đź’¸AFFILIATE MARKETINGđź’¸ – 3 Profi Tipps und Tricks (feat. Joschka Budach) | #FragDenDan

Today there are three wonderful grandiose tips on the topic of affiliate Marketing last you stand asking and I answer in the frack the marketing is not that hard because you think there are now three tips from my buddy and colleagues joschka considered and you should on each Do not let yourself be dazzled by high commissions or even moniz there are people who want to lure new year's that many However, sales just do not do their products or their marketing Well, that's why they try to compensate for that and attract new ones a lot By simply giving very high commission there are some people giving 100 percent provision simply if you still have a lot of products Just reward them for the first sale making the coals moan or do any rolex or luxury travel if you have certain number of make sales easy that's all well and good if that in such a program is also there but should not be blinded by it because it could be that another product simply in the market much better that means when you generate a hundred visitors by no idea through youtube through banner advertising through your email list and the on my side of the virgin on it leads there any boni stories but at the end of the effect only half of the sales make it as if you have them on another page on another product So now we are talking about the same market so electric toothbrushes of vendor or vendor y if vendor y but not now the The highest commissions, however, gives a lot of marketing better commented that maybe 100 people out of 100 people buy it and 20 the other one on the other side became this rolex And luxury travel but only two sellers out of 100 visitors do you should definitely opt for provider y instead for providers only because someday a rolex times you get you can then much more if you have a lot more sales with a supplier y mas So I will not let that dazzle you can do it a bit like that See, and that's number two, it's just what makes the competition So you can yes in a certain area that already look which updates make for which programs advertising where to buy traffic 1 because if you use all those traffic sources that place their banners because you know, even if you spend money for it then someday flow back so you can then bobach if it is 12 months long runs three four months then it must earn a lot of money because otherwise you would not be able to afford to buy these banner places So look what your competition makes yes what programs advertise the like make the whole thing and just do a thing better than that would have the you always do not have to overtake the wheel invented as missed on phils i work very structured simply systems I did not have to be super creative right now just do one thing better than the others felt and already would mega have success tip number three is easy to say I do not focus my entire income on a marketing program and off I would definitely recommend that to you if you say I want to be fulfilled Make money full-time and not just do it by the way and you Do you really need an income stream through a field marketing then Do not build the business on a single pillar, because then you will Very quickly fail because you can easily in this area of ​​the film marketing can simply be that certain factors kills a knowledge and then it's always better to tell five or six different ones to have income streams as just one start I would really recommend that to you, I already have a lot there seen people that broke their neck a bit and it can be easy that eg google your side from rank to the locker comparison page created for any toothbrushes and she will be punished or yours promotional account on facebook will be blocked as you overflow all your ads I also have a lot or the manager I can easily lock and say hey he's making somehow 1000 sales since I'm in the month Somehow I have analyzed the sources somehow so now that makes again that makes the I just throw out my vacation program and then you can not get a link anymore and can no longer sell for make for me do that I do now myself is also more often of course, that can happen in any case a little bit of skill i definitely recommend you to to build several legs the whole business joshka joschka budach the link to his channel you will find below the video description and text again numero uno rothrist quattro tcs the first part on the subject of field marketing Subscribe to the channel above and ask me your question with the hashtag ask him on instagram on twitter on facebook and I'll make you louder funny gang 1 ask a question wherever you are we'll see you soon again you have already subscribed I am now

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