hi hey guys so today I'm going to actually show you a very effective method okay to use a domain redirect to an existing Clickbank of the offer okay there will enable you okay to make sound really good Commission's for yourself okay so the first step would be to go to a Clickbank calm marketplace so if you do not have an account you will have to go to clickbank to actually apply it on account and I forgive a pipe on account you will be able to go down to their marketplace and take a look at the various products that I currently have so I would recommend you to focus your efforts on three main you just then we have wealth and relationships because these treatment niches in my opinion has the best chance of a success because people are genuinely interested in them and that universal with middleman our style so for an example let's just go to health and fitness and I will actually go to general so you'll see that for instance this product is how to grow taller so you can actually create a domain that centers around this particular grow taller niche and then redirect that domain to this of the offer now there are various ways in which you can actually saw the product it can be true the average per sale the initial plus sell or the gravity okay so the gravity will be in terms of how popular the product is okay but do take note that gravity sometimes can be school in the sense that it just means that there are many obvious covering this product and if the refinery is high it may not be a good idea to promote it so just stay up there and once you have like a product you will actually go okay to purchase a domain right so you can go to name G you can go to name style or you can go to go Daddy so they have a resting domain name services around and if you would like to take a look okay I will provide some things below this video and you can click go then okay to purchase your domain right so once you purchase a domain you want to go to your hosting account okay just go to your cPanel scroll down so under domains can go to redirect and simply it's like a domain here and well says redirects to put your fleet link here alright and just a so whenever someone visits that domain it gets redirect to the clipping off right here okay so by doing this you will not be affected when you actually post this link on Facebook on YouTube or I mean on Google okay because generally this major websites the front on update links so if you do it this way you can safely be able to promote the product so the next step would be how do you actually drive traffic so what I would do is I would go to youtube and I will type in weight loss okay so you will see that actually many videos so for example I was actually going to say weight loss tips okay and let's just try this video so let it ski right so so this is an example video all right but it just talks about you know some weight loss tips so you can do something like this okay bye-bye you just give a general idea about what the product is and when we use this or get me to buy the product okay so YouTube is owned by Google and it is actually a second largest way to actually generate traffic as it's one of the largest video sites in the world so this is a very effective method of generating traffic so what I would suggest is okay sir my youtube channel and regularly post some YouTube videos and drive traffic that link or you can scroll down and let's just click into the channel you can do four channels to have authority okay and what you do is that you go to this bub channel and generally there we have a link here sometimes they will put an email so you will just need to take that email okay an email that actually stating that hey I saw your video it's actually one of the best steps in so I want to know if we can strike out a deal for me to play smiling in one of your videos and maybe we'll share the Commission's that we get off there or just pay them a fee up front because if there are videos getting lots of traffic you can be sure that you will be able to get the people or at least a percentage the people who view the video to purchase the product because do you take in mind that these are very very tight prospects so the challenges are converting them manage me very high okay so that's it YouTube is actually one of the methods that are used and then I see many more so if you would like to see more of such money-making tips and strategies be sure to subscribe to this channel okay by clicking on the subscribe button below or there should be a button appearing right now for you to click on to subscribe and additionally I will provide some useful resources below such as where to buy the main links and where to post your domain should you not an existing hosting account yet okay and so that's it for now I talk to you soon thank you

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