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Hey hey what's going on YouTube? Sebastian here, and if you're here today it's probably because you're interested in affiliate marketing, right? You've most likely seen Odi's youtube channel and how he's able to make money online with affiliate marketing and most recently how he was able to make $45,000 in just seven days, and if you're here today it's probably because you've seen that Odi has a course and you're wondering if it's actually gonna benefit you and actually help you make money Now I'm gonna go inside the course and show you guys the members area, I'm gonna answer some frequently asked questions that I've seen on YouTube about the course, I'm also gonna talk about the pros and cons of it and whether or not you should invest in the course or not and if you do decide that it's a good idea and you stick around until the end I also have three bonuses that I'm gonna give you guys if you do decide to purchase the course now, does that sound fair enough? awesome let's go ahead and jump right in alright so now before we get started I don't have any crazy ridiculous results to show but I do have realistic results after two weeks and I actually made a video talking a bit about this and I'll link that video somewhere around here if you want to check it out but anyways for those of you who don't know who Odi is Odi is a 24-year old entrepreneur and affiliate marketing expert he first started out by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing and then he started branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches than his first business Affiliate marketing he thinks is one of the best sources of passive income and it has allowed him to live his dream life in his dream home and he also has his dream car which is a Porsche 911 Turbo which is actually pretty sweet and if you haven't you should go check it out now anyways let's get into it so as you guys can see this is the inside of the course right here the first video he has is from UCLA dropout to dream life in just two years and this is kind of like his story how he started and how he went from like zero to financial freedom and now he makes upper six figures a year and as you can see there's a bunch of videos over here what is affiliate marketing and why it's the best online business best examples of affiliate marketing step-by-step, the exclusive Facebook group is here too the most profitable niches and affiliate marketing is just a bunch of good information as you can see there's not that many videos it looks like there's probably about 15-18 videos in here but he does go super in-depth into them and he keeps it as simple as possible – to get anybody to understand it and anybody can honestly follow along with these videos now it says 19 percent complete up here which is actually false because what teachable does is that if you don't let it go like let's say all the way to 25 49 and then just let it stop it won't count it as complete but I have watched a good 80% of the videos you know I really like all the videos I at least all the ones that I watched but my favorite one has to be the ranking video and it is honestly worth the price of the course alone and let me see if I can find it real quick right over here yeah how to rank on the first page of YouTube and Google top secret no let me pause it real quick before it plays yeah but I think that that video is worth the price of the course alone and this video right here shows exactly why Odi has been so successful and for him to just show us that and give us access to that knowledge it just completely blew me away I mean it's amazing and I actually feel like I can do what he showed me like it wasn't that hard I've honestly taken a bunch of courses and I haven't gotten that feeling that I can actually do what the people are showing me and that's one of things that I really really love about this course and as an affiliate marketer that's what you want that's where the true passive income starts coming in by ranking on sites such as YouTube and Google for certain keywords

now Odi is working on adding more videos to the course right now so there might be 15-18 videos in here right now but by the time you might get in the course there might be 20-25 videos because he is working on an email marketing a series for the course so that you can start doing email marketing because email marketing is the most important things now once all those videos are up the price will most likely increase right now it's at a 50% discount it's at $497 but once the rest of the videos are added once he finishes the course up and finalizes everything the price will most likely go up to 997 now like I mentioned there's also the Facebook group that is right over here and I'm gonna take you guys inside the Facebook group real quick now as you guys can see this is the inside of the affiliate marketing champ by ODI productions so far as of today what we'll days today today's the 16th there are a hundred and thirty-five members inside of the group as you guys can see there's people asking for help with certain things as you can see right here this guy asked a question od responded right away asked another question already followed up even more you know just awesome support that you're getting from the group and from Odi himself and he really cares about his students and he really wants them to succeed which is why I really love the course and which is why I decided to purchase affiliate marketing champ from him so yeah that's it now let's go ahead and move on to the FAQ all right so question number one is how much money do I need after i've purchased the course and what other costs are expected short term i assume that if you guys are watching this you have a computer or you have a smartphone and you probably have access to Wi-Fi or internet or something like that so you don't have to spend any more money on that because those are the only tools that you honestly need to do affiliate marketing with you don't need a fancy camera you can just use your phone look at Tai Lopez basically 90% of his videos are shot with his phone even the here in my garage video was shot with this phone so you don't need a fancy DSLR camera or anything like that but what I would recommend you have after you purchase the course is at least 200 to 300 dollars just so you can get the hosting set up your website you can buy a nice theme and you can also have at least like 50 to 60 bucks left over to play around with some advertising and get views to your video or get eyeballs on your blogs and blog posts but you know if you're super limited and you don't have that much money I would honestly say that you could bootstrap it with a hundred dollars it might be a little bit tougher but it can still be done you know there's so much different software out there there's you know cheaper alternatives that you guys can use for now until you do start making a little bit more money and you can upgrade and go full-out balls-to-the-wall just like anything that you want to do with it question number two is is this a get-rich-quick scheme now I know 99% of you guys probably know that this isn't but I just have to answer this it is not a get-rich-quick scheme if you do not put any work do not expect to get any results and if you think that affiliate marketing is just passive income straight from the beginning it's not it's a lot of work in the beginning it's a lot of front-loading but once you do get it set up and once you have your systems in place and your traffic starts coming in it's almost as if it's passive income and you don't have to spend that much time on it you know I'd say after about six to twelve months not as much as in the beginning though question number three is will I get direction from this course as a novice or a beginner what's amazing about the course is that Odi designed it especially for beginners and especially for novices you know people who don't know what affiliate marketing is you know they just want to get started with it right now from the start without having to know anything Odie's got you covered and yeah you're definitely gonna get direction from this course to you know start making your first fifty to a hundred dollars a day you know I'd say within a month or so question number four is how does this course compared to other affiliate marketing courses I'm sure that if you're on YouTube and you're watching my video and you've seen Odi you've seen that there's a couple of other people also selling affiliate marketing courses I've taken one or two of those and they're okay the first one that I took was kind of super basic and they really didn't go into that much they kind of just took everything straight from the straight from a book and kind of just put it out in a video format and honestly I didn't think that it was that great of course I did take another one that one was a little bit better it taught a little bit more about affiliate marketing how to set up campaigns and everything but what I really like about Odi's course is that he doesn't just teach you how to set up campaigns and make money short term he teaches you how to make money long term by setting up an affiliate marketing business he also teaches you how to rank in Google and YouTube he's not just spewing BS he's actually done it he actually has videos on the first page of YouTube in the first page of Google which is how he makes a lot of money passively basically and you know he also shows paid traffic sources how to get traffic to your video doing Facebook ads or any other type of advertising and what I really like about this course is that there's a Facebook community a lot of people are in there it's only 135 people it's not that many actually which is why I really like it because it's kind of like a tight-knit community and everybody and their just wants to see each other succeed and everybody's willing to help each other out and I really really like that and it's not one of the things that you get when you purchase one of those bigger courses when they do a giant product launch and they get a thousand of 2,000 people in there now question number five is how involved is OD in the Facebook group or just in general OD is very very involved in the Facebook group he he's not he's not just here to take your money and you know hope for the best for you he actually cares about your success and he's very very involved in the Facebook group the other day I sent him a message because I had a question about choosing a niche and literally the within five minutes he responded which was really awesome and I asked him I was like hey man you know can I ask you any other questions if you know they come up he's like yeah man sure thing that's why I'm here I'm here to help you guys and I really really love that he just he's just very genuine and he wants to see you succeed another question I saw is will you be required to do video reviews no you're not required to do them technically but video is probably one of the best things that you can be doing right now especially you know since Facebook live has been taking off YouTube live has been taking off YouTube channels have been taking off it's just a video that's so much better than written content and you know you don't have if you're shy to be on camera you don't have to be on camera there's ways to record videos without you being on camera and still getting your point across you know like people do webinars or you can do just like a slideshow or anything that you want you don't have to be on camera technically but you know to answer the question you're not required to do video reviews but it's highly encouraged just because video is a thousand times better than written content in my opinion and lastly is affiliate marketing better than Amazon FBA or drop shipping? In my opinion I like affiliate marketing better just because I don't have to have any product I don't have to worry about running out of inventory I don't have to worry about dealing with customers I don't have to worry about shipping I don't have to worry there's just so many things that go into FBA and drop shipping and you know there's margins on the product like you know you might sell a product for let's say 40 bucks but you might only get 20% from that and or 30% depending on what the margins are on the product what I like about affiliate marketing especially with info products is that there's high margins and traffic costs you know if you get that right it's usually not that high so I personally like affiliate marketing better I've heard that with Amazon FBA you're able to scale it quicker but I just like affiliate marketing because I don't have to deal with anything all I have to do is just connect person a to product B and you know hopefully if it's a match then I get a commission and I kind of like that better just for me and just how my brain works right now and the position I'm in affiliate marketing works better for that situation So should you invest in the affiliate marketing champ course? I think that you should especially if you want to start making money with affiliate marketing and start making money online now the course is amazing because you're taught from some who's actually made upper six figures per year with affiliate marketing if you ever have any questions with anything Odi will reply to you or there's also a Facebook group that comes with the course and if you ever have any questions everybody is always more than willing to help you out and the course is really simple yet he goes really in-depth to each video and he gives you step-by-step how to start your affiliate marketing business and just every single step that you need in order to make it thrive and successful now there's just one little thing I wanted to say a little caveat if you guys think that you can just get the course not do any work and start making money then this course is not for you honestly so since you've made it this far I assume that you are interested in the course and I want to say congratulations by making the decision to invest in yourself today because you know what they say the more you learn the more you earn anyways if you guys do want to invest in the course there is a link in the description for 50% off Odi we'll be adding more videos in the future and he will be updating the course so by the time you see this video it might be 997 already if it's not it's still 497 it's still 50 percent off and you guys are lucky so as I did promised as I did promise in the beginning of the video I would be giving you guys 3 bonuses and here they are all right so three bonuses are you get access to my highest converting affiliate marketing funnel that works in any niche you get the five hottest niche ideas with the five highest paying affiliate offers that you can promote in that niche and lastly you also get access to me so if you ever have any questions that maybe you're not getting answered in the group or Odi's taking a little bit longer to respond because you know he's getting hundreds of messages a day you can feel free to message me there on Facebook or through email and usually I'll respond pretty quick because I'm on the computer most of the time anyways I hope you guys really really enjoyed this video I enjoyed shooting it for you you know if you have any questions that I didn't get to in the FAQ make sure to leave those comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible anyways don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you guys can follow me along on my journey to 10k per month as an affiliate anyways that's it for this video guys I'll see you guys in the next video peace out 🙂

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