$225K PROFIT IN 1 MONTH With BITCOIN, Amazon FBA, & Affiliate Marketing

– Hey guys, before we start this video, I want to give a quick shout out to one of my students I just posted on my Instagram

If you don't already, go follow me It's at @tannerjfox no spaces But this student hit $200,000 in sales Probably about 35-45% profit So almost 100,000 profit in one month for the month of October

He says, "This is real There's some real money to be made doing FBA I was reviewing October sales this morning, so close to 200K last month November should be at least double, and maybe a million in December That's insane

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out You've beaten me on Amazon So let's jump right into this video See you guys in one sec on the whiteboard What's going on guys? In today's video, we're gonna be breaking down my income for October 2017 so let's jump on the whiteboard

I'm gonna break down each source If it went up, if it went down, and why it did so And what I think November will look like So let's jump on the whiteboard real quick The first source as always, we're gonna go with Amazon

So I have multiple sources I have Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, Bitcoin, my courses, my YouTube, and then other kind of miscellaneous like personal branding things I'll go over more on the text so for Amazon, I draw in those So Amazon, we did– I have all the numbers on my phone So if I'm lookin'

We did $19,18955 Now if you follow me, you know that's way down from last month Last month was 32 thousand profit This month was 19

Why? Well for me, last year same thing October is weirdly slow for me I don't know why There wasn't one reason I had one product drop in a couple ranks, but it's startin' to move back

I guess it was just a slower month for me There was no one reason It's already picked back up in November November's looking like it should be, around mid to high 30s for profit but went down, let's see, it went down 13– so these are going to be estimates for the change Went down $13,000

Now like I said no one reason It's startin' to pick back up again So I'm not too worried Now the second source is Affiliate Marketing Now for Affiliate Marketing, there's multiple things

It's not just me having a following So this does count my YouTube So if I have an Affiliate Link for Jungle Scout or anything in there, it does not count BitConnect or that link, I don't count it on that But it is also– so it's that It's me running ads to other campaigns from Cliff Bank or Offer Vault or whatnot

So for Affiliate Marketing, we did $18,834 even– oh I can't write So $18,834 even and that is a change from last month A positive change of $800 So we went up $800 on that source Not bad

I'm relatively happy with that I didn't put really any time into Affiliate Marketing or changing anything Most of my time has been going towards personal branding, YouTube, a little bit towards Amazon So I'm pretty happy with that change I'm not gonna complain about that one

The third one, everyone's favorite, Bitcoin and BitConnect Did you guys happen to know that BitConnect might be on a Ponzi scheme– I never thought So we have BitCoin– that was a joke if you didn't get that BitCoin we made $44,17345

Now that's a huge change from last month Last month, we made about 13 thousand So that's a positive change of $31,000 this month So very happy with that, thinking about doing another maybe 150 once I get the profit on BitConnect But we will have to wait and see how things go

Also looking at getting, kinda swing trading BitCoin So we'll see after the hard fork what happens Next I'm gonna put this all in one category, but I'll break it down separately for you guys is personal branding So when I say personal branding, That's anything that has to do with me and who I am as a brand so that's my YouTube, that's my courses, that's if I have a paid Facebook Group That's if I have a mastermind group, anything like that

So overall for personal branding we did $140,88023 Now broken down, we know a lot of that comes from courses We have courses, we have YouTube, and then we have the miscellaneous which is just that group, a mastermind group So overall for personal branding, we went down $18,000 this month in that category

And that's all from courses These stayed the same or went up, and the courses went down Now, why? We've been doing a lot of stuff on the back end that isn't running yet, so I haven't been focused much on the courses in general I'm focused more on growth than monetizing the growth You will see around January or December, this will really pick up and this should be well over 300 thousand a month

Don't take my word for it You will see in a couple months, workin' on bigger things So I'm not worried about this at all Not sad about it I expected this to happen

It's going to go greatly up January, February, March March I have big affiliates promoting so Not too worried about that so courses we did $131,87958 So that is a decrease of about– what did I say? About $18,500

So not too bad Again, kinda explained that You guys can understand why Runnin' out of batteries so I'm gonna go quick here on these next ones YouTube $5,945

04 and miscellaneous we did $3,05561 This stayed even We have a set number of people in the group This YouTube increased by $200, so that went up two hundred

That stayed the same, and that brings our total to $223,07723 Now overall for this month, I'm pretty happy anything over two hundred I expected a slow decrease again, it's not really any of my main sources, or any of like Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, that change really It is the main thing is the personal branding that changed

Amazon changed a little bit this month Again, we know why So for this next month, I assume– I'm thinkin' this number the personal branding will go back up a little bit I'm expecting Amazon to jump up a lot This could be about the same

BitCoin will be close to the same YouTube might go down a little bit just because we're growing a little bit slower But you can see we've got 59 thousand subs right now So hopefully by end of the year, we'll hit 75 I'm pretty confident we will

But other than that, $223,000 this month all broken down Pretty happy for this month I'm hopin' January's gonna be some big changes We need to hit that million dollar month next year I think it's possible

If you guys have any questions about any of the sources or anything I'm doin' for them, feel free to leave them in the comments, and if you haven't already, hit that subscribe button Turn on notifications, and I'll see you guys in the next video

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