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hey how's it going Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably one of my subscribers on YouTube or you just found my video randomly somewhere I'm talking a little bit about Phillip marketing well over the next few minutes I'm going to how to make money in affiliate marketing literally reveal my platform okay exactly what I'm doing online how I'm gonna break down my business for you okay and you can literally just copy it alright and then implement it in your own business if that's what you want to do okay but just wanted to let you guys know I'm actually on my new iPhone X my new iPhone 10 so funny if you watched on my old videos I said I never buy this thing because it's the most ridiculously you know ridiculously expensive you know expensively priced phone in the world but the cool thing is is I managed to find some deal where I'm only paying like ten or fifteen dollars more than my old plan so you know if I don't have to pay up front for the phone that's not too bad but man this thing's expensive it costs four thousand ringgit in malaysia which you know because we spend our money like US dollars right it's very very similar the way we spend it in this country it's almost like buying a phone for four thousand US dollars could you imagine that buying a phone for 4,000 bucks this is crazy but anyway so I didn't have to pay up front which is which is great but I wonder you know it's the quality a bit better than some of my old videos cool anyway whatever so listen here's what I'm gonna do okay grab a pen and a piece of paper I'm literally gonna talk through my business and I'm hoping that you know you're gonna get some tremendous value from this and you can just take action and implement it and even think about the way that you are implementing your business right now is probably a little bit different from them than what I'm doing okay and I'm hoping that this is gonna shed some how to make money in affiliate marketing tremendous light on what you're doing right what you're doing wrong and hopefully this will help you out okay now this is specifically for affiliate marketing really important all right so if you're doing some sort of you know if you're doing another business model then this may not work for you but honestly I think that this this model that I'm gonna be revealing to you right now this will work for affiliate marketing selling information products ecommerce network marketing MLM you know biz op internet marketing make money online anything like that this business model will work okay so this is essentially how I do it right and this is exactly how I do it so you know again hopefully this will help you so I start with attracting as many people into my my front door as possible right the way that I like to do it is I like to do it through YouTube okay and through video all right now I find that YouTube and video is one of the best ways because when somebody consumes your content on YouTube you've actually done a lot of the hard work already okay so even before they get to your front door so imagine just before they get to the front of your restaurant or your business or whatever you're trying to do they already know who you are because they've consumed your content a lot of times they've you either just found you on YouTube or Google or whatever it is and they've consumed your video one time which means that they've spent probably like 10 minutes with me 15 20 minutes sometimes even 25 minutes okay before they even see my front door so by the time they see my front door they already know who I am they know my story most of the time they know what I'm like they probably like some of the content that I'm giving them they know I add tremendous value and they're like hmm this person is pretty interesting I want to see what's on the next page or I want to see you know what else he's up to right so that's why I use video that's why I use YouTube because it creates a lot of trust very very quickly okay and and if you're not doing video then you should highly recommend you do video now I also do stuff like Instagram okay I also do Bing traffic but but these are my main strategies all right YouTube videos Bing and Instagram right but I still think that YouTube is is one of the best okay so people see my stuff if they like it they decide to check me out a little bit more they click on my link and they go to my front door which is basically basically my capture page alright on my front door a lot of the time what I lead with is I lead with my four day training my my four-day video training program okay which is completely free now this training program I spent a lot of time on okay it took me like it took me a few weeks to put together okay it's it's recorded very very well it's super good quality it's some of my best work okay and I'm on you know I'm actually delivering it through whiteboards you can see my screen you can see my computer and it's just a lot of good stuff very very detailed very high-level strategic but it also shows like you know step by step on on certain things and how I do certain things okay now once someone opts into my list okay they see day one of that training which I deliver by email okay so they go to the email they check it out and they open it up and that's day one now what I how to make money in affiliate marketing do is is I do this for four days so I deliver this via email for the first day the second day the third day and the fourth day okay and every single day takes them a little bit closer to understanding how they you know what they exact what they have to do exactly to build an online business okay now I don't give them everything okay but I do give them a lot that they can implement straightaway if they wanted to all right now at the end of every single video so let's just say on day one okay what I do is is after the video and the video is pretty long it's it's 20 to 30 35 minutes long right so people literally have to sit there and watch it they can take notes it's really like a cost I could I could charge probably 500 to a thousand dollars for this free cost that I put together okay and that's what you want to do as well you want to put something together that's so good that people would actually pay to get that content it can't be like just random free stuff that people aren't you know gonna be interested in it's gonna be good stuff okay and I did that on purpose I wanted to make sure that it's super professional I'm all miked up I've got the white board you know it just looks slick okay it's recorded on on a DSLR you don't have to do that by the way you can literally just take your iPhone and record it but I wanted to make sure that it was it was premium quality so that's what I did okay at the end of each video I give them a light sale I say hey listen you know if you want to check it out you know you want to see the program that I'm using to you know learn all this stuff you can just get access to it by clicking on the link right below that's step number one and then step number two as well if you want to check it out I'm actually doing an online web class okay and so what I'm doing there is I'm basically taking two people to a completely different section all right I'm saying I'm holding a web class if you want to check it out you can click on the second link and you can register for that web class and I hold it a few times during the week okay and then what happens is they register for the web class and then I do this web class right with them and the web class is a two-hour webinar and it changes okay sometimes no right right now the one that I'm doing right now is all about sales funnels is all about how to build out the sales funnel but very very soon I'm gonna be changing it to a traffic course a traffic webinar okay now I haven't decided yet it might be me or it might be Vic that's gonna be doing it but I think that this traffic content is going to be a lot more powerful instead of a instead of a funnel one so I'm gonna be switching that up pretty soon but as it is today when you get on that web class again it's it's it's really amazing it breaks you know mental boundaries of how to build a business online I take them through my story you know we hang out for like two and a half hours okay and at the end of that webinar I have an offer and if people want to join my team I give them the opportunity to join my team if they want to okay so what am I doing here well there's a few things that's going on right first of all they consuming my content a lot of it is free okay so people are getting a lot of value upfront okay now once they get that value they get to know like and trust me again so again it's almost like a double triple whammy right because the first time that they see my content they're watching YouTube right so they're watching YouTube and they're getting to know like in trust me so by the time to get they forget to my front door they're already they already decided whether they like me or not okay and it's gonna be the same thing for you all right so let's just say that they decide they like me and they want to consume more content they opt-in they they add the email address inside and then they get a Ford a tremendous kick-ass training course so I haven't charged them for anything yet yeah all this stuff is for free okay now they watch that training program now on the first second third or fourth day completely up to them if they want to see what program I'm involved with they can check it out if they're not ready to buy it though I get them on alive you know all recorded webinar way they get to spend even more time with me okay now after spending an additional two hours with me where I'm giving them tremendous content again if they want to join me if they want to learn how to build a business if they resonate with me if the offer is good they will join right people that are ready and they connect with me they will join the people that aren't ready or they'd not so they don't really they're not really feeling it they might not join but maybe they'll join in the future there could be so many reasons right maybe it's not the right time they don't have the money or maybe they're not feeling it quite yet okay now what happens is after the four or five days that them on my email list I don't email them anymore there's no more automated stuff okay everything beyond that point is manual so what I do then is I broadcast to my list every two how to make money in affiliate marketing to three days sometimes even once every four days okay because I'm I'm really busy I'm doing other stuff running different projects I don't want to keep hammering them every single day right but when I do send an email out and that's usually every two to four five days right the content that I'm sending out is really really good I make sure that I'm creating content like this right it's a video most of the time okay it's it's very very valuable I'm teaching them a strategy I'm teaching them something about mindset I'm teaching them something about my personal experience I'm telling them a story I'm helping them get to the next step in their business okay and that's why my open rates are like fifteen to twenty five percent they're really really high industry average is only three percent or less okay so imagine that if you have a hundred thousand people on your email list and only two or three percent of people are opening up opening up your emails that's pretty crap all right but if twenty percent of them are opening or thirty percent of them are opening up the emails that's pretty damn good right which is the and and the way that you create that is by making sure that you don't over email your your email list right and that when you email them you're sending them good stuff okay and they're expecting good stuff from you every single time okay and I just keep doing that now when I whenever I send out an email blast I rotate eighty percent and twenty percent of the content eighty percent of the time I'm lots of value okay exactly like this video that you're watching right now 20% of the time I literally just ask for the sale or I'm selling something right I'm a marketer you're a marketer right you gotta sell stuff yeah so what I'm doing is 20% of the time I'm saying hey listen I got five spots on my team or hey listen if you want to check on the system that I used to make you know ten thousand dollars this month or whatever it is you can get access to it here check it out if you want simple as that but it's a it's a direct sale right now if you're giving people lots of content good valuable content it's okay to sell once in a while okay but if you're selling all the time and you're not giving people anything any valuable stuff that's why people unsubscribe from your list does that make sense yeah so that's basically my business model okay now the other thing that I do as well which i think is very very powerful right is that I only market one or two products okay I don't market ten products because if your marketing ten products then people don't really know what you're doing they don't know if you're marketing you know Company A or Company B or company Z right and you don't want to be seen as someone who's jumping all over the place right so you got a first of all pick a great program and then just stick with it okay just market that program the other thing that I do a lot of the time is in my emails I tell them to reply to my emails or I tell them to message me on Facebook okay now what do you think happens when they actually send me an email or message me on Facebook that's right I reply I actually reply so out of every single day I will take half an hour to an hour to reply all of my messages on Facebook and I'll reply to every single one of my emails and most of the time people hear from me within 12 to 24 hours of them sending me a message now what do you think that would do to your business if okay let me put it this way whether you were a customer and you email someone and they actually reply to you what what do you think that would create that would create a bond right that would create a relationship you'd be thinking holy shit this marketer actually replied to me which means that which means one of two things right one this person is actually a real person because they responded to me they're not an automated robot or something like that they're a real person number two this person is actually really working on their business now currently they're not on a holiday you know in the Bahamas then on holiday you know in Scotland or something like you know you know visiting castles or whatever they're actually working on their business right now which means that if I buy from them the chances are me getting really really good support is really really high does that make sense right now that's actually what people are thinking when they get a response from you if they have a problem and they send you a message or they use they send you an email if you respond subconsciously they're thinking in the back of their mind okay this is somebody that I can potentially work with because they responded to me when 999999% of all internet marketers do not respond to any of their Facebook messages or emails okay and number two maybe I can work with this guy because if they're responding to the emails it means that they're actually working on it on their business now and I might be able to get some really really good support from them if I decide to join their team or buy the product or you know you know whatever it is alright does that make sense yeah so there's a lot of things going on in my business right and you know what I've done is I've made sure that I've got key leverage points in my business well I don't have to be there all the time now there are a couple of things that I focus on very very heavily the first thing is I focus very heavily on coming out with really good content right so I focus on the front end of my business you know where people coming into the front door so that's my Bing ads it's my Instagram posts and my accounts and it's my YouTube videos that I'm putting out on you know a daily or you know every other day basis right I want to get as many people to see my stuff as possible the rest of my business I've optimized so that it converts at a certain percentage now I've tweaked that over time right but I don't have to fiddle around with it too much okay the other part of my business that I spend a lot of time on is replying to my people replying to my potential customers through emails and through Facebook messages right and that's it really that's it and then and then the last part that I focus on is is I focus on looking after my customers once they come into the business so paying customers I look after them right so I I do the support I do additional training I update them I touch base with them I do all that stuff okay and if you're not doing that kind of stuff then you know you won't you want to make sure that these are the three areas that you focus on focus on bringing in more eyeballs focus on rips responding to your potential customers and focus on your customers you know giving them good service making sure that they looked after making sure that they're getting you know they're going through the program making sure that consuming your products making sure they're getting support all that stuff okay and that ladies and gentlemen is my entire business model now here's the coolest part about this business model right you know the part where I spoke to you about you know where I leave them to click on it to check out my programs and stuff like that you could sub in anything into that part right so if you wanted to you could sub in your ebook you can sub in your own products that you've created you can sub in another Clickbank product you could sub in a network marketing company an MLM company you could sub in a big ecommerce product you can sub in anything you if you're doing talk to your sales you know a program that cost $2000 you could sub it in at that point okay all you have to do is just change the link right and this is why this model worked so well and that's why you know it's taken me a long long time to figure this model out but if you were taking notes and you drew this you mapped it all out you could literally take this and run with it and do really really really really well okay that's it guys that that I just wanted to share what I was doing and what really works okay so if you want to re-watch this video feel free to do that if you want to leave me some comments let me know what you think I'd be interested are you building your business like this right if you're not then you know you should consider doing it that way right or you know let me know what you're gonna implement in your business that's gonna be similar to this and I hope that it's gonna get you some tremendous results if you got some value from this video today I would really appreciate some thumbs ups that would be amazing okay and listen if you're like boom Aaron you know I I get this it sounds good but I'm still a little bit lost right you're you're you're running you know at 3,000 miles a second and I don't really know what's going on right but you want to learn how to do this stuff and for whatever reason you're not on my list maybe you just found my video today then I would love to work with you and teach you how to do this stuff step-by-step okay if you want to do that all you have to do is click on the link right below this video okay go ahead click on the link right there get on my email list you're gonna get my free training and you're also gonna learn how to actually get into my team learn and we can run you know we can hold hands run together on this if you want completely up to you okay so listen I hope you got some tremendous value and some tremendous ideas from this video today because literally I just laid it all out for you guys right I laid my entire business out for you if you were listening closely if you're not you can always rewatch this video right you could literally build out your business like that as well and get some crazy results okay so listen all the best in your business I hope you had fun today it was great just just you know just giving you guys my entire blueprint right there right you can just go ahead and run with that so I hope you enjoyed it and I'll speak to you very very soon I gotta pay this toll coming up very very soon so I'll speak to you very very soon videogame ticker all the best

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