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hey hey Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're doing a bit of research on YouTube about how to make money with Clickbank okay so you know about Clickbank you know it's probably one of the biggest marketplaces affiliate marketplaces in the world but you don't really understand how to navigate it and actually use it to generate income well I'm gonna show you how to do that okay hey there my name is Aaron Chen for those of you who don't know me I'm an online entrepreneur I've been online for nine years but eight of those nine years though failed really miserably made a lot of mistakes wasted a lot of money but you know invested a lot of time and effort into my own skill set and over the last 12 months actually had some amazing success online mainly with affiliate marketing using programs like Clickbank okay generated over a thousand sales so over the next few minutes I want to teach you how to use Clickbank and and some of the strategies that I use to convert a lot of the leads that I generated into sales right into profit right so if you look at my screen right now this is actually the Clickbank website okay very simple it's just Clickbank com and the first thing you want to do if you look on the screen is click on a fillip marketplace right so I'm gonna take you through this and show you exactly what it is and then how you can use it I'm gonna zoom in here you can see straightaway that there are lots of different categories within Clickbank that you can market right so they've got lots of different products or things like business you know computers cooking food and wine this is the space I like to market in a business and II marketing this is the internet marketing you know make money from home space you can sell products on games health weight losses is really really big right how to get six-pack abs how to lose 30 pounds you know in 30 days whatever it is home and garden parenting even politics right there's so many different categories of products in here even self-help yeah so let's go back to let's choose one of these categories and I'm just gonna go in and show you exactly you know what they are alright so let's click on health and fitness because that's always a fun one a lot of people like to you know lose weight get a six-pack or whatever it is and when you come in here I'm just kind of zoom into this so that you can see this a bit more clearly but these are the these are the different products okay and and these are listed from by popularity so you can change this you by whether its popularity or the the gravity score or the initial sale so just to give you an idea gravity the high the gravity is the better the product is selling okay so let's choose gravity actually high to low right and let's see which are the most you know the most popular products yeah so the first one is is one by brian flatt you know there's a $24 average sale the the average percentage sells eighty one percent that means you know eighty one percent of people that see the offer buy it that's that's really really high actually insanely high to be honest the average rebill is is that every time they're this basically means that is their recurring income right because if you're gonna spend so much time driving a new customer into your business and you're gonna generate sales through Clickbank you want to make sure that you're getting a rebuilds every single month so that you don't have to work so hard right because there are some products where there's no rebill okay and then the sort of percentage of people that are rebilling that are okay with rebuilds is seventy six percent that's pretty high okay so this one has a gravity of 210 that's really really high so that just that just tells you that this product is is very popular that's all that's all it says now you want to focus on products that have a gravity of I would say 50 or more that's roughly you know the the guideline that you can go for but let's look at some of the other products so $24 is a pretty cheap product to be honest twelve bucks is another cheap product this is a diabetes product right $35 there's no rebill as you can see see right Everage rebuild total zero so I don't wanna I don't want to look at that one I don't want to promote that that one doesn't have a rebuild either this one is this so organifi is actually a physical product okay now you can promote the organifi is a great product I'm not gonna look at that one now I want to look at the digital product just to give you guys an example because I think digital products are really good at easy to consume online okay let's take a look at this one right so 3 week diet affiliates making a lot of money here obviously huge improvements relaunch view the mobile page so it's got a good mobile page basically let's take a look at it okay so 28 dollars sale you probably make 50% Commission on this so you'll make whatever that is $14 I think that is yeah on every sale there is a rebill of 11 bucks so let's click on promote and let's have a look at it okay so over here it asks for my nickname I've already created a Clickbank account now if you haven't done that you just have to go to the front page where you first saw us setting this up and just go ahead and create a free Clickbank account it's exactly like creating an email it's very very simple okay so this is my username i'm gonna click create and it's going to give me something called a hop link right so hop link is basically clickbank's link a promotional link for the products that you're trying to promote so you want to keep this you want to press command let me hold hold on one second control copy okay on whatever computer you're on you want to go to a new tab and then you press control paste or control V for a shortcut you press enter and this is basically what the product sales page looks like right so we're just gonna load it up here so it's basically got a little bit of a title look you know I'm just gonna let the video play for a bit okay okay so most sales pages look like this they'll be basically a bit of a title here so this one says a foolproof science-based diet designed to melt away several pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days okay so it's it's pretty enticing there's before-and-after shots for for you know kind of testimonials and proof then there's some sort of sales video this is very normal the sales video will run anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes and then usually by the time it finishes a little buy button will pop up at the bottom ok now this one has a bit of a sales page so you can see some testimonials this is very very normal you can see you know people is telling you how much weight they've lost these are some before-and-after shots right to get you to kind of buy the product there's some features and benefits here and then it tells you a little bit about the system right what you actually get so you'll get some manuals you'll get the workout manual you'll get the mindset manual and this is the person who created this is brian flatt actually so he's created quite a few there yeah and then a bit more on it and then and then it basically has it down here so actually the product is $47 you make 20 $800 that's I think that's how it worked there there you go okay so the product is forty seven dollars you earn twenty eight bucks of that so that's not bad it's not undersell that that much money but you know this is just to get started okay and every time somebody there's a recurring payment you make eleven bucks okay and and that's kind of how Clickbank works so if somebody clicks here at the cart it's going to lead directly to the Clickbank sales page or purchase page right they fill in the details here and then they buy and then you make em Commission it's as simple as that and then at the end of every month Clickbank will send you a check and you can do all this in the you know the settings section of Clickbank you can set up how much you know how much you want to wait before they actually send you a check that kind of thing and it's pretty pretty simple that that's essentially how Clickbank works so I'm just gonna come back here and let's do this I'm not gonna go through the other products but all the products basically work the same way okay and this will give you an idea of how to use it now you can go and you know just go through all these products what I would recommend is you want to buy the product yourself to see how good it is because if your marketing crap online then you're going to get a very very bad reputation okay but here's a problem about marketing Clickbank and you know a lot of people think that it's really really simple but the truth is is that people don't really get much results from it okay and this is the thing that I was struggling with was for so long for eight years right and the reason that is is because everybody's marking the products wrong way so if you look at the screen right now this is what most people do okay so I'm assuming that you're here online you're new you don't really know what you're doing and so this is what a lot of people would do they would drive traffic and traffic could be you know anything from Facebook ads to solo ads to SEO ads to you know YouTube whatever it is right the cetera et cetera and they would drive that traffic directly to their clickbank offer alright so click I'm gonna just say CB okay to click a clickbank offer and it's usually the hop link that they're gonna drive it to right now this is a problem because if you're driving your traffic directly to a hop link you not capturing anybody's information you you can't follow up with people and this would generally convert very very low okay it converts at half a percent it's ridiculous right now you can see why a lot of people going broke online it's because they're spending so much money on traffic but when people actually see their stuff they're not buying it because look this is you know the year now is 2017 2018 2019 2020 and in these years the intern has been around for so how to make money with clickbank long and promotions have been flying around the internet for so long people are being bombarded every single day they're not interested in buying your stuff out right okay so people are very desensitized to offers online which is why this doesn't work now there are a lot of people online and a lot of gurus teaching people how to do it this way and I call this the amateur way right this is what I would say 99% of people are doing online I need five percent at least right so they take it one step further they drive traffic which is very very similar from all these you know different sources Facebook solo ads you know articles blogging and that kind of thing but instead of driving it directly to the hoplink they create something called a capture page which is actually the right thing to do now a capture page is a website that collects an email address okay so you basically give them something in return for their email address so if this is the weight loss industry the capture page might say something like hey if you want to lose 30 pounds I want to give you a free report enter your email address here and I'll send it directly to your email right you see how that works so you're giving them something in return for the email address right now here's the problem what happens after that is people usually lead them directly to the Clickbank hop link so they are basically going back to the sales page right so they're coming back and they are looking at so as soon as they opt-in they're going to see this page they're gonna see the three-week diet right which is fine maybe the first time but if you constantly send people back to this page over and over again what happens is people get pissed off right because they don't just want to see an offer all you're doing is is you're selling selling selling and you look like a greasy salesperson right now this believe it or not converts at one percent now you can imagine why people are going broke because if you're spending money sending a hundred people to your website and only one person buys that is a ridiculously low conversion rate okay and traffic can be quite expensive these days right so if you're if you're converting one in every 100 people that see your website you know no wonder yo you're running out of money yeah so what a lot of people are doing is in this capture page as you collect the email it gets you know it gets added on to your autoresponder right now an autoresponder auto responder an autoresponder is basically an automated software that collects people's emails and then sends them emails automatically to build a relationship with them so it's all about building a relationship right but the problem is is what a lot of people teach you to do is to send email after email with the same frickin hop link right so all people are seeing is they'll get an email from you and I'll say hey Bob thanks for visiting my website the other day if you want to learn to lose 30 pounds click here and I'll show you how to do it they click on this hop link and they see this website again okay then what happens is is the next day they get another email from you and it's the same thing it says hey Bob thanks for coming into my website two days ago hey I know you want to lose weight so I'm gonna I've got a solution for you click here and you know you're gonna see how to lose weight and it comes back to this silly 3 week diet page ok no wonder people aren't buying because you're just sending them the same junk every single day right and this was the problem with my business I didn't understand that and I kept doing that over and over which is why I spent so much money on my business and it you know I almost you know I basically went through all my savings and I had to get a job again it was ridiculous right I had to put my suit back on and try and find a job again it was it was really really painful right but what I learned over the last year which is tremendously changed my business is something that I call the pro method ok now this method is completely different this the start part is very similar so you drive traffic because it always starts with traffic doesn't matter what kind of business you have right it's the same thing you lead someone to capture page so I'm just gonna call it CP you collect the email you add it to an autoresponder and there are a couple of good autoresponders you can use you could try a weber awwe ber or you can try get response right get responses just g-e-t response yeah Espio and s/ii yeah now I'm not gonna show you how to use get response or Aweber you can just google that but once someone comes into your capture page instead of leading them directly to your clickbank hop link what you want to do instead is build something called a value series now a value series is your own website okay you own it you use it and you can use a program called click funnels okay to actually help you to build a value series right I'll leave it in the resources below if you want to check click funnels outright but a value series is basically a series of websites right it's usually three to four websites that have a video on it okay and the video will be a video of you giving some advice to your prospects it's a very quick three to five-minute video all you need to do is grab a camera right maybe your iPhone on your Samsung or your video camera record a video of yourself talking about some free advice on the niche area that people are opting in for so for example if we're talking about weight loss okay or how do I get six-pack abs or whatever it is in your value series what you want to do is video one my talk about the different foods that people can eat that will help them to lose weight automatically right like maybe apples or green tea or whatever it is okay the second video might be a video about the three bodyweight exercises that they can do everyday at home it's only gonna take them 10 minutes a day they don't have to go to the gym that's gonna help them to lose weight and then so on and so forth video 3 video for blah blah blah right whatever it is as long as you're giving a small piece of value to your prospect every single day now at the end of each video what you want to say and the value series is hey listen if you enjoyed this information I want to show you exactly how to get that and where I learnt it from all you have to do is click on the link right below this video and you'll get access to the report or the system or the business that taught me all this stuff right and then what you do is below the value series you leave your heart your hop link hop link at the bottom okay so you're kind of you're sending them back to the hop link the Clickbank hop link Bank hop link right now what happens then is your doing this every single day right so the value series last three to four days okay so the first email they get or the first thing they see is the first video then the next day your autoresponder will send them another email with the second video to the value series and then the third and then the third day your autoresponder will send the third setting or the third session to the value series and at the end the bottom of every single value series there is a link to your Clickbank hop link right now what's happening here so what's happening here is basically you are creating your crew you're getting the prospect to know like and trust you that's what's happening okay because by branding yourself doing video giving free information to your prospects you're giving them a lot of value you're giving them something for free now they don't have to buy the Clickbank offer if they don't want to but what will happen is is over time as they keep seeing your stuff they will eventually want to buy it because they want to know away you got all this information from because remember you're only giving them a small piece of the of the the entire pie right so if they don't have all the information but they're still getting good information that they can use right now now if they really want to get everything then they'll want to know where you got it from and then you just lead them directly to your Clickbank link right and then they buy and then you make em Commission can you see how that would tremendously change your business now you won't believe it if you do this properly you can increase your conversions to up to 20% or more okay no joke so if you do this properly this strategy and this is what I've been able to do in my business is incredibly powerful incredibly powerful right and this is the missing piece that you haven't been doing in your business and a lot of marketers I would say yeah 90% 95% 99% of affiliate marketers they don't know how to do this because nobody teaches this stuff okay it took me eight years to learn it but I hope you can see why this works so well it's because you're not asking for the sales straightaway you're creating a lot of value you're building a lot of goodwill with your prospects right and you're giving them free information that they can execute right now but if they want to find out more then they can actually buy the product that you're gonna lead them to okay now what you want to do is is you know as you're building your autoresponder out right after the first three to four videos you can do what what we call broadcasts broad broad oh sorry broadcasts I can't spell broadcasts to your list right every two to three days I would say you don't wanna you don't want to email them every single day but what you're doing every two to three days is you're giving them even more value right so you you drop another value video and it could be teaching them about you know something else to do with weight loss right and then you do the same thing you leave your hoplink right below that video and say hey listen if you want to get more information then you can you can learn more about it here and that's all you're doing and you're just doing that consistently and eventually your prospects are gonna buy from you okay are you having some aha moments right now because this strategy right here completely changed my business I promise you before I had no idea how to convert leads into sales I just had a lot of leads in my email in my autoresponder but I I wasn't generating any sales this is how to make money with clickbank strategy right here will change your business I promise you let me know what you thought in the comments below have you ever seen this strategy before can you see why something like this would make a huge difference in your business right and can you see why people would buy from you because they're actually getting to know like and trust you right pretty cool right so let me know what you thought in the comments below let me know if you're gonna try the strategy and hey listen if you want to learn a little bit more I want to teach you how to do that okay if you want to really get an in-depth training of how to build a value series if you want to find out a little bit more about how I built my affiliate marketing business how I changed eight years of failure into one year of really big success I want to show you how to do that if that's what you want to do okay so all you have to do is click on the link right below this video you'll see a little link right there go ahead and click on that it'll lead you to my webpage enter your best email address in there and I'm gonna send you a few trainings free trainings that you can use it's gonna go into a lot of depth about how to build out a value series how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business because I want to show you how to do that okay so give me a thumbs up let me know what you thought in this video and listen I wish you all the best in your business this is Aaron and hope to speak to you soon take care

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