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And today, I am going to go over how SaleHoo works What this does is it allows you to buy from dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores around the world Most of them, you can find on Alibaba and stuff like that, but there are some advantages to SaleHoo over other options, although you may not make as much profit off it But I'm going to go through it today and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about it So, this is their sales page

Again, I'm not going to go too much into that but basically, they have step-by-step here Step one, find ideas Step two, use SaleHoo Directory to find trustworthy low-cost suppliers And step three, contact the suppliers So, what this is is basically, there's another site called Alibaba

Let me show you that one really quick So, Alibaba is a Chinese company where you can go in and you can look for things that you can buy, you know, to turn around and sell So let's just say like we go with this one right here where we have mobile phone cases for iPhone Now, the thing with this is that you're going to get so many suppliers in here that you have to basically go in and contact all these people And some of them are trustworthy, some of them aren't

You can see the different ratings here And, you know, it just takes a lot of time That's where SaleHoo comes in Basically, they've already done the work of finding the sellers and they back you up to make sure you get your products So you're not going to make as much profit marginally, but it's easier to set up and it's a great place to start

So they have the Supplier Directory I'm sorry, up here, Market Research Labs so you can find hot products pretty quickly, turn around and sell them Like I said, the Supplier Directory is great Smart Seller Training, you're going to get a lot of training in here I'll log in in a second and show you that

Award-Winning Support, and they've been around forever I mean, I've been seeing them on ClickBank since ClickBank started So you can really trust these guys And if you don't like it, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can easily get your money back There's also a community forum, unlimited support, and step-by-step training

Okay I've been a member of SaleHoo but to basically show you how this actually works, is I signed up again using another fake account basically And, you know, I'll be able to get my money back because they do have the 60-day guarantee But when you sign in, you're going to get hit with this, you know, if you want to know all the top secrets and selling strategies used by PowerSellers I highly recommend this

I'm not going to go into too much detail but basically, it gives you a lot of great advice And, again, this is another one that they offer a 60-day guarantee on So, you'll find out how to choose the right products to sell, know how to outsmart the competition, know high-profit, low-competition alternatives to eBay, how to get more money for each customer, how to grow your business, and a lot of other things like that Especially, you're going to be learning how to create an email list so that you can easily sell to people that you've already sold to once, and that's where you're going to make even more profit Then they have online selling tactics, how to find high-profit items, how to get people to buy from you instead of your competitors, how to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, how to expand into new markets and not be relying on eBay

And I would highly suggest you do this because it's only 67 bucks It's the same price as signing up for SaleHoo and yet you're going to get a lot of great information Okay And, again, this is a new account because I didn't want anybody to see, you know, what I'm promoting I don't want to create competition for myself

But, you're going to come in here, you're going to set up your experience selling online, your preferred selling method, and what do you want to sell So I'm going to just fill out really quick and we'll be back Actually, in most cases, you're going to say, no experience, preferred selling method, I always suggest dropshipping so you don't have to deal with the [inaudible] yourself, and then I like Amazon, or your own store, but I prefer Amazon It's going to be the quickest way because you can use Fulfillment by Amazon where you send directly from the dropshipper to Amazon and they'll store it for you They'll, you know, take all the payments and everything, and you're basically just going to take a small profit, but you never have to deal with anything

So that's the greatest part of it ♪ [music] ♪ Now, when you first log in, the very first time, you're going to get this message from SaleHoo, you can go through it but you always want to bookmark it Bookmark this page as your cheat sheet because it's going to have all the main login information you're going to need So, looking for a supplier, looking for profitable product ideas, step-by-step training And then you come down here, you can figure out how to use the directory, find and contact trustworthy suppliers

So you do have to contact them as well, but it's just a lot easier than, you know, doing it through Alibaba and it's going to be a lot faster You can come down here for a quick review on your perfect supplier and the SaleHoo Market Research Labs, you can find profitable, in demand products to sell online And basically, just follow the instructions See what you're going to do You can do a quick review on the Market Research Labs here

So you just click Play and you'll get, you know – [Man] Stuck on what to sell? Looking for some fresh ideas? SaleHoo Labs is the place for you This tool takes recent sales and product date [SP] from eBay – So basically, they give you a lot of great information in here and explains how everything works, and then you can learn everything you need to know Choose your biggest sticking point So, you know, beginners always want to start over here So these are the three that you would want to check out Let me just open them up for you

So, you know, the first one here is getting started and what products, you know, should you sell And I highly recommend choosing products that you actually like and you find interesting because it'll just make your day a lot more, you know, profitable and a lot more fun And then finding the product suppliers So we got different types of suppliers There's manufactures, there's wholesalers, dropshippers, all the information you possibly need in here, liquidators, I don't really like them because they're always getting weird stuff and you got to, you know, then you actually have to deal with it yourself and, I don't know, it's just kind of a nightmare

You know, how to find suppliers, tradeshows So, again, this is all the stuff that you're going to be able to do in SaleHoo, but they give you this information because you're actually going to make more profit in the long run if you go with some of these suppliers here and you find a really great deal SaleHoo, the products that you get in there, you know, don't have as much of marketing, you know, profit margins So they're good to start, but you don't want to stay there You want to use SaleHoo to learn how to do this all yourself and find better deals

All right So then we're going to come back here to, you know, Take Action You know, they have a Smart Seller Training which is great Right here I'm going to open it up

So you've got Getting Started, you've got Business Setup You know, right now, this is one thing that, you know, you want to get into, you want to check out because this is a business and if you set your business up properly for taxes, you can pay less in taxes than you do for regular income tax Importing and Shipping, the rules, you know, that govern your particular country I'm guessing most of you are going to be in the United States but you want to check it out What should you sell, find a Product Supplier, Product Sourcing

I mean, this is all the stuff that you would have to go and search, you know, for days on end to try to find them on Google Selling on Amazon and eBay I love Amazon I used to be on eBay back when they were, you know, I don't know, 15, 20 years ago I haven't even been on eBay since then, so I don't even know what that's about anymore

Starting an Online Store, Scam Prevention, free Bonus Guide, and Online Selling Tactics So those are all great places to start right there And then, let me close some of these windows right here Closing the tabs And, of course, you can always ask them for help over here

That's a great option And then with SaleHoo, you're never alone You can get support from a real person You can request access to SaleHoo insiders, and they have concierge service So ready to get started? Like they say, "Go to your access board

" So I'm going to open that up right now and we're going to go check it out Okay So this is the dashboard, and if you haven't decided what to sell, you know, these are the best product ideas and deals in the SaleHoo Labs This is a great place to start So let me go check it out

I'm going to open up here in a new tab And they have a video right here at the very beginning This explains everything, what to do – Looking for some fresh ideas? SaleHoo Labs is the place for – I'm not going to go into that whole video but, you know, you get the idea It gives you great setup And then you can just start going down the list right here So, what I suggest is, I like Amazon, and there's an app called Profit Bandit

It's only for your phone so they don't, at least I don't thinkI think it's only for your phone but let me check really quick Oh, okay

So it is only with your phone, Android or iPhone now Okay I can't shoot a video of it anyways But let me tell you what Profit Bandit is and how it would work in with what you're doing with SaleHoo It's basically an app and it's mainly used for, like, when you go into a store, you could scan the bar code, and then you'll bring up Amazon, it will actually bring up the product on Amazon and price compare it

So, if you're not familiar with something called Amazon arbitrage, it's also a great way to make money on Amazon And I'll tell you about it right now because it only takes a few seconds But basically, let's say you go into like Walmart, and you're walking down the aisle and you see like, "Hey, there's a whole bunch of stuff on sale" And you scan the item, and basically, what it's going to do is it's going to go check on Amazon to see what the price of that item is And so you'll know that like, "Hey, the price that I'm paying here at Walmart is less than what you would make by selling it on Amazon," minus all the fees that you have to pay to Amazon, and having it shipped, and everything else

Now, you might be wondering, "Why would there be like such price discrepancy?" Well, the thing is that products are sometimes available on one city but they're not available on the next And so people are willing to pay for that So let me give you an example straight off the top of my head that I've done I went into Walmart one time and I was walking down their like International Foods aisle and I came upon this like Japanese mayonnaise, I guess is what you would call it And I have no idea what it is

I didn't really care I was just scanning items Well, it turns out I could buy it on sale at Walmart for a dollar, and then turn around and sell it on Amazon for seven And it's because basically those items are getting shipped to other parts of the country where maybe like, you know, there might be a Japanese national that wants to, you know, have a taste of home but they can't get it so they're willing pay more Then there's also people, you know, that don't want to go to Walmart

They don't want to walk down the store or anything They just want to have it delivered straight to the store So, basically, that's what arbitrage is, is you're buying something for less, and then you're straight up turning around and selling it for more Really simple So you can use Profit Bandit for that

I highly recommend, you know, try and get out and just going into your local Walmart, and, you know, or any kind of store that you can find deals Actually, even at my local Vons supermarket, there's a little section in the back that has, like, all these markdown prices and everything and I guarantee you like almost all of those, you can get for 75% off and turn around and sell it for like even double the price of what it normally would be So it's a great deal and you'll find really, you know, great ideas that you can just turn around and sell it So, anyhow, you can kind of do the same thing with SaleHoo Let's just go back to the Labs

So let's just say, take this Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Absorbing Spot Dot, whatever the hell that is I'm going to click on it here [inaudible] click What's going on? Okay So when you click on the item, you'll see this down below and you'll see some key information

First of all, low sale competition Average sale price is $13, and zero sell rate on Amazon So that's not really a good sign right there, right? But you can also go view on Amazon So let's click on this And let's actually go over to Amazon and see how it's listing, right? So, what we want to kind of look at is first of all, sales price, and here's the problem

Right here you can see like there's one right here being sold for $13 So this is not going to be a good product, right? It's $13 right here with Prime Well, you know, the least that you were finding it over here is $13 average sale price, you would have to like go through all of these and try to find someplace else that you know, sell it for probably to make a profit on Amazon, at least one-third of that, right? So, I wouldn't be interested in this one But we can see like right here, 32% sell rate on Amazon So let's click on this one

And we can see medium sales competition, $16 average sale price, 32% sell rate on Amazon Minimum order, so ship worldwide You always want to go ship worldwide Minimum order, $500 to $1,000 You know, that maybe too much for you $101 to $500, no minimum order

So like this one right here might be a good one, right, where you can go over to ozdingo, click on it, and it'll take you right to the listing where you can contact the supplier, visit their website, all this good stuff, and, you know, find out from them what to do Now, here's the thing, right? This right down here, you can see like it meets SaleHoo's Trust Requirements They've been 5 years in business So this is somebody that you can actually, you know, really trust Looks like they're in Australia

They ship worldwide Years on SaleHoo, they've been on for a year Email supplier, they preferred So you can find a lot of this information and then obviously you can get different just like pop-ups like these always try to make the SaleHoo better for you on an ongoing basis So that's the directory So like in the directory, you can find suppliers, safe suppliers, safe searches, you know, so like if I favorite this supplier, I can come back to it later on really easily All right

So let's close this one up And we're back in the product labs So let me close this Okay I got it

And up here, you can also say, like, "I want to look for different types of products," right? So let's just say I want to look for like I'm going to go with pet supplies This is really good Okay, got it And then I want a pretty good sell rate So I'm going to say I want like at least 50% sell rate and I don't really care about, you know, average price although, you know, sometimes you do want to go more expensive like because there's not as much competition but you might have to put out more money

And so as a general rule, I like to go with the ones that are like average price of $20 to $75 here That seems to be like, you know, a good enough profit margin, not too much, not too little And then, you know, I don't really care about competition because I know other ways to get, you know, things going And then you basically come down here and you just see the stuff that you like, right? So you can sort by, I want to go by sell rate because I don't really care about making too much profit I want to unload this stuff and I want to get it done quickly

All right So right here 100% sell rate for this ecosystems sphere I'm not even really sure what that is, right? Sorry, we couldn't find any suppliers Okay So that's not good

Similar listings, right? So you can look at the ecosystem here and you could find the list prices And you'd go to Amazon, you can see like right away, like, these are all similar listings, right? So you can see, like, I'm going to get $85, $80, $105, you know, $100 Average sale price is $70 When I go to potential suppliers, if I see anything, you know, about a third of that, I can go, "That's going to be a pretty good deal" All right

So let's check out these one, since that one didn't work Okay So average sale price is 25 bucks What we're going to want to find is products that are, you know, about one-third of that price again So we can come over here, we can see like, okay, minimum order $1 to $100

Let's check out this Lepetco, whatever Let's go check them out And you can look in here You can see the product catalog And we were looking for a waterproof shock collar for dogs

Okay So, don't see it here Let's check All right, that's not working But basically, you just can go through a lot of these, and, you know, find the good deals out there

All right So let's go back to the member dashboard You can go to the product directory, which we're already at There's also a lot of training on importing and shipping, product sourcing, business setups, scam prevention, all of that, you know, good stuff there And then we can go to Stores so you can actually see, create your own online store and escape the competition

So this is something new that they've been offering because other, you know, people who use oh, what's that called? bluCommerce and Shopify Shopify is a really popular one but, you know, this is also something that makes it really easy so you can go into their View pricing plan and, you know, this is $27 for basic You can have up to 200 products And this just makes it really good for, you know, you can get your business set up and running really quickly All right

So I'm going to go back And then we have more resources in here which has like free guides, there's community and drop shipping, selling tips, product marketing I mean, this is just like a huge online community where you can get tons of, you know, help Niches For Dropshipping , this is a really good book that you might want to check out There's a free webinar

They also have webinar all the time You know, you're just getting an insanely good deal for 67 bucks So I highly recommend it And let me tell you right this right now, if you buy through my link, I'm going to give you a ton of bonuses So all you have to do is sign up down the page on my site

It'll tell you how to do it there And then when you sign up, I'm going to send you the bonuses, plus I'm also going to give you access to our membership so that you can get training from me And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask below and I'll do my best to answer the questions But, again, SaleHoo, been around forever, has a ton of, you know, great advice and suppliers, products, everything else Highly recommend it, great deal, go sign up right now

Well, I hope you found this whole video about how SaleHoo works to be very informative Be sure to check out my site, affiliatemarketingspace

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