Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Step by Step

hey what's up you guys this is Branson here and in this video I'm going to talk about affiliate marketing how you can start affiliate marketing as a beginner as a dummies there's a video that coming hey what's going on you guys welcome back to my channel welcome back to another video and today's I'm so excited now this for you because I'm giving away free cars that worth over 997 US dollars hundred percent free for you and I'm gonna put it on life I'm gonna release it in the next couple of weeks but I want to put out first to the first 300 subscribers that they get attesting they get a free course and give me some feedback and I know whether the marketplace like it or not so I'm doing a beta testing that after that after I get these 300 people go through my course and I'll release it and pricier 997 and how you can get it for free and claim your spot in this 3000 sorry 300 first spot in this training is you have to follow these five simple steps first thing you have to go down in this video description click the first link click the first link and you will land on this page this is the registration page where you know I'll show you what you can get in this course 100% free that a coming live soon that I pull up in a couple week and I'm gonna charge people charge my student 997 after that but now you can get it for free you simply have to go to you know click the link in a video future and first step and second thing is you enter your email and register and secure your spot by doing this click this legit register now and put your name and email and secure your spot now and that way you again subscribe to my email list you've become my email subscriber and that way you'll get notified you will get announcement you'll get latest update you'll get a special link by doing that that's how you complete your first and second steps and the third step is you like this video like this video hit that like button and comment below passive income and that way you get verified and you're qualified to get these free training and fourth thing is you subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification because I'm going to put out a live stream in the next couple of weeks and I'll announce any latest updates anything's about these three causes and how we can get access so that you can get first-hand access to these because again it's limited to 300 YouTube subscribers an email subscriber of me I'm giving away to my audience first to like that the ties out and give me feedback and after I put up alright put up for paid course so the fifth thing is you just simply have to wait for announcement and get the special access link after that and you start going through the training and I talked about you know how I can start making money online the truly step by step process because a lot of people a lot of gurus you know out there they're charging mm you know scam so many things out there that you know you can get these for free right now I'll show you step go on how you do the exact step to how we do this all the resources all the tools are training even covering mindset motivation is a complete course you can get it for free right it is insane it's insane that I'm giving away for free right now I I don't know about just I want to you don't give back something to my audience and follow these five simple steps I'll leave this instruction and the link down in the video description you can check that out and cannot over deliver right can I over deliver if yes I'm gonna give you something more all right I'm gonna give you first thing my free ebook if you sign up here if you register spot I'll send you an email with my free ebook that I've stepped you through five simple step you can start doing affiliate marketing how you can start and grow a business and start creating passive income and big Commission every single day and the second thing you're getting opportunity to get access to my number one recommendation to make a full time income online all right how good is that how powerful is that two days take the action and register spots and back to today's video right back to today's video it's about affiliate marketing for dummies all right I know this har go I know but it is original is uncut it's draw I'll show you something you know imperfection how long people hard you know people every single egg and start creating success in the online business in a flipped marketing that's how I do that is how I'm making my full time income online and that's what I love to share with people to influence people and change their life it's true affiliate marketing and how I classify you as a dummy as a beginners I know some of you say that you know I have experience I know what I'm doing I know about a flame up being I've watched tons and tons of YouTube videos reading blog posts now go through courses or what but if you haven't make any money if you have made a first dollar online if you have a much maker first then you know first thousand dollars online that's what I call a dummy a beginner's I'm not bragging sorry about that but that's the truth I once you know that truth and you have to start learning and investing yourself is by getting your first dollar first if you didn't make any money in that that's not the business that that's just a hobby that's just a hobby if a business makes money so how we can do that again go through my free cars go through my ebook I'll show you how we can do that and today I'm give you I'm going to give you an overview a blueprint on about affiliate marketing from beginning from zero to you know get to five figures but again in this shot video I couldn't able to cover everything you have to go through my ebook go to my free training if you want to get more information to learn about this and first thing I'll show you first thing I think the most important thing that is you alright you how we can put yourself into the business model what you can do as a normal people as a datebook person as you don't have any followers you don't have any subscribers you don't have money no network no connection how you can do it is you by starting to create content you by starting to create content to start becoming a producer to start becoming a producer rather than a consumer alright what I mean is that every single day I know you have watched tons and tons of YouTube videos videos after videos but yeah you could have met your first money online alright you couldn't make your first money online because what you're doing is you are a consumer you're consuming content every single day on YouTube on blog posts on Google you are reading you're learning you're consuming but guess what when you're learning that's just knowledge that's not experience that's no action involved that's no action so how you can do that is you truly become a producer when you turn yourself from a consumer and the producer you stop putting up content like this like what I'm doing I'm putting up content and putting up valuable information to share with people I'm a producer and you're watching right now you are consumer that's why I'm making the money that's why you're not that's the harsh truth that I want to show you and you know start to wake up and become a content creator you by creating content you will guess what your be what's next is your your ab you an audience you build an audience what I mean an audience is it could be your Instagram followers it could be your facebook friends it could be a Facebook group followers it could be YouTube subscribers it could be your email subscribers whatever it is that's your audience that's what people that like what you're sharing that like your value that love you trust you and if you are able to build this audience you can do whatever in the world to make any money that you want get how much damn money as you want you if you have an audience so it's super super powerful I know you might be thinking how can I be an audience I don't like reading videos I don't like to write blog posts I don't want to start in circle I don't know anything can you show me can you give me on a step-by-step guide please all right again I'm not your your father I'm not your mother I won't give you spoon feeding you have to do it anyways how how you how people out there whatever people tell you and share with you to teach you if you didn't do your due diligence and take action you're gonna feel you're gonna fill this fairly hard word because that's gonna take effort and it is super super possible that you as a normal person can build an audience because me I'm coming from third world country no money no network no connection and able to build a business from scratch at the age of 24 from Malaysia third world country you know one us

dollars is about 45 malaysian ringgit I get that money disadvantage I know some a guy out there in my from India Philippines Indonesia whatever it is worldwide no matter where you are from where you're coming from that will not be your excuse from not creating success because I've seen tons and tons of beginners and also my students and getting success as a beginner what they do that make a breakthrough is them finding a mentor is then finding a mentor and follow model their success and secondly they take action they believe in what they do they believe in a process and they do it they take action and the third thing that can see is they see the action they see the brick true because initially people are not gonna see results no nobody is gonna see the result fast that's why people quit growing instant gratification in today's era you want to steal without fast just like this but when they didn't see results in 1 month 2 months 3 months they quit and the first thing that you do that you have to fix what's inside is you must have the vision that you're gonna success and you do whatever it takes to go to the destination there's some little cut about mindset I just wanna share this with you because that's so important if not whatever technical stuff that I show you you couldn't success because if you didn't fix was inside that that's super super powerful incredible and that's it let's go back to this alright sorry for that sorry for you know go go out try for this but that's super important right it's you by creating content to build an audience that what I do is from YouTube and building my main you to subscribers my audience and after you have an audience one you need to have next it's an offer it's an offer so offer meaning a products or services whatever it is there are tons and tons and company and business out there they are needing and want people to help them promote their products and they are willing to pay them a royalty a percentage of commission if they help them to make a sale that's what affiliate marketing is is you and as a middle person you recommend and refer something to people and you connect both parties together you you connect both bodies together it's a consumer right it's a potential customer all right and you connect them with the company all right you connect them with your company and you make a cut you make a cut truly transaction you make a commission and yes you don't have to create your own offer you don't have to create your own products you don't need customer support you don't need to do inventory management whatever you do need to take care of all of this you just have to focus on one thing which is marketing which is marketing which is bringing people bringing audience to the offer that's the only thing that you have to focus in and if you can master this you can earn whatever money that you want right that's the only thing that you have to focus that's what I love about flip marketing first thing you don't have to create your own products that's why beginner can start off really easily because usually beginners they don't have the money they don't have the skill set to able to create products and your handle all the websites the customer service they don't have a team they don't have a company that's why I can start off clear marketing right now right after watching this video it's free for you to get started there's so many websites out there clickbank amazon the fears so many that you can sign up free and start promoting products digital products so many offers out there that you can promote and start making Commission start making Commission that's how you can make money online through affiliate marketing alright that's a simple outline over here if you are super fresh and new above it might be for some of you that you you're seeing a Branson I know all about this faster go to the next time right I'm going to next guy but let me drink a water please now super fun right now excited I've been talking too much because I want to over-deliver and give you as much as possible in this video right now the next thing that you have to do is you have to find all right you will find a niche you have to find niche meaning a category in your business it could be in health it could be in technology could be in photography it could be in pets and animals it could be in cooking it could be in traveling whatever it is but you have to find an inch meaning that something that you are passionate in your passion in or something that you have certain experience in alright certain experience because what you're gonna do is you are going to create tons and tons of content out there remember what I talked about you have to create content so if you are not passionate in whatever niche that you are in if you or you don't have experience you can you can you know you can you can overcome this because you can start learning from other people you can watch other videos and you can get experience and learn but you cannot overcome this or I can overcome this if this is not what you love you want your like to talk about you know you are gonna creep okay I see so many people's out there they are choosing the niche that they don't like because somebody tell them that that's making big money that's making big profit alright like cryptocurrency stock market Real Estate's bit making big money people out there making millions billions out there that's why they're oh they're so nice right that they have the shiny object syndrome and it's just diving because people tell them that them that they can make big money and that's not what they love about alright they're just diving in for the sake of money and guess what one month ten days the crib alright because they don't like it right we people we don't like to do every single review we don't need to do things that we don't like and the only thing that gets success is consistency and you stay there you don't quit and you get the results and in order to do that you have to find a niche that you have passionate in again if you have passion in health wealth and fitness these three evergreen niches you're gonna make you know big super profitable money because these three categories these three niches have wealth and fitness people are going to have big problems big pain points in in in the daily life all right people are willing to put in big money to solve their problems in these three niches people want to get rich people want to get good relationship people and get healthy stay fit lose weight all right that's why if you have passionate in these three images I recommend you I strongly recommend you to go into these niches the niche that I'm in is in wealth and helping people and helping you to create passive income to make money online that's what I love this what I do for myself and I turn around the sherry from people and I earn my money I make money and I'm able to influence you to affect you to change your life and help people that's why I'm so so passionate in affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship in about making money online even you are beginner I believe you can do that I believe every single one in today's world into a stage can do that because of the power of internet because the power internet that you can connect to whatever person in the world right now even if you're in Africa you're living down in a tunnel be down there even if you have internet you can gain access to the world you can share a toast via the world and make money that's what I believe alright first thing you have to get your niche find your niche the second thing is you have to have content again I'm stressing so much about content because if you don't have content you won't able to and get you people you won't able to gain audience you won't able to build people around yourself that love trust and you know and I believe in you all right and the only reason that people buy from you all right the only people that you the reason they buy from people is you people like you and trust you know like and trust you I want you to start thinking right now whatever things that you in life you buy it is because you trust it you know that you're gonna get value from that thing you're trusting that products are trusting that people so you have to stop building a brand your doesn't stop building a personal brand you have to choose to whatever platform that dual life you have to choose a platform for me it's YouTube I might know you don't like record video is super simple you can just record a screen there's so many software out there bandicam you know screencast-o-matic that you can record your screen you don't even have to show your face they can put up content on YouTube it's hundred percent free or some of you if you like writing and go for your first thing YouTube or like writing and go for blogging I know some of you can I say that shit I don't like to do blogging and guess what people are making millions with blogging if you like writing you have to start really putting in the work and start doing a blogging right and or even you can use even other platforms like social media social media marketing by using Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat linked in so many social network out there that you have you can drive tons and tons of traffic Oracle traffic and business which means people that driving trip driving people into your business through social media right social media you have to choose a platform that you have your interest in and your strength is you have to focus on your strengths because again if you are focusing on other weakness and other day you just have multiple good witnesses you have more good weaknesses but if you can able to focus a strain you find what you are excel in if you're good at writing if you're good in video choose your strength is and double down triple down ten times your effort in their platform just focus on one platform and you get success and you you don't go over and conquer another platform I see so many business out there they fail because they just want to focus on so many thing at a time and you get overwhelmed you creep right so I want you to focus on just one platform and that's again the beauty of flip marketing you just have to focus on driving traffic getting people into a business you don't have a creator on products you get a focus that's why you can get sucks that's the second step is you by starting to create content create content and you build yourself a brand you build a brand and you find a platform all right again you just have to find one platform all right I know this is getting ugly these horrible bear with me bear my handwriting all right this it's very difficult to use this whiteboard but you know it's free right it's free I can write it whatever it is again you know you see I don't use something for paid for this all right I might upgrade a future but guess what this ADA bill the paper is free you as a beaner you can do a lot of things for free all right why not get started all right and how can do it in the 10 steps if you need you have an offer you have a product you need to get a products and you don't have to create your own products you just have to find something that's good all right something that's you know able to give value to people able to solve people's problems it's a super good products a second thing is that it has a good review it has a good review and so what you have to do your due diligence to find the products and you go through Google go to youtube to find reviews about the products whether they have good reviews by other people or not because when you recommend something for people as nature people go to YouTube or go to Google to find for the products and there are the real reviews if your product sucks review process people are not gonna buy all right it's a scam all right that's what I believe my number one doing a fair marketing is to recommend something that you know like and trust that you have absolutely no no nothing stopped you from recommending to people because you know that's gonna change people lives they've got that's going to help people as well I believe that's what I promote in my affiliate marketing business all right this value that has good review and again it is super super high converting all right what we mean and converting in business it means it's profitable alright people want to buy it right it's not about intuition it's not about you gas work that people should be able to like it people are going to buy it know when you think that's gonna happen that's going to be OH all right don't you don't have to do that gasps you're in business you have to trust in numbers trust in datas go through there find the numbers find a percentage I'm converting the percentage of sales right I'm not going to you don't go in details of these because I don't have time to cover all these I just have to give you an overview and blueprint again sign up for my training if you want to learn the step-by-step stuff alright because that I have known for the next 60 and 90 days I'm going to transform you from rags to riches from zero to making five figures sign up below if you are still watching this right now alright and where I stopped all right converting has a high high percentage of conversion and that we can confirm that that products convert confirm that that's a good product that people are making tons and tons of sales with that people are liking it people are going to pull out the wallet and buy it alright it's three criteria for selecting a good products and again I highly recommend you to you know promote digital products right digital products meaning like eBook training conscious software whatever it is is digital because digital product is don't record manufacturing cost shipping costs and the margin is very large that's why you can get high percentage amount of Commission in digital products like Amazon right you buy stuff from Amazon tons and tons of affiliates out there making a cut in the transaction by referring people to Amazon products that's fees go press in Amazon and they pay up to 10% commission maximum 10% depending on what categories of products that you're promoting because there are physical products you couldn't earn much commission but if you go for digital that's what's going to make a change right next we're gonna make a change first thing deep though and second thing is high ticket alright high ticket what it means high ticket is something that is expensive that is over easily over 497 dollars alright that's what I call a high ticket offer something that's you know people charging from big money and in order for them to charge the big money is they have to offer super amount of huge high value products alright so you have to give high value and again you can charge for high prices all right I want you to find products that has high ticket that means that it it offered tremendous amount of value and they charged super high price and people are going to buy that trust me especially in the tree evergreen niches health wealth and fitness people are going to buy whatever because of their products they are going to buy as long as you can give them the certainty that they were getting value out of that people are willing to pull out the credit cards or buy even two thousand dollars five thousand ten thousand dollars you might know you might think that it is crazy Branson's crazy people are not gonna buy that the numbers show that people are buying people are willing to buy people always like to get sold as long as you are able to provide value and help them solve the biggest pinpoint biggest problems all right guess what if I if I can able to sell you something for ten thousand dollars if you can make a hundred thousand dollars with that would you buy this ten thousands exchange for 100,000 that's what I called money on discount people have the balance in the air in him in the mind in your heart a balance to wait you know the benefit that I did and the money that I paid if I can get more van benefit more value and really pay that money because I paid a small more money even ten thousands I get a hundred thousand why not alright why not I'll just buy it alright that's the the idea of high ticket products and that's what I promote high ticket that's what changing my life in of their marketing business because I'm promoting high ticket products that I believe is offering tons and tons of value for people is charging high prices all right people are buying people are buying that's what changed my life and that's what I want to teach you and help you to change your life as well again go through my training go to my free concerts I'll show you how you can do that and this video is getting too long right I I want to stop it for today's if you want to learn more about flea marketing how to make money and create passive income in life alright follow these five instruction get my free cost is only open for 300 subscribers of me go through these five steps and get my free ebook you go through my number one recommendation to make money online and thanks for watching if you learned something gain value give me a thumbs up that way I know you like it right and also either how about this video as well I appreciate that very much and I want you to comment below comment passive income if you enjoying the content today if you want to get my freak on scum and passive income down below and subscribe to my youtube channel shit the notification about that way you get notified announcement latest update and video like this to help you create success online as a beginner and over-delivering everyday giving a free value and content to use my audience in guchi and again reminding you go through that free cost and thanks for watching remember subscribe I'll see you in my next video bye for now you

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