ClickFunnels: How to Add a ClickBank Trust Badge

Hey everyone, it's Ivan here Just wanted to make a quick guide to show you how you can add your own ClickBank Trust Badge onto your Clickfunnels website

Um, so the reason why you would want to do that is because it just makes you look more credible, I think So here's what it's gonna look like, and when people click on it, it's gonna take them to a website which gives more information about ClickBank Just a nice little thing to have if you want So first thing you want to do is log into your ClickBank account So i have done the liberty, taken the liberty of actually logging in for you guys already so we can save time

So you log in, you click on 'settings', which is to the right of 'dashboard', just right there Next thing you want to do is click on 'my site' to the right of 'my account', and then you want to look at the middle here, it's gonna say 'ClickBank Trust Badge injection code' So, click on 'configure settings', and here's the different places where this badge could be placed on you Clickfunnels website, so 'centered header', which is just at the top; top-left, top-right, right? Pretty straight-forward for people who speak English, in this case And here's the different colors, I'm pretty sure that's 8, my math is still right, right, yeah, that's 8 So you can select what you want and where you want to put it

So suppose you want bottom-left and in black, you can click that and 'save changes' Now the reason why I'm not gonna click 'save changes' is because it may take up to 15 minutes for it to be reflected and the change to be saved I want immediate changes, right? So I'll show you a way you can do that So I'm gonna click 'cancel', and let's start off with the first step So, here, my, for me, my default is top right and light-blue, ok? So what I'm gonna first do is I will copy this, so I'll say 'control C', gonna go to this, so here's my Clickfunnels page, you know, I haven't worked on it, it's just a random page that was given to me when I first started

So I'll click 'edit page', and then I'm gonna go to the top here, where it says 'settings', and click on 'tracking codes', and then at the top in the header option I'll click 'control P' for paste, alright, I'm gonna paste it there So boom, that pasted the code there, so let's see what happens Click 'save', gonna click 'preview' Boom, look at that, beauty, right And here's what happens when you click on it

You click on it and boom, right, so it gives you some more information ClickBank, 19 years in business, great, right? Gives you all this information I think definitely makes you look more credible, alright? BUT, suppose you don't like the color, suppose you don't like placement, or suppose, oops, or suppose, well, this is probably something that's gonna affect everyone – you don't like the fact that it disappears from view when you scroll down So if you have it placed at the top, and you scroll down – GONE, right? Kinda beats the point of us doing this in the first place Um, so suppose you want to change any of those 3 things, here's how you do it

So I'll send you a link to this particular webpage, may be be pretty useful for you Then when you open it, go to the middle of it So right about here – so here's the part that you really should look at So it tells you the different values for this so-called perimeter 'parameter', I'm no expert on this code stuff, alright? So I have no idea what the heck um, like this code means at ALL But, what I do understand is that the thing that makes the color and the placement different is this part here that says 'position and theme', OK? So what I'm gonna do is, I'm just gonna copy this part here all the way up to it doesn't let me copy just the black part, will have to cut that off later on We're going to copy & paste that again Shut that off Now, I'm gonna go here, and I'm gonna paste this exactly to the RIGHT of my account username, alright? So, very important to paste it to your right Now, because there were other things that I copied because I didn't have any other choice, I'm gonna just delete them

So, that thing wasn't there I don't want anything except the part where it says '&position', OK? So you don't want this, you want to say '&position=bottom_left&theme=black', OK? So you also don't want this little thing there, OK? So that one was already there, so you won't have to, OK? So, um, everything else looks fine here, OK? So now you just fill in the blanks – so you fill in the position you want it to be in, and you fill in the color, OK? So for example, suppose you want it to be at the bottom-left, which is my favorite spot and that's what I would recommend because as you scroll down the page, that little ClickBank Trust Badge still stays there, OK? So, actually it says 'bottom_left' here, but suppose it said um, you know, suppose it said 'bottom_right', OK? So what you would do is just click here, delete it, or you can delete the whole thing, whatever Click 'bottom_left', OK? So now, this little ClickBank Badge is gonna appear on your bottom-left But, suppose you wanna change the color So here's the 8 options, OK? Don't try making another color, OK? It's not gonna work, I tried it – it will only go to your default color, OK? So pick a color, suppose you guys want, you know, let's do something flashy, let's do light-green, OK? So I'm gonna delete that black, and type in 'light_green', so let's see what happens

So I'm gonna click 'save' Let's click 'preview' Boom, look at that – gorgeous, alright? So you click on it, again, it's gonna work – it's gonna take you to that link Lovely, alright And as you scroll down, notice, look at that – still stays there, alright? So, I think that's, that's pretty useful to have

So, my favorite spot is bottom-left or bottom-right, OK? So that's about it, thanks for watching I will leave all the links below the description If you guys have any questions at all, ask, ask away, don't be shy, comments, questions, concerns, you know, hate sentences, you know, anything, I'm open to anything – alright? So thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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