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Hey guys this is a review for the affiliate product Dominator plugin it's a pretty cool plugin basically you can research products and create posts based on those products you can do it from any of these different places so all you do is to start out with let's just say we're going to do a keyword or call it laptop and we're going to submit that's going to generate everything we need here okay there we go here are the results now it's coming from everywhere from all those little spots so let's just choose one of these right here so when you check the box will pop up right here now you can include certain things so let's include top ten Google you can include related words videos reviews answers and comparison tables you can include all the stuff in your pulse so what this plug-in does is it allows you to create your own post with unique content compiled together so we're going to throw in some top ten Google because that's nice will join some reviews I will put in a video in there in a comparison table ok then we hit submit and then we're going to say select the products you like to compare with let's just throw in this one and HP select the attributes you like to have in the table ok so what products we wanted to come in the table below will put in an image obviously a price probably want to throw in some reviews and maybe the height length width and wait ok then you hit next now you're going to add some different product details we'll add that one image at it ok we'll add that one to image added ok so you've got a couple there and got all these products you can add from amazon so you just click plush content and okay you know you can do whatever you like features here's your comparison table right here your search engine results with your video here the reviews you can see all this valuable information that you have retrieved that using this plugin now you can just go ahead and add it to any category you want to publish or draft is the post-it create post by post has been added okay so you just did that based on keywords submitting it going through here you can also you know do research and select certain things in categories or you could find it through amazon category so now that we've created the post we can't view polished and you'll see everything we've just added so here we've got the title we didn't put any title and this is a real quick one but here's the pulse so we added the brand here the products and there it is now this is something this plugin works really well but it is very confusing as you see you probably are lost right now you generated all that content and you selected the content you wanted but then you have to go through and manually add again so that's something that you need to pay attention to if you don't hit the plus button so you like we only have the plus on a few of these things and that's all that was added in here so we've got the couple images and and that's it but as you can see it brought us right to amazon so this is a great affiliate plugin for you because it brings it to me not so you could add all that information and that's what I recommend going through and just checking plus plus plus plus plus all the way down and you'll end up with a big post with tons of information that is all jumbled together and yes it may be a little overwhelming for a user to come in and see all that information but the search results will love it and then you'll get traffic and people will click on the pictures because if you have pictures in there people like pictures more than all this text and videos no click on that and we'll go right to amazon and then you have your sale so this plug-in silly product Dominator it's definitely worth it it's worth having it's worth trying out it takes a learning curve and you got to select and you got to learn you need to figure out what things you want to add into your polish and how you want the table to display but when you use it it's worth it because now you have all the searchable content in a polish that you created and you have stuff from Lego set top 10 reviews question and answers which is all highly searchable content that you didn't have to come up with it right so even though each polish might take you five minutes to create think about if you had to write the post by yourself how many hours would you spend researching all the different websites and coming up and pasting and copying in that content it takes two hours to create a pulse so get this plug-in try it out use it creates some great post some highly detailed and informative post link them to your affiliates using this plug-in and you'll be on your way until next time

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