7 Reasons Why YOU Should Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site for Passive Income

I'm gonna tell you why you should start an Amazon affiliate niche site my name is Doug Cunnington I'm the founder of an inch side project I talk about affiliate marketing and productivity and project management and I'm gonna tell you the seven reasons why you should start an Amazon affiliate site the number one reason you should get started with Amazon affiliate marketing is you can make extra money so I don't know many people who wouldn't like to have a few extra hundred dollars per month you can pay off debt you can go on more vacations you can eat out more often or whatever you happen to need you get save for your kids college fund whatever but most people would prefer if they could to have a little bit extra spending money in the cool part with the Amazon affiliate sites is a couple hundred dollars is quite doable even for a beginner I'll place some links in the description to other videos where they're basically case studies and success stories of you were just like you some of these success stories are about people that are still in college other people may be you know professionals maybe they're engineers and other folks are you know musicians or teachers so there's quite a diverse set of people that have found Amazon affiliate marketing interesting and profitable number two you get to learn about internet marketing and I didn't know anything about internet marketing until I found the smart passive income podcast by Pat Flynn before that I was super into like beer brewing podcast I'm very into beer in general craft beer home brew beer and and so on I'm just into the craft of beer so at some point I got overwhelmed with all this beer content and beer podcast and I was browsing around I found the smart passive income podcast and I was hooked I learned all about this whole other world out there where people were making money online I didn't even know you could and I mean when you look back I didn't know anything about WordPress or I didn't even know what WordPress was let alone like created a website with it or anything like that but I learned all about internet marketing through niche sites if you wouldn't learn about this huge industry of internet marketing then a niche site is a great way to get a taste of it and sort of see it in different areas of course you know affiliate marketing like an Amazon affiliate niche site is a subset of internet marketing but it teaches you the core set of skills which are highly marketable now number three is learning about SEO that search engine optimization again when I first got started in 2013 I didn't know anything about the topic in fact if you would have quiz me I wouldn't have known what SEO even stood for the thing is you could create a whole company around SEO there are literally SEO agencies out there that help companies rank in search engines so as you could imagine it's it's fairly profitable because it helps companies make money if you have this core set of skills about SEO then you're in great shape to provide that service in fact I know a lot of people that got started with internet marketing or niche sites in general and they found that they were really good at SEO they were interested in starting a service and they moved forward they started a service business around SEO some people do sort of like local SEO for local businesses like locksmiths or plumbers or electricians and other people maybe they don't do local SEO but there are many different flavors of SEO and there are all sorts of companies that need help with SEO yeah number 4 you can learn about starting a website WordPress and hosting WordPress themes and basically all that infrastructure kind of stuff that you have to deal with when you start a niche site as mentioned before I didn't know anything about this world of WordPress before I found smart passive income and niche sites and affiliate marketing and all that stuff and it turns out you can you know have a whole company that all you do is work on WordPress sites so you know one of the reasons I'm framing it this way is because even if niche sites aren't for you at the end of the day if you started a niche site maybe you'll make a few bucks but you'll be learning all these skills that you can apply in other areas in fact you may find that you really love WordPress themes you start dabbling in you know creating your own themes and you become a wordpress developer or something like that basically that sort of a skill is highly valuable and you could you know dedicate your efforts to just WordPress development or WordPress plugins or themes or whatever and you know you become a software company that has WordPress plugins versus you know running niche sites just an example but a niche site will expose you to that whole side of the infrastructure of WordPress websites hosting domains all that kind of stuff number five is outsourcing you can learn all about hiring vs hiring writers working with you know marketplaces like upwork now that's where I hire most of my assistants whether it's a video editor who's editing this right now or if it's a Content writer or a content editor or WordPress developer so there's a certain skill set that you have to develop to effectively hire people where they're you know they're not located near you or anything you can't sit down and talk to them so you have to understand how to create a job listing interview the person if you need to hire them and then work with them communicating via you know messages whether it's email or within the up work platform so again it's a whole skill set to be able to hire people again you may be able to run a whole agency based on you know your skills as you know hiring manager for outsourcing work you could have a Content service where you for example write content for niche sites for your customers right you can have clients that need content and maybe you're able to hire a Content team and put a system in place where you're providing a valuable service for them because you know they don't know how to hire people on up work but you do obviously you can become a pretty big business there are actually you know business models out there for content specifically another example maybe around SEO maybe you're able to hire SEO folks from up work and then package up their services and essentially provide a service to your clients because you're able to hire the VA is more effectively number six is you learn about writing and creating content so I've alluded to this a couple times even in the last example but if you start a niche site in your budget slow you're probably gonna have to do a lot of the writing yourself upfront that's what I did I actually wrote most of the content for the first eight months or so of me working on niche sites why well I didn't have faith that I would be able to invest the money and get an ROI in return but after I had more experience I realized that you know it's okay if I hire people nevertheless it was a great experience writing the content because I hadn't done much writing other than you know in college and then all the writing that I did as a professional was that kind of technical it was very business oriented as a project manager it wasn't very interesting writing for niche site us it's more copywriting than sort of technical business writing like I was doing before and copywriting of course is a whole other you know topic to get into but essentially you know you're writing something to sell the product at some point or something like that you you need to sort of convince people to do something it's persuasive writing if you will if you get into the content you may find that you really enjoy this type of writing and maybe you get into copywriting if you become a highly skilled copywriter you can charge a lot of money for your services or you know for example again around the service business idea you could develop a you know content service where you do the writing and if you develop your skills well enough then you'd be able to charge quite a lot for your content quick example you know if you have a specialized skill let's say you're a electrician or something like that and you find a you know site that needs someone who has the skills and knowledge of an electrician you could charge a lot for your content a lot more than you know a general writer on up work so if you have skills you could charge more for Mises I know about project management and HR and you know hiring people I could probably charge a lot as a Content writer for project management topics I'm a PMP right so my skills and my knowledge are sought-after and people would pay a lot more for that content so you can look and figure out what skills you have if you have any you know unfair advantage where you know more than other people and you're an expert well then you could probably charge more for your writing again just another example of being able to you know find a skill that you're good at and then maybe niche sites aren't for you you could do something else with it and number seven this is the most important one if you get started with niche sites and you make you know a few dollars here a few dollars there maybe you build up your income to you know a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars per month you realize that you don't need a corporate job you realize that you can work for yourself and make your own decisions now that's a whole other set of you know problems that you may have if you're an entrepreneur but there are countless examples of people who got started with niche sites and then they went on to work for themselves they they either got laid off like Pat or myself I actually got laid off in 2015 luckily I was into internet marketing you know was able to take my hobby of internet marketing and the skills that I learned from niche sites and work for myself so I am currently working for myself and have been for about two-and-a-half years at the time of this recording but there are a lot of other people a lot of other examples out there where they realized they didn't need a corporate job my transition was a little faster since I got laid off I didn't really have to make the decision but there are other people who eventually you know build up enough income on their side projects that it actually exceeds their full-time income at their corporate job a lot of times when you hit that point you realize that you want to quit your you know your day job and stop moonlighting and make your moonlighting job your full-time gig I'm sort of grateful then I got laid off when I did because I was able to accelerate my entrepreneurship endeavors and actually I learned a lot more I learned a lot more faster and it was definitely you know trial by fire but it's one of those things once you realize that you can make money on your own it's hard to go back to you know a corporate job where you know you don't make the decisions you're potentially doing work that isn't meaningful for you and you know if you're commuting that's the worst if you're sitting in a car and you're spending time away from your family or something like that it's not cool now Georgie's back here that's my dog Georgie in the background but I'm really fortunate I get to hang out with her all the time I could take her for plenty of walks all day long and get lots of exercise those are a couple high priority things for me and if you have a family of course you know you want to spend time as much time as you can with your family if you have kids then obviously you want to spend a lot of time with especially as they're growing up so just wanted to throw that in for point 7 once you figure out that you can make money on your own and you don't need that corporate job the genie is out of the bottle right and you can't get it back in so it's one of those deals and it's enlightening again once you make your first couple bucks you realize that it's possible and the sky's the limit at that point there's no there's no upper limit with a corporate job there's pay scales that you're sort of stuck in there's experience levels and most of the time almost always your income and your raises are not really based on your performance and that's hard to get your head around where if you're an entrepreneur almost like everything is based on your performance and how well you're able to focus and be effective and do the things that actually make a difference like that's everything we're at a corporate job you can get away with goofing off and you know spending a lot of time answering emails that don't matter or goofing around in meetings that don't matter so anyway I hope I convinced you to take a look at Amazon affiliate niche sites if you're looking for like a task list on how to get started with Amazon affiliate niche sites check out the description there's a link you'll basically be able to go to niche site project com click on the green button and you'll be able to enter your email address and your name and then I'll send you a link that'll have like a bunch of keywords that'll help you get started with a niche site there will be a task list so that you can see the steps that you have to do and basically a bunch of information that helps you get started with niche sites again I'm Doug Pennington if you like what you see on the channel subscribe and if you learned anything in this video click the like button and here's the question of the day do you have any other reasons why people should get started with Amazon affiliate niche sites let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out the comments by the way because some of the best suggestions and best ideas there from the audience or not for me so be sure to check it out and can with other people in the community thanks

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