3-Pinterest’e amazon affiliate link atma

Hello there, In this video, I'll show you how to link an affiliate link to Pinterest Good Navigation First let's install the chrome plugin named "Pin Save button"

We installed the plugin Now let's choose a product from the Amazon store I will select a product from the "Home & Kitchen" category where sales rates are high I'm marking "prime" in the left menu, so if the prime product sales are realized, the commission purchase will be faster Of course this is never guaranteed The "save" button will appear on the product images

Let's click the button We need to create a pin for the first time And we're gonna throw the pin into this board Click on the Fix button to add a few units to find the product into the keyword hashtags will guide potential followers in finding the product

The hashtags start with the "#" sign As you can see in the list, you are seeing an estimated number of pinhed hashtags Yeah, we saved our pin Now go to the product page and get our "affiliate link" We receive our affiliate link text

Let's refresh the page Edit button and change the link with an existing link Yeah, we're done Thank you for watching Hope to meet you in new videos

Source: Youtube