How Odi Productions Makes $1,000+ A Day PASSIVE INCOME With Affiliate Marketing [PROOF]

– What's goin' on, you guys? So I'm back here again with ODi Productions We have two other videos that we've done already talkin' about affiliate marketing, so if you guys haven't seen those other two, they're gonna be linked up down in the description below

But in this video we're gonna be talkin' about, first of all, how much you'r3 making with affiliate marketing and more or less what should your expectations be, like, how long does it take to really get to this level And maybe what it is that you're looking for in terms of the type of things that you're affiliated with in terms of passive income – Yeah, for sure Well, thanks Ryan, for having me for this second video Basically we're gonna talk about earnings with affiliate marketing and I personally don't really like to share this too much, but I agreed with Ryan to share a little bit of the numbers and some of the affiliate products and just try and be as transparent as possible

– Sure – And show you guys, you know, the potential that this has – And we definitely appreciate that So let's drop a like for that transparency, 'cause you don't see a lot of that on YouTube – Yeah, that's true

– We certainly appreciate that – So basically, I've been earning over a thousand dollars in profit per day for a couple years now, and I'm happy that it's been consistent and I'm able to say that I've been doing this for years, and it hasn't just been, you know, like a flash in the pan or anything like that – Sure – So I'm really, really proud of the consistency That's like the number one thing that I'm proud of, more so than the amount of money made

So I say a thousand dollars a day, you know, I don't really want to reveal like exact numbers, – Yep – but I'll just show you guys today I actually have earned over a thousand dollars even before I woke up So I'm gonna show you guys all of the earnings, the notifications from the affiliate programs that I'm a part of Yeah, so I think we should just jump right into it I have a couple earnings that are on my phone

– Sure, yeah – So I'm gonna share those – Absolutely – real quick These are just emails I get whenever I get an affiliate sale It will say, hey, you have a sale, and then it usually has something for like the commission, how much it is

So the first one was at 12:33 am, and I removed any sort of personal information, because sometimes you also get information from the client who signed up through you, so I don't wanna share that, and I don't wanna share my personal info But this first one is a hundred fifty dollars at 12:33 am, if you just look at here So as you can see, first one of the day, 12:33 am, that's pretty good, I was sound asleep – That's pretty cool, 'cause you're asleep and you're making money – Exactly

– That's like literally the definition of passive income right there – Yep So let's move on to the second one, which I received at 2:26 am Here's another one, this one I received via PayPal, and this is $750, so this is the second one $750 at 2:26 am

We're now to a total of $900 – Before you even woke up – Before waking up, which is really not too bad – Yeah – I'm gonna show you guys a couple more on the computer, but this is just from yesterday

I also wanted to share this one This is a payment for two weeks' worth of affiliate commission This is $14,000 over a two week period This was last month in August So that's a thousand dollars a day, obviously, a 14-day period

– Just from one affiliate? – Exactly – Yeah – From a single affiliate product So anyways, we're gonna hop into my computer for just a couple more products I wanna show you guys And then, we can just tally it all up and then just show you guys a little more proof

– Sure, yeah, definitely, yeah – All right, what's up, guys? We just hopped into my computer I just wanna show you guys two more affiliate products that I've been promoting recently This one, as you can see, today it is Wednesday, September 19th, we are at $497 So that's an extra $500 that you can add to our tally

I think we're at 900 plus 500 so we're at – About 1,400 or so, yeah – Yeah, we're about $1,400 for the day

Really pretty awesome, and I mean, it's, right now it's 4:03 pm, but I believe this last, the most recent sale registered before 3 pm You know, we were out to lunch, we got some In-N-Out But basically, if you add these all together, we're at 1,400 from three products It's just amazing how passive this is I haven't done any work today

I'm actually making a vlog simultaneously with today Earlier I just woke up, I did my morning routine, I produced some beats for like an hour, and then I went to go pick up Ryan – Yep – And then, I've been with Ryan ever since We've just been hanging out

– Yeah, hangin' out It's been like YouTube paradise here, we got a bunch of people hangin' out – Exactly – It was somethin' that we were joking around about, we were like, ODi, you gotta do a vlog showing people what you do everyday and how you're still making money just to show how passive affiliate marketing is And he actually is doing it

– Yeah – I'm sure by the time I post this it is actually up So I'll link up to that – Yep – in the description, too That's like gonna show you how passive affiliate marketing can be, so that's gonna be a really cool – For sure

– vlog that you're doin' there – Yeah, so, you know, as far as earnings are concerned, I mean, if you just look at this one source, it says $13,75750 over the last 30 days And then you have the other two sources, two or three sources that I showed you guys, which are all generally over the five figure range – Okay

– So you know, collectively, this is, it's well over a thousand dollars a day, probably closer to $2,000 a day profit As far as the ad spend is concerned for most of these, I'm spending probably between $20 to $30 per day for each of these products – Wow – A really, really low overhead, and we're seeing ridiculous profit margins of about 96% – Yeah, that is unbelievable

– Yeah, and one thing about affiliate marketing is that there's no product cost because, you know, as the affiliate, we're not shipping and distributing the items So I don't have to pay for each product that is bought or sold And on top of that, these are digital products, for the most part, so there are no costs When you replicate, let's say, software, or a sign up to, let's say, an email service, – Yep – There's no cost for the company other than maybe a little bit of data

– Sure, some – Some internet or something like that So yeah, so it's very low cost and it's been very consistent for me – Yeah, that's the most important thing is the consistency – Yes

– 'Cause I mean, I'm sure some people have like, like a flash in the pan success online, – Yep – but then it like dies off How do you make sure that something is gonna be consistent when you begin investing your time that affiliate relationship? – Yeah So, my general strategy is I like to establish these brands And these brands, whether it's on a platform like YouTube, or maybe it's like it's own blog or website, I like to create authority and credibility within a niche market

– Okay – And once you do that, it allows you to sort of dictate and provide value for people who are in your market If you were looking for the best email software, and I've, let's say I've used a dozen of them, right? – Sure – And I can clearly say that one email software is like by far the best one out there And I can recommend that, right? And then, let's say that also has an affiliate program, and everything is affiliate linked on my website or on that YouTube channel, then I'll be earning from every single sign-up through that content

– Yeah, sure – But you know, I'm giving that value at the core of everything I do – Yeah, so – You know what I mean? – the first step is adding value and then – Exactly – this is kind of the afterthought – Exactly

– I think a lot of people have that backwards where they're just only focused on, oh my gosh, I wanna make the money – Yep – Yeah, definitely – Yeah – So, let's say somebody starts affiliate marketing tomorrow

Realistically speaking, and this is probably a tough number to throw out there, but, – Yeah – How long did it take you to go from making zero dollars a day to making a thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing – Man, um, probably at least, I wanna say three years – Yeah – 'Cause I've been doing this for six years

– Six years affiliate marketing? – Yeah, exactly And I've been earning the a thousand dollar per day profit thing for at least two years – Okay – Solidly But before that, it was all trial and error

I mean, the first year in online business when I was 19, so from 19 to 20, I didn't earn a single cent And I was doing a lot of work I was running around, I was creating membership sites, I was creating digital products, I was doing everything And I was just kind of like spinning my tires – Yep

– You know what I mean? And I was learning, though So that was the most important thing I was making mistakes and there was a lot of trial and error Now, you know, year two, I was able to start picking up the earnings a little bit more But it was nothing really to kind of brag about

– Yeah – It was like 20 bucks a month 30 bucks a month It was nothing – But, I mean, it was probably exciting at the time because it was proof that like this is actually gonna work for me

– Yes – At least it's something, you know? – Yes, exactly – I remember when the first time I made money from my YouTube channel was like $218 and I was like – Wow – Yes, this is working

You know? – Yes – There's a big difference between zero dollars and like two bucks – Yes, exactly – Even though it seems insignificant, it's like proof of concept – Yeah, that first sale is always the hardest

I say this all the time Once you can see that it's possible, that's when sparks fly and your imagination just starts running wild That was the same thing for me I think my first income online was either from YouTube or selling a beat, and I was selling beats back then for like $20 or something But that $20 sale, you know, even though it can't really buy too much, I was like, wow, I'm making money online

– Right – You know? From my own products, from my own two hands And it's without having a boss Without having a job or anything like that So that kind of like led me down this rabbit hole of internet marketing, and I'm deep into it now

I mean, six plus years in the game – Yeah – These are the kind of results that you can see if you just stay consistent and persistent – Consistent with it and see the long-term vision – Yep

– Yeah That's really awesome Well hey, man, I really appreciate you sharing this with us and showing like the real numbers I think it's like really important to show people that it's actually possible, instead of just throwing arbitrary numbers out there – Yeah

– And so, certainly appreciate that We talked about the vlog that you're doing now So make sure you guys check that out That's gonna be in the description But if people are specifically looking to learn more from you about affiliate marketing work, can they go to find out more? – Yeah, perfect

I created a free course for people because I had so many people just DMing me, messaging me, and I couldn't get back to everyone And I decided, you know what, as an entrepreneur, we create solutions to problems – Sure – For me, I love automated solutions So I created a free course on Teachable that you guys can sign up with

All you need's an email It's gonna teach you all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing It's even gonna teach you how to get started and showing you some of the best examples of affiliate marketing in today's world to kinda give you more ideas – Sure – You can join that

We'll probably put the link in the description? – Yeah, I'll put that all right down in the description below, so that sounds good All right, man, well, thanks for comin' on the channel – Appreciate it, Ryan – We'll see you guys in the next video

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