Clickbank Affiliates | How To Get Free Traffic on Facebook

What's going on everyone welcome back to another video my name is Mike Harrison and in this video I'll be showing you Another free method on how you could promote your Clickbank product on Facebook and lately Facebook has been really Strict about affiliate marketers I mean they've been doing that for a long time, but nowadays it's really really really hard to To like get out there, especially if you're promoting Clickbank products it's a it's a big no-no for them, but With that being said, let's just get going

Let's get started to this video So As you guys may know the last couple videos I've already shown you guys how you could create an account on Clickbank comm it's free again, depending on what country you're in and Once you create a Clickbank account which you're gonna need to do is go to marketplace and Choose a niche again Choose a product from the category, let's say It could be home and gardening It could be health and fitness I like health or fitness because a lot of people Promote health and fitness

I don't want to show you guys the exact product that I promote but you guys know what it is because Like I said, they it's not secret I Know and for the beginners out there If you're trying to see what what's a good product to promote you need to sort it out by gravity because the higher the gravity The more likely you're more likely to get a cell So The as you can see right here, the gravity over here is like 300 And if you go underneath that he gets lower and lower but they higher the better and I always used this product As an example just to showcase in the videos You see that auto showcase this product Because it just is an example, but do I promote this product? Yeah yes, I do promote this product but you know in my own other methods and I use paid traffic and I've said that couple times in other videos I prefer paid traffic more than this because this takes a lot of time Ok, and the reason why I'm showing you this is because there's a lot of beginners out there who wants to get their ball rolling so they could start reinvesting their money back into their business and also have like a Profitable income coming in and to do that you have to start by Level one and that is what I'm showing you right now And today I do have another free method I do have another free method and we'll be using Facebook this time And if you need to my channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button below It would really make my day and you also won't miss out on future uploads So let's get right into the video Now when you go and Clickbank you get through all the steps you choose a niche like for example I I oughta show health and fitness, for example, you press promote It gives you a link This is just a demo it gives you a link What you're gonna need to do is copy this link ok now once you copy this link you see how ugly this link is you're gonna need to shorten this link because if you try if you tried sending this to anyone out there, they would automatically think oh, this is a scam and They would never trust you again Because that link is ugly

So what you're going to need to do is go to this website called bitly calm bili calm it shortens your URL, so we're gonna copy that I feel we're gonna copy on affiliate links here You know, I mean you're gonna need to paste it and then click copy That way you've already copied and you see how short that is It looks beautiful Again before you promote the product you need to watch out for them You need to look to actually look into the website and see if it's actually the JIT if this product is worth promoting and A lot of times if you're trying to promote something from Clickbank I'd rather promote a rather promote a product that has a video to begin with that way it lures in your Your visitors and they pay attention to it because people nowadays they prefer watching over reading So and I would prefer promoting products with at least one video Like one sales video that shows you and explains to you What's what's in the product and what is there for you to gain? um, once you've copied your short link what you're gonna need to do next is go to facebookcom I'm on Facebook right now And this is like this is my my page by the way, I have I have 947 people liking this page right now And yes, I do a lot of my marketing on Facebook, too I have my I have my own strategies and again, I'll show that in in the future once you get on Facebook, you're gonna have to look for your clients people who are gonna People who are looking for solutions people who want you to help them people Who are stranded basically Yeah So once you get here go to the search button Inge since we're promoting, uh Since we're promoting a weight loss product what you're gonna need to do is search it up

You know, how do I lose weight how Do I You'll see a lot of you'll see a couple people here asking the same question and there's a lot of people over here who are looking to get solution once you Once you search that up what you're going to need to do is look for those who are actually looking for help, you know people who are looking for solutions Alright don't go to everyone and start spamming them and saying hey if you want to lose weight You just click this click that matter-of-fact Facebook or Facebook girl more like Twitter They would block you because they're really really strict It matter of fact, I think Facebook has more restrictions than Twitter Because they don't care About your business, especially if you're a beginner They would shut your account down I don't know where because I've got mine shut down a couple times before and it wasn't really It's not a good thing and it took me a long time to to solve that So what you were here what you're going to what you're going to need to do is Look for people who are actually Asking for the question, how can I lose weight? like there are a lot of people over here who are looking to lose weight, but Sometimes it takes a long time for them to get response and and you want to be the first one to answer them And I wouldn't really like go ahead and just comment You know, this is just me giving you guys an idea Because right now I'm I'm gonna hurry I'm trying to get somewhere And this is gonna be a long video and I'm trying to make it as as short as possible Basically, let me just give you the idea you come up here you call you go to Facebook You search up your prospects and you look for their solution like you look for their questions and you give them solutions So a lot of times people since a lot of people are doing this then we just go and Respond to them and leave their link you don't want to do that What I would do is I would add that person get to know that person and then at the end You could send them your link I mean that's that's basically that is The fastest way you could get away with it nowadays on Facebook if you're trying to promote Clickbank products You're gonna have to like add I mean message these people you don't even have to add them if you want to you could but it's better because I add them just to Get them to know who I am Just so in the future I could also market to them again and this is something that you guys should do as well add your prospects and and Message them and say hey, I I figured that you have questions about losing weight I think I can help you with that but first of all You know get to know their story where you from this and that like meeting somebody that you've never met before you Want to introduce yourself? You want them to know you too that way you don't sound spammy when it comes to the when you when you have to like send them the link and Like I said, it's it's really that simple nowadays, everybody's doing Things that a lot of people used to do before so there's so many competition out there and You need to stand up meaning you have to fight you You need to find your own creative way to actually promote the product other than copying what everybody else is doing because that way If you keep doing that, you'll never succeed because there's so much competition And a lot of times when I'm talking to you guys I'm talking I'm I'm telling my beginners out there There's so many beginners out there who don't know how to get leads and I will get to that in the future

But for now if you're like having like financial crisis and you're trying to find the best way to To get started keep in mind This is not gonna be an overnight success Because you have to put in work you have to go out there You don't even have to just go on Facebook you could go Instagram Twitter all these social medias and look for your prospects if you Know you have a product that can solve somebody's problem All you have to do is search for it search for Eco search on Google You can search everywhere and The day's always someone out there who is looking to get their problem So and you want to be one of the first people in line? To let them know Hey you just in case if you need me, I'm here and the number one way to to actually get conversion is if you build relationship you need to give them value you need to Tell them hey You know Like just just give them like valuable information so they could hang on to it so they could know who you are

Tell them something Just show them that you're worthy of being trusted And again, that's it for this video Just keep in touch with me I am uploading nowadays and Yeah, if you're new to my channel make sure to hit that subscribe button if you like this video Make sure to give it a thumbs up If you also don't like this video, I don't mind getting the dislike So and Leave your comments below tell me what do you think about this? YouTube is very new to me by the way I'm starting out on YouTube because I like yo, a lot of people are doing YouTube and It's always been in my realization

But the fact that I have money to spend on paid ads I don't really care about YouTube, but now I'm doing YouTube First of all, it's because I want to help you I want to help those who need help I'm not here to like promote anything I will be promoting because this is my youtube channel, and I could do whatever I want It's just the fact that I want to give you guys as much tips as I can especially showing you the free methods on how you can actually Get sales get visitors and start to convert by the way I hope this video makes sense and I'll see you guys later And if you want to learn more just in case if you wanna learn more I'm giving out a free ebook And all I need is God I just need your email so I could send you this free ebook

I wrote this ebook and I've shared it with couple of my family members and now their results are like it's unbelievable So if you're interested in getting my ebook is step by steps for beginners Especially it's a guide for you dying to learn what it is like to do a feeling marketing full-time And I hope I hope this video did something with your day I hope you got value from this video and I'll see you guys next time thank you all for sticking around and Yeah

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