3 Ways to Get Backlinks TODAY for your Amazon Affiliate Niche or Authority Site

in this video I'm gonna talk about giving links to your Amazon affiliate niche site and this is like short term type links that you can get quickly they may not be the most powerful links in the world but you can actually do them today my name is Doug Cunnington I'm the founder of niche site project I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing internet marketing in general and project management too so let's get into the three ways you can get links today so number one you could do blog commenting now I know some people think blog commenting isn't useful at all but it's my belief that if you have a link from a relevant blog even if it's a no follow blog comment type link I think it can be valuable especially if some traffic goes through it so if you go to an active blog that actually has traffic and you're able to get some people to click over to your site from your blog comment that's a good thing I think that's a good link to have so that's number one number two is social profiles so you could go to Instagram Facebook Pinterest Twitter so on and so forth create a profile for your site and be sure in the profile you actually put a link to the URL of your site so create the profile you don't actually have to be active in that social media channel I'm personally not a big social media person it kind of drives me crazy but if you create a profile you could place the link there and you know number one it is a link its nofollow again but it is a link from a big site and that's kind of a good a good link to have from a branding perspective the other part is if you put links to your social profiles from your website if other people cutting your website and they see those social profiles it makes it look like a website that you care about so that's a good thing as well so that's number two number three is YouTube videos and you can basically just like use your phone like almost everyone has a phone that is capable of shooting video you could shoot a short video talk about the product or whatever that you're reviewing and upload it to YouTube in the description for that video you can place a link to your site and again it's a nofollow link but if you get traffic through YouTube that actually goes over to your site I believe that is a good link a couple things that I believe make a nofollow link powerful our relevancy and the fact that traffic could come through it and with YouTube being a huge search engine some people say it's the second largest search engine behind Google you can get some traffic going to you know some random video that you upload like I said potentially from your phone maybe you don't even have the product in hand but you can you know put the phone on a tripod you can hold it in front of you shoot a short video talk about the product and upload it to YouTube potentially getting traffic so those are the three ways to get links today for your Amazon affiliate niche site I am going to put a link to another video where I talk about three ways you can get links which are longer-term projects they are going to be do follow links and they're gonna be more powerful they take a little longer to get those links so be sure to check out that video again i'm doug cutting t'nuk site project and if you're interested in getting a checklist more details about these links and the links you can get in a short-term or long-term basis go to niche site project comm slash 3 enter your email address you'll be able to download those you know the list of three the check lists there's actually a ton of goodies on there freebie so be sure to check it out if you're interested in niche sites and getting links to your niche site thanks

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