiliate link here and you will also get clicks because you're getting all of these views guys okay so that's how you can go out there and start to use Pinterest you need to remember that Pinterest is the traffic you can then use that for anything building out a blog building out a YouTube channel just sending traffic to anything that's the thing like like I know this is make $100 down Pinterest which you can but you need to think of a lot more as a traffic source and it's a great traffic sources lots of niches in here it's a great traffic source for anything you want to send stuff to whether it be your own products affiliate marketing and like I said I built up a YouTube channel via this method for the first few months of doing YouTube now guys for my loyal subscribers and anyone that's new to my channel every single week we give away access to my courses for anyone that commented on my last video so we are going to take this video right now we're going to choose two winners because we got over 300 likes like I said in the last video and to enter the next one guys make sure you subscribe to me you subscribe to me turn off notifications if we get 300 likes on this I will draw two winners in the next video so make sure you hit the like button and leave a comment below there's any comment because I need to put it into a comment generator so you can be chosen as the winner okay oh we're getting the comments 111 unique comments I'm going to click start we're going to pick two winners in this competition I will leave I'll leave your name so PR PR by PR by Joe you are the winner number one your name will be pinned in the top comment and you can contact me either in there or via one of my emails and then winner number two is rose rose you have also won entrance to one of my courses either my econ course econ dropshipping course or my affiliate marketing course as well and guys if you want to learn more about a flip marketing how to make her you how to make I will leave a link to my private group in the description make sure to subscribe like leave a comment and I'll see you guys in the next video hopefully you'll win access to one of my courses

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