Hi everyone, I'm Jake, and welcome to this new video Today we will talk about the most common mistakes that anyone who devotes to Amazon Affiliate does

Be very careful because these errors can lead to the removal of yours affiliate account, so avoid them at all costs! One: Use link shortening services, like googl and the like The only service you can use is that of Amazon itself, amazon, if you use the Site Stripe the links will be created already with the link shortened by Amazon

Two: Include links in email, ebook or pdf Closely prohibited, so no email marketing Three: Use your affiliate links to buy on Amazon, first of all you will not receive the commission because Amazon notices that the shipping address is the same as the affiliate account, after which it is prohibited by the agreement operating Four: Open more than one account If you need more than one tag, you can create up to 100 tracking IDs in your affiliate account same account Cinque: Violate Amazon's copyright: so avoid domains of the type MiglioreKindle

com, and above all, very common error, not copy paste the reviews on the Amazon site You can use them to get ideas and opinions on products, but avoid plagiarism Sei: Buy advertising on Adwords or Bing in pages with links to Amazon Simply no, and moreover, you usually spend more money in advertising than those who return Seven: Mentioning incorrect item prices

If you want to show the price there are two ways: Or use the Amazon API, like the plugin associates link builder, or simply show the dollar sign, such as a dollar it costs a little, five dollars costs a lot Eight: Offer cashback on the purchase or incentives in general You do not need to explain why it's forbidden Nine: Do not make any sale for 180 consecutive days Oh well it's impossible if you have a good site

Ten: Automatically install the Amazon cookie as soon as users enter your website, this is a malevolent technique so if you are doing it you are not doing it by accident Stop immediately Eleven: Do not have disclaimer and terms of service on your Web site Simply create a couple of pages, templates for disclaimers and terms of service can be found almost anywhere At most, copy the Magnific 10 ones

And you, were you already doing some of these mistakes? Let me know in the comments This video is everything See you soon!

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