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I greet you friends with you the channel I burn the topic and I, Valery Beliayev, one of my subscribers asked me see here this course is called click bank 2018 it is now already on third place in sales in the head of the party I purchased this course It was not very interesting what is there inside At first, my theory is theory; everything is cool; I don't even have words with two hands behind it’s awesome to work in general and even need You can build a pretty good passive income and constantly twist this topic

You will have this income you will always be a plus you will always work in a plus it's all in theory all good yes he has him here you work through youtube from youtube and this is a very strong big and strong source of traffic traffic is pretty pretty targeted if all right, you picked up and videos and how everything would be relevant under this pad your affiliate link and you will make money without earning there is how to go people in other regions like you live in Belarus or in Kazakhstan how to solve this problem because accustomed to the bank, I understood so badly refers to these countries and ill gives them registration but here you have this whole thing describing how to do it what do you need to do in order to perspective start earning the amount of which he already said all that you just need to upload to your youtube channel 200 videos no less than 20 videos for each a prince's reference because you will have 10 partnership products in this pdf file it is very superficial says so registering with her everything here is normally told that I think there will be no problem with it no one will arise as sda so I have already told about Kazakhstan Belarus how to bypass what you will not give to register so filling up so click can so glad if you changed there as well the phone and the whole thing substitute if you can not register change and pi what is there to do if something further further it is if you already fail to register even he can provide you a service for 500 rubles or you can order it on a workshop so okay it's all good you are registered IMF click banks then you start downloading a here you have selected 10 products you choose yourself I’m telling you superficial instructions on how to choose goods if you have never contacted a bank click I'm afraid you will be very strong well at random you pick up something 10 products get links on it and etc further so here the most important thing is to get a channel on youtube here it shows and to register well this is all this nonsense full of information download upload video right here if you will be a vessel if you yourself will be producing something here your afraid you will not succeed because immediately the first attempts Upload someone else's video to your channel Bring you in Three strikes will arrive to you and your channel is just banned and so will it be 1 and 2 and 3 about this he has not a word here but for this is the first thing which without some knowledge I'm afraid you can not do anything with this even squeezed out pump up the video but swing video in a row her names are given here approximate in English of the whole Latin also there are tags for him there for optimization are given so that's what i mean buying a course for 760 rubles if you are not ready for to continue to bring this topic to the end and I already told you that the very topic about which he speaks is about earning at the very click banks about attracting buyers for subscribed non-subscribed how would closed sites where people pay their dues on a monthly basis and you will be charged this percentage to your wallet if you are not ready further settling my funds and without them I’m afraid you won’t make money without his help With the help of this pdf-file you will earn absolutely nothing even you will already some degree a trained person but I'm afraid it will not help you nothing but if you take it seriously and cook more certain amount a the amount it will find now so extra trick so so This entire pdf-file is a preparatory topic for purchase vip vip participation in the group which costs 1600 rubles for 1600 rubles he to you promises so something I didn’t prepare well wait somewhere i've already missed it So So now guys apologize So But for 1600 in the framework and in this group you will get from me like that privileged support means it will be answers to your questions are quick and most importantly ready tools for automation 200 video clips you need in one archive A special program for you to automatically upload videos to the youtube channel that will allow you to finish 200 ready-made clips at once in a couple of clicks so from myself I will honestly do not know what kind of program my attempts which previously did load a large number of videos led the case to a simple channel bath it's me well i can i can't know everything therefore everything is possible There is some kind of program that allows you to load in a couple of mouse clicks 200 ready-made clips but plus a clear instruction manual for this program plus he gives you immediately list of 10 selected products click banks which is guaranteed to give you the best result in sales in this technology how would you have here by two to the fact that that without his help, in principle, you are not earning anything here even if you even if you are not a complete newcomer, it will be better said that all this support is worth 1600 and coming back higher is it possible to earn with the help of this topic it is possible to earn but be prepared for it buying buying for 760 rubles this prepare pdf-file yet 1600 rubles then you have an option build your passive income may be the amount will be less may be even more as you will work but one purchase for 760 rubles of this pdf-file i'm afraid you won't earn anything this is honestly my opinion can credit leave everything under the video go study ready to work buy work not ready to work do not buy do not spend money all on it all for now and a lot of money

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