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but one does not sleep and so shouldn't you – look melody MO and in this video I'm gonna be clickfunnels affiliate showing you how I lost an opportunity to potentially make over $10,000 or click foreknows click follows is a platform that I use for all my business and you may have other options all out there you know cheaper options and stuff like that but for me click for those work for me not because of the fact that the software is awesome but the mindset of the community is what I actually need as an entrepreneur alright in this game if you don't have someone that she like you clickfunnels affiliate know writing on the back to get you where you want to go as a coach or a mentor you're not gonna go too far I'm a member of Russell Brunson – comma Club X coaching club where you pay about eighteen hundred dollars every month to be trained by Russell Brunson and some all the fantastic coaches to help you with your mindset as an interpreter not just building for most beautiful one is is great but actually help you in terms of structure in your mindset and your business as an entrepreneur and boy since I started with them I have really learned a lot and is paying off in this video I'm going to be showing you how I lost the opportunity to make to potentially make about ten thousand dollars in a month with clickfunnels but I loves the opportunity not in totality because I still made some money with it but I'm gonna tell you what happened you probably have heard about cliff owners affiliates and you like okay I want to do it I don't understand how it's done I've been using click photos for a while I've never really tapped into the affiliate game because I have my where is it right here I have my you know ad agency that I wrote my digital agency that I Ron so for that reason I'm not really bidding to the affiliate game with clickfunnels but about three weeks ago I traveled to Africa to get married you know you guys to the picture over here me and my wife pretty I'll tell you guys about that later so before I left on this channel I dropped two videos talking about the 30-day summits now click for us was promoting one of the things for that video of me for that promotion if you as an affiliates promote that that you know summits and someone buys from you they're gonna give you a hundred percent return meaning even at the end of the summit someone buys the book I think was 30 days summits book what you were doing 30 days to make it as an entrepreneur if someone buys a book for hundred dollars they will give you the $100 back and I'm gonna show you guys what happened I really dropped two videos I did not even do any paid traffic I dropped two videos on this channel talking about our summit and of course I came back I left it for 30 days I did not do anything with it I'm gonna tell you these guys again guys on this channel on my channel you're not gonna learn bullshit I will tell you things the way they work because I feel your pain people have lied to me about course does not work but when I started with Russell Brunson oh boy my game has really changed and I'm merely thanking him and God for that so whatever you get on this channel you can go to the banquet because it's not gonna be bullshit I'm gonna tell you guys so when I you know so drop to I drop to the videos on this channel proposing that some it's just two videos and I'll show you those videos and I came back and I'll show you guys what I found in my accounts in my click for those accounts clickfunnels so let me show you guys so okay guys we both got week we both we're gonna log into my clickfunnels account together and I'm gonna show you guys what I made – remember I told you about how I dropped two videos on this channel alright and someone somewhere bought that book at the end of the summit and here's what happened when I log into my click photos is my click phone as a camera here the first thing I'm greeted by is in the last 30 days I've made hundred dollars listen just by dropping two videos on this channel no pay dad and I made $100 from one person taking action a tinted estimates imagine if I've done paid traffic imagine if I push harder while I was traveling for 3 weeks this happened I could have had $10,000 I could have had way more than that so here's my thing are you still in that mindset where you really want to take this entrepreneurial game to the next level but something is holding you back I was in your shoes until I started taking action things like this thing you may be like it's hundred dollars is not big – but I'm saying this was just from clickfunnels affiliate two videos that I dropped on this channel I did not do any any paid traffic imagine if I push harder and I left that I traveled for three weeks came back and this one I saw I just came back this weekend this world I saw imagine if I'd pushed harder imagine you have done any paid traffic and more people take action we just from one person taking action so you may be in that shoe right now or in that position right now were you thinking you're not really sure how you want to do these things you want to do this online thing but you're not sure if it works or not I know what works and what works is getting a mentor that can help you skyrocket your game that is the reason why I joined the russell brunson 2 comma Club X where I pay 800 dollars every month for coaching now I'm not saying she'd do that I mean apparently if you you know just starting out you probably don't have that money it but how about you start promoting click photos so other people who can use it because in reality anyone on the surface of Earth can actually use click photos and I will promise you if you do that if you do that you decide to take action and start working your way up by doing what you're supposed to be doing to get you to the next level as an entrepreneur and you join click for notes today by clicking on the link below my affiliate link if you join click photos that way and you send me a receipt of the fact that you don't click for this and check this out there's a 14-day trial that you can actually use and within that 14 days I guarantee you can make their money back I guarantee if you put in the work you can make that money back alright I mean like for real I was traveling for freaking 34 for three weeks without doing anything hundred dollars in my accounts I'm like really I'm not even promoting Cleveland's affiliates you know program oh but guess what I'm gonna start doing the running because they really really pays I mean that does not stop me from running my digital marketing agency so if you are all ready to take action and you sign up today we click photos for a 14-day trial I personally gave you 21:21 of my highest most converting photos done for you for knows that I use in my business 21 remember on this channel I told you guys about hi clothes over twenty thousand dollars in 90 days and how I sign that contract for another fifteen thousand dollars and I'm gonna make a video in another few days that check is gonna drop and make a video I'll show it to you guys I believe this works you just have to put in the work and believe in yourself and break the freaking mindset that is holding you back that is only we can get there for God's sake everyone in the world has only been able we've only been able to tap into 10% less than 10% opportunity online imagine you still have you know opportunities and do not think about you know what everyone is doing it and I don't think people if that was my mindset and I did not drop this video well I've gotten this hundred dollars over here in the last 30 days while I was traveling by doing by just dropping to just two videos on this channel clickfunnels affiliate someone took actions and I got paid hundred dollars alright so if you take actions today you want to stop promoting click photos or rather want to use click for this for your business I'm gonna give you and I'll show you those photos 21:20 one of my most converting funnels that I use a viral ad media for myself and of course for a lot of my clients I will show I will show you those photos I'm gonna give you those photos for free all you have to do is just click on the link below get the 14-day trial for click photos and send me the receipts at look man at viral ad media they'll come look man at Vera ad Mediacom I'm gonna give you 21 highest converting photos that I personally use in my business for you to use and just stop going on you know I cannot create photos I do not know how to design you don't have to let that hold you back because I'm gonna give you 21 the highest converting photos that are using my business not only that I'm also going to invite you in another one month and then just open up my Academy alternate traffic Academy alternate traffic Academy I'm gonna revealing that Academy every little sauce there are every single sauce that I use to get traffic I mean I do a lot of Facebook advertising I do YouTube advertising but that's not enough I mean like you guys knew what happened to Facebook a while ago I mean if what if Facebook got crushed and since that's problem with Facebook Facebook is actually like going ask a lot of marketers and shutting down the attica so if facebook ad is all you doing and you get shut down your whole business just evaporates so you don't want that to happen to you and that is why me as a lead generator I do not just use Facebook you server all the traffic sources and that is what I'm creating an alternate traffic Academy where I teach people all the ways to get traffic to their funnel get traffic to their website hear traffic for clients and themselves on that you know for whatever they promote it I'm gonna be inviting you if you click on the link below and you get the click for an hour's account I will give you 21 already made highest converting funnels of all time you don't have to design it yourself just change whatever few words in there to make it your own but it's already designed and I'm gonna give that to you and I will also invite you to my alternate traffic Academy where you go to learn about Facebook traffic YouTube traffic google shopping Google Adwords and of course PPV traffic which I use a lot all right I'm gonna give that to you I'm gonna invite you to that Academy for free the Academy ordinarily the price tag on is nine hundred ninety one dollars but I'm gonna invite you in there for free but I just taking action today by clicking on the link below get clickfunnels account stop moving start getting your business in you know in place do not let that mindset keep holding you back if I let my accent and whatever hold me back I'm not gonna be where I am today I'm not where I want to be but I am where I was not a few months ago all right I told you you guys on this channel how I got started you know I you know I quit my job and get started on my own cuz up the mindset because of the mindset I can do whatever I wanted a walk from wherever I wanna walk from and you know I mean like I just showed you guys for God's sake I was traveling for the last 30 days I was not even doing anything I was not pushing clickfunnels I feel it's Bobby because I promoted one of their products which was the 30 day summits hundred dollars spread to me info and here's what happened this person will make this purchase whatever this person buys from click winners going forward I'll get 40% and I want you guys to take advantage of that so go ahead click on the link below click on the link below and I will share with you my highest converting photos already done ready-made for you I'm gonna put those photos mean I'm gonna transfer those funnels into account all you have to do is once you make your purchase send me the receipt send me the receipts for that purchase and I will send you links to those photos don't for you for those 21 of them and also in about a month and half when my Academy opens I will invite you to my alternate traffic Academy for free where you're not only gonna learn about Facebook marketing you're gonna learn about YouTube marketing PPV marketing Google shopping marketing Google AdWords as a lead generator or as a business owner you have to know all this you can't just have one source of of traffic and things you know think things would happen that way it does not happen that way ok so let me show you this with you all these beautiful beautiful beautiful looking for those all these photos I'm gonna share them all with you 21 of them 21 done for you photos ready to go I'm gonna put them into your click for this account all you have to do is you sent me they receive of your clip for those portraits alright that's a Luqman luq mal at viral add media to combat where is it that add media right here where is it okay like you see over there very add media Luqman advert add media to come I'm gonna send you this beautiful high converting photos for free like really can you really go wrong with all this already done free not enough all this beautiful beautiful looking high converting photos I'm gonna send them all to you 21 on King photos I'm gonna send them all to you 21 of them I'm gonna send them to you for free just you know putting your own information and start using them so go ahead subscribe to this channel click on the belt button so he can be informed when I drop another new videos and also click on the link below to get your 14-day trial of clickfunnels account and I guarantee you if we take action you can't pay those this one else will pay this one else will pay for those 14 days trial that cheat that you signed up for are I'm gonna be signing now do you have any question just leave it below my name is Luke man peace out

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