How To Make $30,000 Listing Other Peoples Products On Amazon **NEW IDEA**

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Let's do it One thing I'm surprised more people haven't asked me about is doing almost like, it's like social media marketing, but for Amazon for businesses Many businesses, whether they're on ground or wherever they are, aren't on Amazon It would be super easy to charge kinda, it's the same structure as social media marketing would be The whole Tai Lopez thing that you saw a lotta people doing for a couple months

It would be that same structure, but now you're the Amazon expert You know how to do it Let's say you don't wanna start with your own money on Amazon, and you wanna go do this for other companies You can, if you have the knowledge Again, like the course teaches, whatever it is

It is a little different if you wanna do it like this This was actually one of the things I was thinking about doing when I was just doing Amazon, nothing else, no YouTube I actually went to a couple companies, talked to 'em, showed 'em what I could do Had a couple interested, but then I started YouTube instead because I didn't like the going out and selling part But if that's you, this is something you could do

There's a lotta stores on ground with a lotta products That's the only way they're getting traffic in their store They're happy making a hundred, 200,000 a year in profit But now knowing everything's moving online, they could capture 10 times more sales for 1/10 of the work and way less cost and less risk They already have the inventory, they have the extra

It's just setting it up and knowing what to do If this is something you guys are interested, let me know and I can make more videos on this and make this a series 'cause this is a pretty cool idea I'm really surprised not many more people have thought about this or talked to me about it much I know there's people that do this, but a lotta times, it's for giant, giant companies, when you should be going after the smaller ones, and you can scale it up A lot of this is outsourced

You can outsource One example, I just wanna show you this store Now, I don't know if this is an on-ground store, a physical store, but just what's potential with this store They have how many listings? One, two, three They have 10 pages of listings, so they have over a hundred listings

If I pull the Jungle Scout for them, you can see what kinda sales they're doing They're averaging, let's pretend The average sale price is about $30 Let's just say $10 of that is profit Their average monthly sales is 519 for the first 16

Let's just say each, mm, okay, we'll say the first 10 listings all get 500 sales 5,000 sales right there from one of 10 pages At $10 profit, that's 50,000 profit right there Let's say you go say, "Hey, I'll set this up for you "I'll work on getting 'em ranked, "getting 'em reviews

" Again, you can outsource setting it up, the tedious stuff You just have to know the back-end stuff, like this "You give me 10% of your profit "No extra costs, no nothing "I only make money if you make money

" Now, again, you can structure this other ways where, okay, $1,000 initial setup fee Then I charge $1,000 a month to manage it and then 10% of profit Or you can work it out however you want Usually, the profit thing works out well, but 10% of one of their 10 pages is 5,000 profit a month from this one Now, this is a big store

They are in a competitive, but high sale, niche But you can see the potential Let's just say each listing they have gets a hundred sales a month, even though their average is 500 Actually, let's look at the second page real quick and see what it is 500 on this page

Let's see what their second page is on sales Now, these are all their products in their store Now, you can see they don't have tons of reviews They have decent-size reviews Still, the average sales on the next page

Even if you're getting a couple sales a day, when they have this many SKUs, a hundred Average price, let's say their profit is $10, again A hundred sales, another 16 listings What's that? 1,600 sales, $10 profit It's another $16,000 for these listings

Again, if you're managing it, another $1,600 a month right there from that page and so on When you're doing this many SKUs, one is bound to really pick up Now, I know what you're saying They have that many products, how do they fulfill 'em, how do they send it all in? What you do, this is the initial work It is a little work up front

It's more than Amazon FBA, but it's a cool, different kind of strategy You can go look at kind of what products they have, their catalog I'm sure they'll have a list, or if they have their own online store You can see what products they have, and you can go search the different niches and see where you think you could rank them, where they could get sales Then kinda go from there, and start those with a couple units in FBA or in merchant fulfilled

I prefer sending a couple units of multiple, maybe the top 10 products you start with You slowly scale it out, just to test That way, there's not really any risk involved for them It's not a lotta work But then, they can just have whoever sends them inventory for their store straight to Amazon

You can create the shipping plan Again, I know it sounds like a lotta work, but you can have people doing those things for you, outsourcing, creating the listings, and maybe you go in and tweak a couple of things You can have 'em creating the shipping plans You can have 'em dealing with the orders back and forth I'm sure they have people doing that already

Then you can manage PPC It ends up not being a ton of work, except for the initial little up front, which, again, can be outsourced for very cheap But it's relatively easy to do, and this works for many, many stores Like I was saying, if you're doing this store, you're probably bringing in 20, 30,000 profit a month yourself because they're making two to 300,00 profit a month Not to mention, if you're doing initial setup fees and whatnot, and it's reoccurring

That's what I love Once you have 'em set up here, they're doing those numbers every single month You're just managing it now, their pay-per-click, making sure their listings are good You're not adding anything else Probably takes you a couple hours a month

You're now making that 16,000 every month Again, and that's just from one store Maybe you're paying 1,000, $2,000 a month to have other people manage it You're the manager up here, and you're micromanaging these people You can scale it pretty big

There's some companies that do this, but they charge a ton, a ton, a ton One of 'em's Gary V But they do all e-commerce, but they do big stores You can go after the smaller ones, just like social media marketing It's the same kind of concept and strategy, just tailored towards this

Amazon's so easy to sell to them Social media, they kinda know If they're confused, they're like, "Oh, I could get my daughter's friend "to do that for me "She does social media 'cause she "has an Instagram" They don't get it

With Amazon, they're already intimidated by Amazon I'm sure they've thought of it most of the time They know Amazon's there Sometimes they don't know they can sell on Amazon, but Amazon's an easy sale, compared to social media marketing, because they know they should be on there, a lotta times But Amazon's intimidating because of the shipping plan, the other stuff, because they don't know what they need to do, what they need to do, but you do, for them

You can go ahead and say, "What if I could get your product "in front of 300 million customers? "Do you think you could get more sales then "on your store here?" They'd say, "Yeah, but isn't that expensive?" "No, it's free on Amazon "You pay $40 a month "I can get your products in front "of that many people "Your worst case is maybe you sell "one of 10 products at $10 profit "You just made a hundred dollars, "and you cost $40 a month to set up

"That's it" It's an easy sell when I was going in They have to be dumb to really say no, especially if you're no fees up front, other than if they don't trust you Obviously, learn sales a little bit You don't have to, but it's relatively an easy sell, especially if you tell them exactly how you're gonna do everything, lay it out

Again, it's the same structure as social media marketing, pretty much, but geared towards Amazon Now, again, I got pretty deep into this This is what I was gonna do right before YouTube, but I decided not to If you guys are interested in hearing more on this, i can make this a little series for you guys Just let me know in the comments if you wanna see more of this, or if you have questions about this

Again, the whole BitConnect thing, if you're already under me, please go change yours to Ryan's If you're not already subscribed to him, go subscribe to him, too Let me know what you guys think I will see you guys in the next video Make sure to hit the Like button and subscribe

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